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Limit Break Guide

This is a guide to all the Limit Breaks in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) and Intergrade's INTERmission DLC for PS5. Learn how to unlock all Limit Breaks for Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith, Yuffie, and Sonon, and the effects of each Limit Break.

What Are Limit Breaks?

Use the Limit Gauge to Unleash Ultimate Attacks


Every character has unique ultimate attacks called Limit Breaks. These powerful attacks can be unleashed when the Limit Gauge, located at the end of your ATB Gauge, is full.

The gauge is filled by various things, like taking damage or Staggering enemies, and the Limit Break command will show up as the first option once the gauge is full.

Get Limit Breaks from Materia

Some Limit Breaks, such as Refocus, can be obtained and used by equipping Materia, and these can be used by all characters.

How to Get the Refocus Materia

Get new Limit Breaks from the Corneo Colosseum

In addition to each character's starting Limit Break, they can learn a level two Limit Break by completing Battle Challenges in the Corneo Colosseum. Clearing the 1 Star Difficulty challenge for each character will earn you their new limit breaks!

Corneo Colosseum Rewards and Battle Challenges

How to Charge the Limit Gauge

Limit Gauge Charge Ranking

Way to Charge Amount of Limit Gauge
Gotterdammerung Max at the start of battle and slowly increases throughout.
Stagger an enemy Large
Take damage Mid
(Depends on amount of damage taken)
Spectral Cogwheel Small
(Depends on amount of MP used)
Equip the Transference Module
and use ATB abiltiies
(Depends on amount of ATB used)
Use an Adrenaline or
equip the Fury Ring
Induces Fury

※While under the Fury status your limit gauge will charge quicker

Gotterdammerung is Most Effective

Equipping the Gotterdammerung will allow you to start a battle with a full limit gague as well as cause it to gradually fill on its own while in battle, making it the best way to get more Limit Breaks off.

Cloud's Limit Breaks

List of Cloud Limit Breaks

Ability Effect and Where to Get
Cross-SlashCross-Slash Effect: Damage your foe while making an ominous symbol with your slashes.
Obtained: Learned from the start.
AscensionAscension Effect: Focus on a single enemy and deliver several powerful strikes. significantly increases stagger.
Obtained: Clear Party Member vs. Wild Animals in Corneo Colosseum.

Recommended Limit Break

Ascension's attack animation is long and its stagger rate is high. Cross-Slash has its merits as well, but due to the nature of the game in staggering enemies, Ascension is the best choice for Cloud

Cloud Strife - Weapons and Abilities

Barret's Limit Breaks

List of Barret Limit Breaks

Ability Effect and Where to Get
Fire in the HoleFire in the Hole Effect: Shoot an orb of energy that creates a large explosion.
Obtained: Learned from the start.
CatastropheCatastrophe Effect: Marshal all your strength and channel it into a concentrated beam of energy. Significantly increases stagger.
Obtained: Clear Party Member vs. Wild Animals in Corneo Colosseum.

Recommended Limit Break

Due to Barret's attacks being long range, both of his Limit Breaks will always hit their target, but Catastrophe puts Barret in the air, making him more difficult to hit during the animation. With an increased stagger rate as well, Catastrophe is a no-brainer for Barret.

Barret Wallace - Weapons and Abilities

Tifa's Limit Breaks

List of Tifa Limit Breaks

Ability Effect and Where to Get
SomersaultSomersault Effect: Launch an enemy high into the air with a Zangan-style swift kick.
Obtained: Learned from the start.
Dolphin FlurryDolphin Flurry Effect: Unleash an unrelenting stream of acrobatic attacks. Significantly increases stagger.
Obtained: Clear Party Member vs. Wild Animals in Corneo Colosseum.

Recommended Limit Break

Dolphin Flurry has a high stagger rate and a long reach, putting it above Somersault, making it the better choice. Use it when you aim to stagger an enemy to really dish out the damage.

Tifa Lockhart - Weapons and Abilities

Aerith's Limit Breaks

List of Aerith Limit Breaks

Ability Effect and Where to Get
Healing WindHealing Wind Effect: Summon a soothing breeze to restore a moderate amount of HP to all party members.
Obtained: Learned from the start.
PlanetPlanet's Protection Effect: Entreat the planet’s favor to nullify physical damage dealt to all party members.
Obtained: Clear Party Member vs. Wild Animals in Corneo Colosseum.

Recommended Limit Break

While both of Aerith's Limit Breaks are powerful in their own right, Planet's Protection's ability to nullify physical damage outdoes the healing of Healing Wind. Healing Wind can be useful in a pinch or when you want to preserve MP, but its effects pale in comparison to a fully powered up Magnify Materia linked to a Healing Materia.

Aerith Gainsborough - Weapons and Abilities

List of Shared Limit Breaks


Name Description
Refocus Partition your ATB gauge into three segments, allowing for faster charge accumulation.

Intergrade Limit Breaks

List of Yuffie Limit Breaks

Ability Effect
FF7R Intergrade Yuffie
Blood Bath
Effect: Unleash a flurry of slashes on the target with Yuffie's giant throwing star.
Obtained: INTERmission DLC

List of Sonon Limit Breaks

Ability Effect
FF7R Intergrade Sonon
Dance of the Dragon
Effect: A string of blows finishing with a powerful strike trailed by a water-like dragon.
Obtained: INTERmission DLC - Start of game

List of Synchronized Limit Breaks

Ability Effect
Yuffie and Sonon Limit Synch
Limit Synch
Effect: In unison with Sonon, unleash a devastating flurry of attacks on the target.
Obtained: Unlock Sonon's Synchronized Limit Breaks Weapon Upgrade for the Marshalist's Staff

How to Change Limit Breaks

Through Battle Settings

When you obtain a new Limit Break you won't be able to use it unless you switch Limit Breaks. To do so, open the main menu and select Battle Settings. From there scroll down to Limit Break, select it, and choose which Limit Break you'd like to equip!

Changing Limit Breaks

Things to Watch Out For

Things to Watch Out For
CheckboxUsing a Limit Break Doesn't Make You Invulnerable

CheckboxLimit Breaks Can Miss

CheckboxLevel Determines How Fast the Gauge Fills

Using a Limit Break Doesn't Make You Invulnerable

When using a Limit Break you are not invulnerable to damage, so make sure you are in a good position to execute it. If you are at low health and use a Limit Break you can die and waste it!

Limit Breaks Can Miss

Other than Barret's long range Limit Breaks, if you use a Limit Break on an enemy that's moving around too much it can and will miss. Wait until an enemy is immobile while pressured or staggered to get the most bang for your buck.

Level Determines How Fast the Gauge Fills

Each Limit Break has a level and depending on the level, the limit gauge will fill faster or slower. The higher the level the longer it will take to fill up. Choose the best Limit Break for your playstyle.

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15 Anonymousalmost 4 years

The item you want is the Götterdämmerung. You will start a battle a full limit break and slowly increases throughout automatically. It is obtained by beating all the Corneo battles (Arena) in Normal and Hard Mode, as well as the VR Battle Simulator battles in chapter 17 in Hard Mode.

14 Anonymousabout 4 years

Cloud's ascencion limit (not sure if I spelled that right) is basically climhazzard with extra steps.


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