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List of Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

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This is a list of Side Quests (Odd Jobs) available in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to find out the rewards for these side quests and how to receive them.

List of Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

Chapter 3 Side Quests

Quest Reward
1 ChadleyChadley's Report Access to Battle Intel Reports
2 Rat Problem.pngRat Problem Hi-Potion x5
3 Nuisance in the Factory.pngNuisance in the Factory 500 gil
4 Lost Friends.pngLost Friends Maiden's Tear
5 On the Prowl.pngOn the Prowl Elixir
6 Just Flew in from the Graveyard.pngJust Flew In from the Graveyard Star Bracelet

Discovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
Alone at Last Crescent Moon Charm
Dress Choice for Tifa

Chapter 3 Side Quests and Locations

Chapter 6 Side Quests

Disovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
Collapsed Passageway Elemental Materia
Inside the Ventilation Fan ・Summoning Materia:
 Chocobo & Moogle

Chapter 7 Side Quests

Disovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
Waste Recovery Magic Up Materia
・Phoenix Down ×2
・Ether ×2
・Hi-Potion ×2
・AI Programming Core
・Big Bomber

Chapter 8 Side Quests

Quest Reward
7 Mysterious Moogle.pngThe Mysterious Moogle Merchant Access to the Moogle Emporium
8 Kids on Patrol.pngKids on Patrol Nail Bat
9 Weapons on a Rampage.pngWeapons on a Rampage Protective Boots
10 A Verified Hero.pngA Verified Hero Elixir
11 The Angel of the Slums.pngThe Angel of the Slum 2,000 Gill
12 Paying Respects.pngPaying Respects Studded Bracer

Discovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
The Gate Won't Open ・Shortcut through path
The Language of Flowers ・Cutscene
MP Up Materia

Chapter 8 Side Quests and Locations

Chapter 9 Side Quests

Both Routes

Quest Reward
13 Burning Thighs.jpgBurning Thighs Unlock the Squats Minigame

Sam Route

Quest Reward
14 The Party Never Stops.jpgThe Party Never Stops Turbo Ether
15 A Dynamite Body.jpgA Dynamite Body Arcane Scepter

Madam M Route

Quest Reward
14 The Price of Thievery.jpgThe Price of Thievery Real Calling Card
Turbo Ether
15 ShearShear's Counterattack Arcane Scepter

Discovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
Vagabond Johnny ・None (Trophy Unlock)

Chapter 9 Side Quests and Locations

Chapter 10 Side Quests

Discovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
On the Other Side Warding Materia

Chapter 14 Side Quests

Quest Reward
16 Missing ChildrenMissing Children Time Materia
17 Chocobo SearchChocobo Search Sam's Delivery Lifetime Pass
18 Malicious GoonsMalicious Goons None
19 Wavering HeartWavering Heart Way of the Fist Vol. III
20 The Power of MusicThe Power of Music Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. III
21 Secret MedicineSecret Medicine Telluric Scriptures Vol. III
22 Tomboy BanditTomboy Bandit The Corneo Vault Key
23 CorneoCorneo's Secret Stash The Art of Swordplay Vol.III
24 Subterranean MenaceSubterranean Menace Wrecking Ball

Disovery Quests

Quest Name Reward
Johnny's Stolen Wallet ・None (Trophy Unlock)

Chapter 14 Side Quests and Locations

How to Unlock All Chapter 9 Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

Both Sam and Madam M have a different side quest route

The side quests that become available in Chapter 9 will differ according to whether you are on Sam's Route or Madam M's Route. On top of the quests being different, the dress that Cloud will wear will differ as well. There are a series of choices throughout Chapter 9 that will give you points towards Sam or Madam M's route and whoever you get the most points for will decide your route. Follow the table below to get the route you want!

Dress Choices | How to Get All Dresses Guide

Situation Choice Points
The girl we're looking for... She's in great shape. Sam +1
She's a great fighter. -
She's great at handling the books. Madam M +1
Hotel Employee ...No thanks. Sam +1
How much? Madam M +1
Back off. -
Discovery Quest
Vagabond Johnny
Yeah Sam +1
No -
Sam's Coin Flip Heads Sam +1.5
Tails Sam +1.5
No deal. Sam +0.5
Madam M's Massage 3000G Madam M +2
1000G Madam M +1
100G -
Leave -
How is Aerith's outfit? It's alright. Sam +1
Looks comfortable. -
It matter what I think? Madam M +1
Mystery Drink in the Underground Arena I'll taste it. Sam +1
I don't need that. -

Dialogue Choices and Consequences | Chapter 14 Resolutions

What Are Side Quests (Odd Jobs)?

Complete Requests in Exchange for Rewards

While roaming the streets of Midgar, you may see a green marker above some NPCs heads that indicate they have a Quest for you to complete. Completing these requests will get you a variety of rewards such as items or gil that will aid you in your battle against Shinra.

A wide variety of tasks to complete

Side Quests come in all shapes and sizes, from defeating monsters to finding lots children. Check the menu to find a Quest that suits your fancy.

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