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How to Beat Gigantipede | Boss Fight Guide (Normal & Hard)

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How to Beat Gigantipede
This is a guide to beating the Boss Gigantipede in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) DLC Intergrade. This article explains Gigantipede's weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating it on Normal and Hard.

Gigantipede Basic Information

Gigantipede Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Mechanical Grounded Boss


A multi-legged heavy weapons platform developed by Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. It is armed with a large number of missiles that it uses to eliminate intruders seeking to gain access to Midgar's central pillar.

Assess (Tips)

Its head is susceptible to physical attacks, while its tail is susceptible to lightning attacks. Lightning attacks also rapidly fill its stagger gauge. Its long-range attack accuracy increases when its containment laser finds a target.

Gigantipede Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP - 31526 51876

Gigantipede Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments -
Lesser Resistances -
Greater Resistances Fire, Ice, Wind
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements -


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 1200 2250
AP 10 10
Exp 1200 2250
Items Dropped - ()
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Best Characters, Equipment and Materia for This Boss

Available Characters

Yuffie Icon New-BG.pngYuffie Sonon Icon New-BG.pngSonon

You will have only have Yuffie and Sonon for this fight.

Recommended Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Weapon: Boomerang
Armor: Chthonian Armlet
Accessory: Mezu Drive
Sonon IconSonon Weapon: Indurate Staff
Armor: Studded Bracer
Accessory: Kindred Cord

Yuffie as Mage

Boomerang's stats is great for magic builds as it has the highest magic damage stat out of all of her weapons. Use her lightning magic and ninjutsu on Gigantipede's tail to deal damage and stagger it.

Sonon Physical Damage and Second Life

Sonon's role here is to deal as much damage as he can to Gigantipede's head and to help focus down the Containment Drones. Beefing up his survivability and physical damage is important to fulfill that role.

Best Materia for Yuffie

Weapon (4 Slots)
Armor (4 Slots)

Best Materia for Sonon

Weapon (3 Slots)
Armor (2 Slots)

Tips & Strategies for Beating Gigantipede

Strategy Checklist
(Click to jump)

Use Lightning Materia and Ninjutsu

Use Lightning Gigantipede.jpg
Like other mechs, Gigantipede suffers from a serious weakness to Lightning Magic when used on its tail. Use Yuffie's Lightning Ninjutsu to deal some consistent lightning damage with her attacks to its tail stagger it! It is also effective against the Containment Drones it sends out.

Use Physical Attacks on its Head

Use physical attacks at head Gigantipede.jpg
Its other weakness is striking its head with physical attacks. It can be a bit tougher as it moves around and will deal damage when ramming into you, but is worth helping stagger it when you do not have anymore MP for lightning spells! You can use Yuffie to deal lightning damage to its tal while commanding Sonon to use some abilities on its head!

Destroy the Containment Drones

After you deal enough damage, the Gigantipede will start sending out Containment Drones. These drones don't attack you themselves but will lock onto you with their lasers, allowing the Gigantipede to use its homing missiles onto you. Synergize with Sonon to destroy them as soon as they are deployed and you won't be eating the missile barrages.

Summon Ramuh to Help

Summon Ramuh Gigantipede.jpg
Summoning Ramuh will be a big help if not ensure your win against Gigantipede. It has lighting attacks that can hit multiple targets, easily dealing damage to Gigantipede and its Containment Drones. Ramuh can be a bit tough to get, here's our guide to help you nab him!

How to Get Ramuh Materia

Gigantipede Attack Phases

All Attacks and Effects

Attack Name Guardable Damage Status Effect
Body Blow Medium -
Tail Swat Medium -
Pendulum Swing Large -
Containment Laser Focuses lasers on you. Once locked on, missiles will be launched.
Biotoxin Bomb Fires missiles that impact the ground and leave poison pools that will damage you.
Drone Deployment Summons Containment Drones.
Death Dive Large -
Head Shake Medium -
Drill Surge Medium -
Barrier Activates Barrier on itself
Manawall Activates Manawall on itself

Gigantipede: Hard Mode Guide

Gigantipede Hard Mode Video Guide

Get to Level 50 First

Just like the main game, in INTERmission's Hard Mode you'll be unable to recover MP outside of natural means and enemies will be much stronger. You'll want to hit level 50 first so head on over to the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter 2 on Easy Mode to farm Exp and AP.

Intergrade: How to Level Up Fast and AP Farm

Recommended Materia

Materia Reason
Independent Materias.pngHP Up

・Try and give 2 to each character
・Attach 4 to the Ninja Armlet to level them up
・Try to start leveling them up as early as possible
Magic Materia.pngHealing

・Link to Magnify for best effects
・Still useful without Magnify
Magic MateriaRevival

Only give to Yuffie
・Sonon will revive Yuffie by sacrificing himself if she dies
Command Materia.pngChakra

・A way to heal without using MP
・Heals more based on how much HP you've lost
Command MateriaPrayer

・Heal all party members without using HP
・Requires 2 ATB so it can prevent you from using other attacks
Independent MateriaMP Up

・Gives you a boost to your MP
・Great for Hard Mode where you can't recover MP easily
・Equip 2 to each character if possible
Independent MateriaSteadfast Block

・Fills the ATB Gauge when blocking attacks
・Sonon can also make use of it
Support Materias.pngSynergy

・Equip on Sonon
・Every time Yuffie uses a command Sonon will follow up with the weakest linked magic
・Does not require ATB or MP

Only using Chakra and Prayer to heal can make things a little tough so don't forget some Healing materia. 2 MP Ups per character can also be used in their place.

Containment Drones Protected by Shield or Reflect

On Hard Mode, the Containment Drones that will spawn after Gigantipede jumps up to the wall will be protected by either the Shield or Reflect status effect. Hit drones with Shield using magic and Reflect with physical attacks.

Status Counter
Shield.pngShield ・Physical attacks completely negated
・Use Lightning magic or Ninjutsu to clear them out
Reflect.pngReflect ・Magic is completely negated
・Use Yuffie's Throw then Retrieve to quickly zip to them and take them down

Compared to normal you'll want to be more aware of the drones when they spawn as they can make things more difficult. Be sure to take them out or guard when they fire off missiles to prevent taking too much damage.

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