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INTERmission: Yuffie Episode DLC Walkthrough

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This is a guide and walkthrough to everything you can expect to see in the new INTERmission DLC starring Yuffie for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5. Read on to learn about the new features, characters, and more!

Yuffie Episode and New Mission

INTERmission Walkthrough

Intermission Yuffie Main Menu.jpeg

Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Chapter 1 Wutais Finest.jpgChapter 1: Wutai's Finest Chapter 2 Covert Ops.jpgChapter 2: Covert Ops

What is the INTERmission Yuffie DLC?

Yuffie Pose Intergrade.jpg

In a brand-new episode, players can control Yuffie as they break into a Shinra Corporation building in order to obtain a powerful Materia.

  • Yuffie is playable and joined by a new character, Sonon.
  • Yuffie will not join the main party of Cloud, Barret, and the other AVALANCHE members, who are unplayable in this mission.
  • The mission takes place during Chapter 8 of the main game, as Barret reports to Biggs that Cloud was lost, presumably after his fall after the fight with Airbuster. Yuffie also witnesses the fall of the plate as seen in the final trailer.

Playable From the Title Menu

Similar to Final Fantasy XV's DLC episodes, INTERmission is accessible directly from the title menu regardless of your progress in the main game. If this is your first time playing FF7 Remake, however, you may want to hold off as the Yuffie episode contains spoilers for the main game.

INTERmission New Bosses


How to Beat Gigantipede.jpg

Akin to the Scorpion Sentinel and Crab Warden, Gigantipede seems to follow the trend of arthropod-based mechs, this time resembling a centipede.

How to Beat Gigantipede

Scarlet and Crimson Mare

How to Beat Scarlet and the Crimson Mare.jpg

Scarlet with her new mech, the Crimson Mare also appears as a boss fight in the episode.

How to Beat Scarlet & The Crimson Mare

Nero the Sable


Another obstacle for Yuffie and Sonon to overcome on their mission for the ultimate materia, Nero uses his ability to control darkness to fight.

How to Beat Nero the Sable

Weiss the Immaculate

Weiss Boss Battle (1).png

Weiss is actually not challenged by Yuffie and Sonon but appears in the Shinra Combat Simulator to be fought by Cloud and the others.

Weiss Boss Guide and How to Unlock

Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5

Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.jpeg

The original super boss is back with a new form! Take it down as Yuffie and Sonon as part of a new Top Secrets fight at the end of a gauntlet with Bahamut, Ifrit, and Ramuh.

Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5: Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets Boss Guide

Other Bosses

Shinra Combat Simulator Challenges

INTERmission New Side Content

Fort Condor

Fort Condor.jpeg

While the original featured Fort Condor as a location where you could fight off Shinra's troops, this time around it returns as a popular board game. Defend your base while capturing the enemy's and take on a variety of characters reappearing from the original game!

Fort Condor Guides
Fort Condor Guide How to Farm Condor Coins
How to Get All Units How to Get All Boards

Happy Turtle Flyer Collecting

Happy Turtle Flyer Locations.jpg

Based on the Turtle Paradise side quest from the original game, this side mission sees Yuffie collecting six flyers hidden around Midgar in exchange for a rare Materia!

Happy Turtle Guide: All Flyer Locations

Shinra Box Buster

Banishment III Destroys All Crates.jpg

Reminiscent of Whack-a-Box from the original game, Yuffie must use her shuriken to destroy as many crates as possible within the time limit.

This minigame can yield up to six rare Materia and a trophy, so don't skip out!

Shinra Box Buster Guide

INTERmission Tips & Strategy Guides

How to Level Up Fast and Farm AP

Intergrade Shinra Combat Simulator.jpg

Hard Mode is back in INTERmission, and as always it's no joke! Learn how to max out your level and Materia AP in advance to get ready for the post-game.

Leveling and AP Farming Guide

Post-Game Content and 100% Clear

Intergrade Chapter Selection.jpg

Already finished the DLC? There's plenty of content waiting after the end! Hard Mode, new Shinra Combat Simulator fights, and challenging boss battles await.

How to Get 100% Clear

How to Farm Gil

Lesser Drake Gil.jpg

Running a bit short on funds to try the Pride and Joy fight 100 more times? Running the start of Hard Mode Chapter 1 with the Gil Up Materia will have you covered.

How to Farm Gil

How to Get All Materia


Did you really think Yuffie would let a single Materia slip by? Find out how to grab each and every type of Materia found in the INTERmission.

