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Pride and Joy Mk 0.5: Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets Boss Guide

This is a guide to completing the Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets battle in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) Intergrade's INTERmission DLC for PS5. Learn how to beat Bahamut, Ifrit, Ramuh, and Pride and Joy Mk 0.5, with best Materia and equipment builds for Yuffie and Sonon.

How to Unlock Pride and Joy Mk 0.5

Complete both chapters of INTERmission

Yuffie and Sonon vs. Top Secrets.jpg

After completing the INTERmission DLC, the Shinra Combat Simulator will become available at the very beginning of Chapter 2.

Upon completing the first two battles in the Shinra Combat Simulator on any difficulty, “Yuffie and Sonon vs. Top Secrets” will be unlocked for Hard difficulty only.

In this gauntlet, you'll face three opponents – Bahamut, who is joined halfway through by Ifrit; Ramuh; and finally, Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.

Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 Reward

Two Gotterdammerungs

Gotterdammerung.jpgGotterdammerung At the start of any battle, your Limit Gauge will be automatically filled. Your Limit Gauge will increase automatically throughout the battle.

In the original game, only a single Gotterdammerung was available, but similar to the Weiss battle, completing this challenge will yield two of this legendary Accessory, one for both Yuffie and Sonon. With the ability to gradually increase your Limit Gauge throughout the battle, it's often considered the best accessory in the game.

Gotterdammerung Effect and Stats

Best Equipment and Materia

Best Party Setup

Yuffie Icon New-BG.pngYuffie Role: Attacker
Weapon: Boomerang
Armor: Chthonian Armlet
Accessory: Ribbon
Sonon Icon New-BG.pngSonon Role: Synergy attacks, Life support for Yuffie
Weapon: Marshalist's Staff
Armor: Firebird Armlet
Accessory: Kindred Cord

Yuffie should continue attacking

Yuffie's role is to continue dealing chip damage throughout the fight. Since she will be keeping a distance and using Ninjutsu for the majority of the fight, the Boomerang, the weapon with the highest Magic Attack, is the best choice. As for the armor, anything with at least one connected slot will do fine.

When the enemy is Pressured, use Synergy

Sonon's primary role will be joining for powerful Synergy attacks when the enemy is pressured. This can be used to prevent Bahamut's Mega Flare, making keeping Sonon alive critical for this stage.

Best Materia

Magic Materias.pngSupport Materias.png
Healing + Magnify
Having this setup equipped on both Yuffie and Sonon will make your position much more secure. Generally, stick to Curaga every time it's used.
Magic Materias.pngRevival Equip to Yuffie. Use to heal Sonon when he dies. Sonon will always use Self-Sacrifice immediately so he cannot use this Materia.
Magic Materias.pngSupport Materias.png
Fire + Elemental
Essential to this fight. Equip this to Yuffie to prevent damage from Bahamut's fire attacks, Ifrit's attacks, and Pride and Joy's napalm bombs. Be sure to raise Elemental to level 2 in advance.
Magic Materias.pngLightning Equip for Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 just to be sure.
Complete Materias.pngHP Up You'll want both Yuffie and Sonon to have around 7000 HP. Essential for surviving Pride and Joy's beam attack.
Complete Materias.pngMP Up Spells like Curaga will consume over 10 MP apiece, so you'll want to be sure you don't run out.
Complete Materias.pngFirst Strike Best to start the battle with 1 ATB gauge already filled.
Complete Materias.pngSteadfast Block Equip to Sonon to increase his survivability.
Complete Materias.pngATB Stagger Prevents running out of ATB when enemies are stagged and not being able to use Abilities. Good to have, but not essential.
Summon Materias.pngRamuh Wait until Pride and Joy to summon. Hits with its weak element for massive damage.

Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets Video Guide

Our Japan team prepared a video guide for defeating this difficult series of bosses. Consult this while reading the guide to better understand its contents!

