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How to Find The Best Weapons For Everyone (Intergrade Updated)

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This page will list the best weapons for each character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) and Intergrade DLC. Read on to learn where to find the best weapons for Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith, as well as their stats and abilities!

The Best Weapons for Cloud


Weapon Final Stats
Highest Physical Attack
ATK = 137、MATK = 46
・High physical attack
・Increases strength of Limit Breaks
・HP restoration skills are useful
・Strong attack damage boost is also good
How to Obtain
・Bought from the Wall Market Weapon Shop in Chapter 9

Tear Into Enemies With Physical Attacks

Out of all of Cloud's weapons, the Hardedge has the highest physical attack as well as skill that increases the strength of normal and strong attacks. However, it does not increase HP or MP at all.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Hardedge

Buster Sword

Weapon Final Stats
Buster Sword.jpg
Best Overall
ATK = 91、MATK = 91
・The most balanced
・Increased MP regeneration
・Great against any enemy
How to Obtain
・Cloud's starting weapon

An All-Rounder

The Buster Sword has high physical and magical attacks allowing you to safely use either type of ability. You will likely spend the majority of the game as Cloud so the flexibility of the Buster Sword will aid you greatly.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Buster Sword

The Best Weapons for Tifa

Metal Knuckles

Weapon Final Stats
Metal Knuckles.jpg
Highest Physical Attack
ATK = 164、MATK = 24
・High physical attack
・Increases the rate the ATB Gauge fills
・Increases normal attack power
How to Obtain
・Receive for defeating the story boss Crab Warden in Chapter 5

Best Physical Attack

The Metal Knuckles increase the damage dealt by regular attacks making this weapon a great fit for Tifa who mostly uses physical attacks. Paired with the 10% ATB charge rate boost, the Metal Knuckles will allow you to use abilities more frequently to increase your overall damage output.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Metal Knuckles

Purple Pain

Weapon Final Stats
Purple Pain.jpg
Best Overall
ATK = 82、MATK = 66
・Increases HP by 1150
・Has the Repreive skill
・Increased critical hit rate and damage
How to Obtain
・In a chest during the climbing section in Chapter 16 where you control Tifa

Increased Survivability

With an 1150 boost to Tifa's HP and the ability to avoid incapacitation once per battle, Purple Pain will help keep Tifa alive longer. With a critical hit damage boost, Tifa's maximum damage output increases as well. However, the increase to her critical hit rate requires her to have low HP, so players should be careful when strategizing around it.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Purple Pain

The Best Weapons for Barret

Big Bertha

Weapon Final Stats
Big Bertha.jpg Best Ranged ATK = 93、MATK = 62
・Increases HP by 1250
・The strongest of all Barret's ranged weapons
How to Obtain
・Purchase from the Sector 6 Slums Evergreen Park Weapon Shop in Chapter 13

High Attack Power and Survivability

Big Bertha boasts the highest physical attack power of all his ranged weapons as well as a hefty 1250 boost to his HP making him harder to kill. Some of its skills also activate when his HP is high, allowing you to deal even more damage.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Big Bertha

The Best Weapons for Aerith

Mythril Rod

Weapon Final Stats
Mythril Rod.jpg
Highest Magic Attack
ATK = 24、MATK = 158
・Best for magic damage
・Increased debuff resistance
How to Obtain
・In the purple chest found on the first diverging path of the Train Graveyard (Chapter 11)

Magic Attack Specialist

The Mythril Rod with its high magic attack is perfect for Aerith whose attacks are entirely magic-based. The downside, though, is that it lacks MP boosting skills. While on Hard Mode you may not be able to make use of its 20% Magic boost at full MP very often, but it is still the strongest in other ways.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Mythril Rod

Reinforced Staff

Weapon Final Stats
Reinforced Staff.jpg
Best Overall
ATK = 50、MATK = 131
・Has the Repreive ability
・Increases damage reduction while gurading
・Healing is boosted at low HP
How to Obtain
・In the purple chest in the first room at the start of Chapter 17

High Survivability

Mixing Reprieve with a buff to guarding, the Reinforced Staff will help Aerith stay alive. The 50% boost to healing while at low HP will also allow her to quickly heal to full for less MP.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Reinforced Staff

The Best Weapons For Yuffie

4-Point Shuriken

Weapon Final Stats
4-Point Shuriken.jpg
Best Overall
ATK = 72、MATK = 72
・The most balanced
・Increased AP Gain
・Great against any enemy
How to Obtain
・Yuffie's starting weapon


The 4-Point Shuriken has both high attack and magic attack, allowing you to deal good damage with both of the damage types. Fits every situation Yuffie will encounter in her mission.

Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for 4-Point Shuriken

The Best Weapons For Sonon

Marshalist's Staff

Weapon Final Stats
Best Overall
ATK = 86、MATK = 70
・The most balanced
・Synergized Limit Break
・Great against any enemy
How to Obtain
・Sonon's starting weapon

Most Supportive

The Marshalist's Staff is the best for Sonon in any situation as it helps him fit perfectly in his role as Yuffie's support. Its unique ability Synergized Limit Break is also a big reason why to have it equipped.
Abilities and Best Weapon Upgrades for Marshalist's Staff

Why These Weapons Are the Best

They Can Be Used in Any Situation

Every weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Remake has its strengths and weaknesses so this list isn't absolute, but compared to the weapons we didn't list, the flexibility of the weapons above makes them our top picks.

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6 Anonymousalmost 4 years

Hardedge is great for normal mode, but Twin Stinger will save your life in hard mode. I would even prefer Buster Sword over Hardedge in hard mode.

5 Anonymousalmost 4 years

Yeah, I agree! Its all about the twinstinger in playing hard mode. All that physical damage is overrated. You need that reprieve ability for the difficult bosses later on, you'll see.


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