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Intergrade: Post-Game Content and 100% Clear Guide

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This is a guide to everything unlocked after completing the main story in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) Intergrade's INTERmission DLC for PS5. Learn about all the unlocked features like Hard Mode, and the Weiss, Pride and Joy 0.5, and Shinra Combat Simulator battles.

Post-Game Content

Unlocked Features After INTERmission
CheckmarkChapter Select added to INTERmission chapters

CheckmarkNew Boss, Weiss added to original game

CheckmarkShinra Combat Simulator added to INTERmission

CheckmarkHard Mode added to INTERmission chapters

Chapter Select Unlocked

Intergrade Chapter Selection.jpg

After clearing INTERmission, a Chapter Selection feature becomes available for this section, like in the main game.

Weiss added to original FF7R

Unlock Weiss Fight.jpg

After completing the INTERmission DLC, a new Shinra Combat Simulator fight with Weiss is added to the original FF7 Remake. Players who reached 100% completion on the original game can get excited for this new challenge!

Weiss Boss Guide and How to Unlock

Shinra Combat Simulator added to INTERmission

Intergrade Shinra Combat Simulator.jpg

Upon completing the game, players can return to Chapter 2 of INTERmission to find the Shinra Combat Simulator very close to the start of the chapter.

This is a great method to farm EXP and AP for the post-game, so all players should give it a shot after completing the story.

The Shinra Combat Simulator adds two new fights as well as a new challenge gauntlet with Bahamut, Ramuh, and Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5.

How to Level Up Fast and AP Farm in Intergrade

Hard Mode added to INTERmission

Hard Mode Added to INTERmission.jpg
Just like the Hard Mode of the original game, players can challenge the two INTERmission chapters on increased difficulty. Playing Hard Mode will unlock Manuscripts which raise characters' max SP, so it's a necessary goal for those who want to 100% the game.

The Fort Condor minigame also increases in difficulty on Hard Mode, so players must challenge this as well to receive the Condor Queen Trophy.

Intergrade: Hard Mode Guide

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Intergrade Story Walkthrough

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Intergrade Boss Fights

Chapter 1 Levrikon
Chapter 2 Scarlet & The Crimson Mare
Nero the Sable
Shinra Combat Simulator vs. Shinra's Dark Secrets
vs. Midgarian Monsters
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Intergrade Side Content

Happy Turtle Flyer Locations.jpgHappy Turtle Flyers Shinra Box Buster Start.jpgShinra Box Buster

Fort Condor Minigame

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Fort Condor Units
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Intergrade Guides


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