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Intergrade: How to Farm Gil

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This is a guide to earning Gil and getting money quick in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) Intergrade's INTERmission DLC for PS5. Learn the best farming routes to stuff your pockets!

How to Farm Gil

Gil Farming Checklist
CheckmarkEquip the Gil Up Materia
CheckmarkRun the Shinra Combat Simulator on Easy
CheckmarkRepeat the start of Chapter 1 on Hard Mode
CheckmarkSell all your consumable items

Equip the Gil Up Materia

The Gil Up Materia allows the player to obtain double the Gil from every battle. It can be found by scoring 30,000 points in the SOLDIER Training difficulty of the Shinra Box Buster minigame.

Shinra Box Buster Guide

Post-Game: Repeat the Shinra Combat Simulator on Easy

After completing the main game, players will unlock the Shinra Combat Simulator in INTERmission, opening up a new opportunity to farm Gil.

The first of the three challenges in the Shinra Combat Simulator, Yuffie & Sonon vs. Shinra's Dark Secrets, can be completed repeatedly on Easy mode to farm Gil quickly. The prize of this challenge is a Grab Bag, which often contains 2,000 Gil – however, you may receive some consumable items instead if you are unlucky. This challenge can take less than 1 minute to complete, and is also the best method to farm EXP and AP, so it's possible to do these simultaneously as well.

Intergrade: How to Farm EXP and AP

Post-Game: Repeat the start of Chapter 1 on Hard Mode

Lesser Drake Gil.jpg

All enemies give significantly higher Gil drops on Hard Mode. Even if you haven't grinded to level 50 yet, it's easy enough to simply take out the first three groups of enemies in Chapter 1, ending with the Lesser Drake, then restart the chapter. The Lesser Drake gives a total of 2,052 Gil on Hard Mode with Gil Up, for a total of 5,384 Gil just for taking out seven total enemies. We were able to take out these enemy groups in about 2 minutes, so running this route about five times should give you all the gil you will need for the rest of the game in about ten minutes.

Intergrade Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Walkthrough

Hard Mode: Sell All Your Items

Let's be honest. Once you've started Hard Mode, there's not much of a reason to go back to Normal Mode just to use all those Items weighing you down. All consumable items are essentially useless now, so make them count and cash them in!

What to Spend Gil On

Before Completing the Game

Purchase all the Materia

Vending Machine.jpg

The Vending Machines available throughout Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 stock a variety of Materia which cannot be found elsewhere, such as the Revival Materia. It's a good idea to go ahead and buy one of each Materia and focus on gathering AP on as many as possible.

Intergrade: How to Farm AP

After Completing the Game

After completing the INTERmission story, players will generally move on to the Post-Game content, including challenging Hard Mode, the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 fight, and completing the remaining side content.

As items cannot be used in Hard Mode, there is little reason to purchase items from any shop. Players are free to spend their money on the following costs without worrying about keeping extra Gil in stock.

Buy Revival Earrings for Hard Mode

Revival Earrings.jpg

Items like the Superstar Belt and Firebird Armlet will revive a character automatically with 1 HP once per fight. However, healing that character back from 1 HP costs precious MP, and at least one ATB Gauge is required.

Revival Earrings, on the other hand, will revive with 50% max HP, saving healing costs considerably. If you have Gil left over, it's better to stock up on Revival Earrings and use these to push your way through Hard Mode.

Challenge Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets

Yuffie and Sonon vs. Bahamut.jpg

Without a doubt, the hardest fight in the game is the Top Secrets gauntlet culminating with a new version of Pride and Joy, the super boss from the original game. Players will need to make it through Bahamut, Ifrit, Ramuh, and finally Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.

To play this challenge, players must pay 700 Gil for each attempt. If you don't have the Gil to make it through, you'll have to grind for more, which can break your concentration. It's best to come into the fight with enough Gil to try as many times as you need to complete it.

Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets Guide

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