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Happy Turtle Guide: All Flyer Locations

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This is a guide on the Happy Turtle Side Quest featured in FF7 Remake Intergrade for the PS5. Learn where to find all the flyers, the reward for finding them all, and how to get Yuffie past the dog in Cloud's apartment.

How to Unlock the Happy Turtle Side Quest

Where to Find the Happy Turtle Side Quest

You can access the Happy Turtle Side Quest by talking with Old Snapper, an NPC found in the Slums of Midgar in the INTERmission DLC.

After leaving the Avalanche HQ for the first time, simply follow the Happy Snapper Jingle when it appears onscreen to quickly find Old Snapper.

Happy Turtle Side Quest Rewards

Get a Magnify Materia for Completing

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If you complete the side quest by locating all flyers, and then talk to Old Snapper in the Sector 7 Slums, you will be rewarded with a Magnify Materia. Obtaining Flyer No. 6 will also yield a First Strike Materia in itself.

Best Time to Complete the Side Quest

Wait Until Sonon Joins the Party

Yuffie Meets Up with Sonon.png

In order to obtain Flyer No. 6, you'll have to fight two powerful Venomantis foes. As these enemies can inflict Poison, Sleep, and Slow, they can be tricky for Yuffie to take out on her own, so it's best to wait until Sonon joins the party midway through Chapter 1 to finish collecting the flyers.

Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Walkthrough

All Flyer Locations

Map of All Flyer Locations

All six flyers can be found in the Sector 7 Slums. The numbering is based on the in-game numbers associated with each flyer, but they can be obtained in any order. The most logical order would be to start with the closest to your current position, and work your way in a circle around the map from there.

Happy Turtle Flyer No.1

Happy Turtle 1.jpg

South of Old Snapper, behind the boxes in the park

If you go into the park just south of where you met Old Snapper, there will be a large stack of cardboard boxes. Simply walk straight through them to find the Happy Turtle Flyer hidden right behind them.

Happy Turtle Flyer No.2 (Dog)

Happy Turtle 2.jpg

2nd Floor of Cloud and Tifa's Apartment

The next flyer is located up the stairs, on the 2nd floor of Cloud and Tifa's apartment from the main game. In order to get to the flyer, you'll need to complete a minigame where you sneak up to it to avoid being seen by the dog.

How to Get Past the Dog


Hide behind the boxes to get close to the dog, and then grab the flyer just above you at the end of the wall as shown above. Although it is hard to spot, look for the flyer before reaching the dog – you do not need to reach the ladder around the corner. The ladder will be accessible after obtaining the flyer, and leads to a Chakra Materia.

CheckmarkWalkthrough Point A circular symbol appears near the dog while it sleeps, so use your chance to move ahead and hide behind cover during this animation. Bumping into an obstacle will also wake the dog up, so be sure to go around the mop and bucket to get to the other side so you can reach the flyer.

Happy Turtle Flyer No.3

Happy Turtle 3.jpg

Found in an alley in the east central area of Sector 7 Slums

Head toward the alley in the east central area of Sector 7, and you will see a balloon in the air. Breaking it will allow you to get the flyer. You cannot do this from the side of the children, so hop over the crate to pop it from over there, then pick it up from the ground near the children.

Happy Turtle Flyer No.4

Happy Turtle 4.jpg

Located in the Northwest area of Sector 7 Slums

Head toward the Northwest area of the Sector 7 Slums, and you will encounter a cat holding onto the flyer. When you approach it, it runs into a larger area behind it. Here there will be many cats holding fliers, but the one you want is in the far back, behind the barrels.

CheckmarkWalkthrough Point Interacting with the wrong cat won't cause the mission to fail. If you are interested in hearing Yuffie's reaction to the other cats, give it a go!

Happy Turtle Flyer No.5

Happy Turtle 5.jpg

On the Billboard Found at the Talagger Factory Entranace

The fifth flyer is located on this billboard, which is in front of the Talagger Factory entrance. It is partially covered by a Shinra poster, making it a bit tough to spot, but go near it until a △ prompt appears to pick it up.

Happy Turtle Flyer No.6

Happy Turtle 6.jpg

In the Talagger Factory

The final flyer is in the back of the Talagger Factory. Several smaller enemies will appear in the factory, but right before the flyer, you'll face off with two Venomantises. This can be quite a tough battle, especially if going solo as Yuffie, so be sure to prepare in advance. Using Ice Ninjutsu in conjunction with throwing Yuffie's weapon is very important here.

CheckmarkWalkthrough Point A First Strike Materia can also be found in the area with the Venomantises, so be sure and pick it up after fighting them.

Happy Turtle Flyer Hints

The locations above are based on the hints given by Old Snapper in-game, and viewable from the Story menu. The hints are not very useful, but give an extra push for players who want to hunt for themselves!

Flyer No. Location
1 Some kids hid one somewhere
2 Floating through the air
3 Near Old Snapper's friend's apartment building
4 A cat took one on Culvert Street
5 On the town bulletin board
6 Near the old Talagger factory

What is the Happy Turtle Side Quest?

In “The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign”, a Side Quest included in the INTERmission DLC, you will be tasked by Old Snapper, an NPC in the Midgar Slums, to collect flyers in a similar way to the Turtle Paradise Sidequest from the original FF7. The flyers this time around have been scattered across the Slums, so it's up to Wutai's elite special forces operative Yuffie to track them down and return them.

Happy Turtle of Intergrade vs. Turtle Paradise Sidequest of FF7

In the original FF7's Turtle Paradise Sidequest, the player needed to collect 6 flyers scattered around the world and bring them back to a bar in Wutai in exchange for Source items that permanently boost a stat and one Megalixir.

Unlike the original FF7, FF7R Intergrade's Happy Turtle Sidequest takes place entirely in Midgar. It is currently unclear whether this sidequest will have a continuation in later installments of the series, but considering no quests have been left open-ended so far, this quest will likely follow suit.

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