Integrade: How to Get All Materia

INTERmission New Characters

INTERmission DLC - All Characters
Yuffie Icon.pngYuffie Sonon Icon.pngSonon Zhijie Icon.pngZhijie Nayo Icon.pngNayo
Billy Bob Icon.pngBilly Bob Polk Icon.pngPolk Nero Icon.pngNero Weiss Icon.pngWeiss
Melfi Icon.pngMelfi Scarlet.pngScarlet

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie 1.png

Yuffie Kisaragi first appeared as a hidden character in the original Final Fantasy 7. This marks her first appearance in the Remake.

Hailing from Wutai, a nation fresh out of a war with Shinra, Yuffie introduces herself as a member of the Special Forces for the Wutai New Government. Her appearance in Midgar did not appear in the original Final Fantasy 7, in which she first appears after the party leaves Midgar.

A fan favorite, Yuffie frequently appears in Final Fantasy 7 spin-off materials. It's likely that she will reappear in Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a standard party character akin to her original appearance.

Yuffie Kisaragi Weapons and Abilities

Sonon Kusakabe


Sonon Kusakabe is a new character joining Yuffie on her mission. A warrior hailing from Wutai, Sonon trained under Yuffie's father. He experienced the devastation wrought by his country's war with Shinra, and as a result, harbors a deep resentment for the company. He has been assigned to accompany Yuffie as she infiltrates Midgar—essentially making her his boss. Thankfully though, his serious, grounded nature is the perfect foil for his partner’s eccentric personality.

Sonon Kusakabe Abilities and Voice Actor


Scarlet and Crimson Mare.jpeg

Making a return from the main game, Scarlet now pilots the Crimson Mare to test Yuffie and Sonon. Scarlet and her machines were responsible for much of the destruction during the war with Wutai, giving Sonon more reason to fight.




A new character to the series. Not much is known about her except that she is probably Sonon's sister and that she was killed by Shinra, at the hands of Scarlet's war machines.

Melfi Character



A returning character from Dirge of Cerberus, Weiss acts as the head of Shinra's top-secret underground research center, Deepground. Locked away in the depths of the facility, Weiss appears to be fought by Cloud and co. in the Battle Simulator.

Weiss the Immaculate Character and Voice Actor



Another character returning from Dirge of Cerberus, Nero is Weiss's younger brother who can control the darkness. A member of the Deepround's elite unit, the Tsviets, he will face off against Yuffie and Sonon inside Shinra's facility.
Nero the Sable Character and Voice Actor



A Wutaian living in Midgar acting as the go-between for Wutai and Avalanche. Posted up in the Sector 7 Slums, he will help Yuffie and Sonon get started infiltrating Shinra.
Zhijie: Character and Voice Actor



A member of Avalanche who helps Yuffie and Sonon get the IDs they need to access the plate.
Nayo Character and Voice Actor

Billy Bob

Billy Bob.jpeg

Another member of Avalanche, and the most experienced. Despite his laidback demeanor and roundabout way of gathering information, he is an irreplaceable asset to the team.
Billy Bob Character and Voice Actor



The youngest member of Avalanche and an avid player of Fort Condor. He teaches Yuffie the ins and outs of the hit board game.
Polk Character and Voice Actor

INTERmission New Summons



A DLC for Final Fantasy VII wouldn't be complete without a new summon! Returning from the original, Ramuh brings the storm with his Voltaic Lance ability that deals damage to an area over time before striking all enemies with the classic Judgement Bolt.

How to Get Ramuh Materia

INTERmission New Trophies

While the base game of FF7 Remake Intergrade shares the same trophies with the PS4 version, purchasing the INTERmission DLC gives you access to 9 new trophies.

Silver Trophies

silver trophy.png The Road to Revenge
Complete both chapters of INTERmission on Hard difficulty.
silver trophy.png Condor Queen
Become the Fort Condor grandmaster on Hard difficulty.
silver trophy.png Ultimate Weapon 2.0
Defeat the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.
silver trophy.png Corrupter of the Immaculate
Defeat Weiss.

Bronze Trophies

bronze trophy.png Takes Two IDs to Tango
Complete Chapter 1 of INTERmission.
bronze trophy.png Out of Darkness's Clutches
Complete Chapter 2 of INTERmission.
bronze trophy.png Turtle-tastic
Collect all the Happy Turtle flyers.
bronze trophy.png Game, Set, Master
Become the Fort Condor grandmaster.
bronze trophy.png Materia Master
Obtain all materia available from the Shinra Box Buster challenges.

