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How to Beat Scarlet & The Crimson Mare | Boss Guide (Normal & Hard)

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How to Beat Scarlet and the Crimson Mare
This is a guide to beating the Boss Scarlet & The Crimson Mare in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) from the INTERmission DLC in the Intergrade PS5 version. This article explains Scarlet & The Crimson Mare's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them on both Normal and Hard.

Scarlet & The Crimson Mare Basic Information

The Crimson Mare
The Crimson Mare Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Mechanical Grounded Boss


Blood-red battle armor for Scarlet's personal use. Its creator's personality can be seen in every facet of this machine, from its extravagantly outfitted cockpit--That emphasizes form over function--to its arm's oversized weapons loadout.

Assess (Tips)

When its pilot is incapacitated, it will be susceptible to staggering. It is capable of equipping a variety of lethal artillery, but destorying these weapons will temporarily eliminate the threat they pose.

The Crimson Mare Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP Currently Unknown 34140 Currently Unknown

The Crimson Mare Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments Lightning
Lesser Resistances Fire
Greater Resistances -
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements -


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 1400
AP 10
Exp 1400
Items Dropped -
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Firebird Armlet

Once you defaet Scarlet, she dropst the Firebird Armlet. It is an armlet with only 3 slots, but has an effect of allowing you to survive fatal damage once per battle.
Firebird Armlet Materia Slots and Stats

Best Characters, Equipment and Materia for This Boss

Available Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Sonon IconSonon

You can only use Yuffie and Sonon for this fight.

Recommended Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Weapon: Boomerang
Armor: Chthonian Armlet
Accessory: Ribbon
Sonon IconSonon Weapon: Marshalist's Staff
Armor: Ninja Armlet
Accessory: Kindred Cord

Mage Yuffie

You will want to put Yuffie in the role of a mage for this fight in order to deal high amount of Fire damage to incapacitate Scarlet quickly. With your Ninjutsu you can also switch to Lightning when you have to deal with The Crimson Mare itself.

Sonon Mix of Physical and Magic

Sonon will be dealing a mix of physical and magical damage to deal with The Crimson Mare. Whenever you need to have an arm broken or to dish damage to the staggered the Crimson Mare, make sure to use the most out of Synergy and synergized abilities.

Best Materia for Yuffie

Weapon (4 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)

Best Materia for Sonon

Weapon (3 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)

Tips & Strategies for Beating Scarlet & The Crimson Mare

Strategy Checklist
(Click to jump)

Use Fire on Scarlet and Lightning on Crimson

Lightning Ninjutsu on Crimson Mare
In this fight, you will want to swap between fire and lightning. Use Fire to deal the most damage to Scarlet, then lightning when you need to deal damage to the Crimson Mare. It's up to you which one to prioritize, just make sure you're using the right element on the target!

Eliminate the Small Fry

Sentry Launcher.jpg
At the start, there will be Sentry Rays around the battlefield. It is a good idea to focus on the first and take them out ASAP. They don't have much health so they are fairly easy to get rid of. Sentry Launchers will also appear higher up to bother you. Use range attacks to destroy them quickly and focus on The Crimson Mare.

Take out Scarlet to Stagger

Take out Scarlet.jpg
If you want to stagger the Crimson Mare, your best bet is to try and take out Scarlet. Once you deplete her health and knock her out, the Crimson Mare will become vulnerable and go into the pressured state. This is the best time to throw everything at it!

Cripple The Crimson Mare Weapons

Cripple Arms Crimson Mare
The Crimson Mare has sets of weapons it is going to equip during the battle with you. It has a long-range set with the Makocannon arms and a close-range set with the Claymore and Shield, you will wanna focus on those and destroy them. Destroying one will reduce combat capabilities while destroying both arms will completely render it useless until it equips new weapons. Synergize with Sonon to take out the arms swiftly!

Summon Ramuh

Ramuh Crimson Mare.jpg
The Crimson Mare's weakness is lightning and Ramuh's element is lightning, a perfect match for this fight! Using Ramuh can give you a huge edge with its large area lightning attacks! If you do not have Ramuh yet, check out our guide on getting this summon!
How to Get Ramuh Materia

Scarlet & The Crimson Mare Attack Phases

In this fight, Scarlet will start with a default weapon of dual sword guns. After enough damage is dealt it will switch to Makocannon weapons. It will then switch to a claymore and shield after more damage is dealt to it. Every time you cripple both its arms it will swap between the cannons and the claymore and shield.

Default Weapons

Bullet Barrage

Bullet Barrage.jpg
The Crimson Mare fires its guns at a target. This attack does not deal that much damage, but it will put you in hit-stun, making you an easier target for other enemies. Keep your eye out for this attack and block or avoid it!