All FF7 Remake Trophies

INTERmission New Manuscripts

Secrets of the Ninja and Staff (Yuffie and Sonon)

Yuffie Sonon Manuscript.jpg

Volume No. Location
1 Win against Kyrie in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
2 Win against Shinra Middle Manager in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
3 Win against Johnny in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
4 Win against Jessie in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
5 Win against Roche in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
6 Win against Wedge in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
7 Win against Chadley in Fort Condor (Hard Mode only)
8 Defeat the Horned Cripshay in Chapter 1 (Hard Mode only)
9 Defeat the Levrikon in Chapter 1 (Hard Mode only)
10 Defeat the Gigantipede in Chapter 1 (Hard Mode only)
11 Defeat the Deathwheel in Chapter 2 (Hard Mode only)
12 Defeat the Crimson Mare in Chapter 2 (Hard Mode only)
13 Defeat the Projector in Chapter 2 (Hard Mode only)
14 Defeat Nero in Chapter 2 (Hard Mode only)

All Manuscript Locations

INTERmission New Equipment


List of Yuffie's Weapons

4-Point Shuriken4-Point Shuriken 46 46 0 0 ○-○○
BoomerangBoomerang 41 56 0 0 ○-○○○
Steel ReaperSteel Reaper 59 44 0 0 ○-○
CacstarCacstar 49 49 0 0 ○-○○○

List of Sonon's Weapons

MarshalistMarshalist's Staff 59 43 0 0 ○-○
Indurate StaffIndurate Staff 71 39 0 0 ○○○○
Djinn StaffDjinn Staff 52 56 0 0 ○○○


Armor DEF MDEF Slots Additional Effect
Ninja ArmletNinja Armlet 38 38 ○-○○ Doubles amount of AP earned for all materia set to this armor.
Chthonian ArmletChthonian Armlet 42 42 ○-○○○ Grants preternatural strength when paired with accessories Gozu Drive or Mezu drive.
Volant ArmletVolant Armlet 44 44 Triples amount of AP earned for all materia set to this armor.
Firebird ArmletFirebird Armlet 46 46 ○○○ Avoid incapacitation once per battle. Does not work against instant death attacks or when HP is at 1.


Accessory Effect
Kindred CordKindred Cord Reduces ATB cost for synergized abilities.
Gozu DriveGozu Drive Only effective when a chthonian armlet is equipped.
Increases damage dealt proportional to character's current HP.
Mezu DriveMezu Drive Only effective when a chthonian armlet is equipped.
Increases damage dealt inversely proportional to character's current MP.
RibbonRibbon Prevents detrimental status effects. Makes it harder to be interrupted when casting magic.


Materia Effect How to Obtain
Ramuh Allows you to summon Ramuh. Only available in the INTERmission DLC.
Ninja Cannonball Allows you to perform Ninja Cannonball with R1 + △ while synergized. Fills Sonon's ATB gauge when the attack connects. Only available in the INTERmission DLC.

INTERmission New Limit Breaks

Ability Effect
FF7R Intergrade Yuffie
Blood Bath (Yuffie)
Effect: Unleash a flurry of slashes on the target with Yuffie's giant throwing star.
Obtained: INTERmission DLC - Start of Game
FF7R Intergrade Sonon
Dance of the Dragon (Sonon)
Effect: A string of blows finishing with a powerful strike trailed by a water-like dragon.
Obtained: INTERmission DLC - Start of game
Yuffie and Sonon Limit Synch
Limit Synch (Both)
Effect: In unison with Sonon, unleash a devastating flurry of attacks on the target.
Obtained: Unlock Sonon's Synchronized Limit Breaks Weapon Upgrade for the Marshalist's Staff

List of Limit Breaks

INTERmission New Enemies

Enemy Weaknesses
Deepground SOLDIER IconDeepground SOLDIER -
Armored Magitrooper IconArmored Magitrooper -
Enhanced Magitrooper IconEnhanced Magitrooper -
Wayward Wolf IconWayward Wolf -
Deathwheel IconDeathwheel Lightning
Projector IconProjector -
Diabolic Creation IconDiabolic Creation -
Toxirat IconToxirat -
Horned Cripshay IconHorned Cripshay -
Levrikon IconLevrikon -
Ramuh IconRamuh Ice, Fire

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