Flame Spire

Flame Spire.jpg
Scarlet summons a pillar of fire at a location. The location where this attack will appear is pretty easy to see. You will see sparks erupting from the ground, get out of the way to completely avoid attack!

Directive: Deploy

Scarlet summons Sentry Launchers around the battlefield. They can deal heavy damage if not dealt with immediately. It is advisable to focus on them and quickly take them out.

Sword Strikes

Sword Strikes.jpg
The Crimson Mare will move around and strike with its swords to deal damage. Each strike by itself won’t deal too much damage, but being hit consecutively will add up.

Sword Dash

Sword Dash.jpg
The Crimson Mare puts its sword in front of it and dashes forward. This can deal a lot of damage if it hits. Once you see its swords glow red, get ready to block or dodge out of the way!


Makocannon Beam

Makocannon Beam.jpg
The Crimson Mare charges up one of its arms and fires a beam that deals heavy damage. This attack is easy to avoid and block as it is telegraphed clearly when it puts up an arm and charges the beam.

Makocannon Blasts

Makocannon Blast.jpg
The Makocannon fires orbs that deal some damage. They don’t deal too much damage per orb but adds up if you get hit by too many. The attack is pretty quick so you might wanna block it if you don’t think you have time to dodge.

Makocannon Barrage

Mako Barrage.jpg
The makocannon is pointed upwards and fired into the air with the blasts falling back down scattered around the battlefield. This is a large area of effect attack so try and gain some distance when you see the Crimson Mare point its cannon into the air.

Claymore and Shield

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher.jpg
Scarlet fires multiple rockets from a rocket launcher.

Claymore Smash

Claymore Smash.jpg
The Claymore is raised and drop to deal massive damage to its target. The attack itself is quick but has a long wind-up time with the claymore being raised into the air.

Claymore Spin

Claymore Spin.jpg
The Crimson Mare spins around rapidly with the claymore extended out. A quick multi-hit attack, is better to try to block as it can be tough to avoid with its big area.

Shield Charge

Shield Charge.jpg
A drill emerges from the shield and the Crimson Mare charges forward and strikes its target. This is a quick attack but it telegraphed when it pulls out the drill.

Shield Thrust

Shield Thrust.jpg
A uses its shield drill and quickly thrusts into its target. Deals low damage but multi-hit when successful. This attack can be tough to see coming so keep your finger on the block button and be ready!

Scarlet & The Crimson Mare: Hard Mode Guide

Scarlet & The Crimson Mare Hard Mode Video Guide

Recommended Materia

Materia Reason
Independent Materias.pngHP Up

・Try and give 2 to each character
・Attach 4 to the Ninja Armlet to level them up
・Try to start leveling them up as early as possible
Magic Materia.pngHealing

・Link to Magnify for best effects
・Still useful without Magnify
Magic MateriaRevival

Only give to Yuffie
・Sonon will revive Yuffie by sacrificing himself if she dies
Command Materia.pngChakra

・A way to heal without using MP
・Heals more based on how much HP you've lost
Command MateriaPrayer

・Heal all party members without using HP
・Requires 2 ATB so it can prevent you from using other attacks
Independent MateriaMP Up

・Gives you a boost to your MP
・Great for Hard Mode where you can't recover MP easily
・Equip 2 to each character if possible
Independent MateriaSteadfast Block

・Fills the ATB Gauge when blocking attacks
・Sonon can also make use of it
Independent MateriaATB Stagger

・You'll be staggering this boss more frequently so you can make use of the extra ATB
Support Materias.pngSynergy

・Equip on Sonon
・Every time Yuffie uses a command Sonon will follow up with the weakest linked magic
・Does not require ATB or MP

Keeping Safe

Prioritize the sentries that spawn
Throw your Shuriken at Scarlet and use Windstorm
When Crimson Mare is Pressured, press L2 to Synergize with Sonon and use Synergized Art of War
When staggered, use Yuffie's Art of War and Sonon's Swirling Storm
When it switches to Makocannons use Lightning Ninjutsu and destroy both arms
While it has a sword and shield, use Banishment on the sword and then target the shield
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until victory

Uses 2 New Moves in Each Phase

Makocannon Phase: Fusillade
Fusillade.gif※Block the projectiles then block or use Brumal Form to avoid the large laser
Sword and Shield Phase: Fulgent Blade
Fulgent Blade.gif※Blocking every hit can still deal a lot of damage so make use of Brumal Form or a perfect guard to negate damage

In Chapter 2 you'll be facing bosses in quick succession. To conserve MP, try to get rid of any sentries that spawn and the Crimson Mare's arms to cut down on damage and be aware of long range attacks.

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