How to Beat Bahamut (Battle #1)

Weakness None

Bahamut Tips & Strategies

Bahamut Tips & Strategies
CheckmarkUse Synergy attacks during the countdown

CheckmarkUse Brumal Form to evade attacks

CheckmarkIgnore Ifrit and go for Bahamut

CheckmarkUse Synergized Windstorm when Staggered

Use Synergy attacks during the countdown

Synergize Against Bahamut
Each time Bahamut starts counting, it's an opening to attack. Execute Synergized Art of War right away, increasing the damage of following attacks. If you pull this off, you can get Bahamut in a Pressured state during this phase, but this becomes harder to execute with just Synergized Art of War later in the battle.

While Pressured, consider mashing Square while synergized to hit it with physical attacks and push its Stagger Gauge up and up.

Inflict Stagger to prevent Mega Flare

When the Countdown hits zero, Bahamut will execute its ultimate attack Mega Flare, dealing 9999 damage to all party members. This can be avoided by Staggering Bahamut before it execute Mega Flare. Aim to prevent its first Mega Flare this way, and finish off Bahamut before it can prepare a second.

In the later stages, if your Limit Gauge maxes out, this is the time to use it!

Use Brumal Form to evade attacks

Brumal Dodge Bahamut
Aside from Mega Flare, Brumal Form can be used to evade any of Bahamut's attacks. Perfect blocking will work as well, but Brumal Form is easier to execute and as it can be executed from the Abilities menu, players weak on timing dodges can simply open the menu when needed to use it.

Using Brumal Form successfully also boosts ATB, making it an offensive and defensive tool and allowing for continuous use of Brumal Form.

It's best to try to have 1 ATB gauge filled consistently so that Brumal Form can be used whenever needed.

Attacks to avoid at all costs
Umbral Strikes Do a quick evade when each of the two orbs is about to land. Can also use Brumal Form for the first and dodge for the second to get the timing right.
Umbral Inferno Go towards the light beams instead of away from them. This will register as a perfect dodge and your ATB will get a nice boost.
Umbral Frenzy If you manage to dodge the first one, you'll be able to dodge all the rest if the timing is right.
Divebomb Dodge right when it's about to strike the ground.

Ignore Ifrit and go for Bahamut


When Bahamut's HP gets down to half, it will summon Ifrit to join the fight. As long as you have Elemental × Fire Materia equipped to your armor, its attacks are near-useless, so you can easily ignore it and focus all your attention on Bahamut.

Handle it quickly with Ice Ninjutsu and Ice Banishment

Ifrit's weakness is Ice, so after defeating Bahamut, finish it off with Ice Ninjutsu and hit hard with Ice Banishment.

How to Beat Ramuh (Battle #2)

Weaknesses Wind

Ramuh Tips & Strategies

Ramuh Tips & Strategies
CheckmarkUse Wind Abilities to fill the Stagger Gauge

CheckmarkPerfect blocking Voltaic Lance adds Stagger

CheckmarkOnce staggered, use Synergized Windstorm

Use Wind Abilities to fill the Stagger Gauge

Use Yuffie's Abilities Wind Ninjutsu and Windstorm to deal Wind damage to Ramuh, hitting its weakness. These attacks will cause its Stagger Gauge to increase quickly.

Perfect blocking Voltaic Lance adds Stagger

Ramuh Block Voltaic Lance.jpeg

When Ramuh uses Voltaic Lance, a perfectly-timed block will nullify all damage and give a big jump to Ramuh's Stagger Gauge. If nothing else, try practicing to make sure you can perfectly block this attack every time.

Defeat the Sparks to Stagger

Defeat Ramuh Sparks
When Ramuh summons his Sparks, he will gain access to more powerful abilities that can deal a lot of damage to you. Not only will destroying the Sparks disable those attacks but Ramuh will also go into the staggered state. You can choose to ignore them when he is low health, but if you think you can't beat him right away, synergize with Sonon and focus on the Sparks.

Once Staggered, use Synergized Windstorm twice

Ramuh Use Windstorm
Once Ramuh has been stagged, two hits with Synergized Windstorm will hit it hard. This both hits its elemental weakness and causes its Stagger % to go up. Pulling this off should be enough to take Ramuh out once you've managed to Stagger him.

How to Beat Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 (Battle #3)

Pride and Joy Mk0.5.jpeg
Weakness Lightning

Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 Tips & Strategy

Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 Tips & Strategy
CheckmarkUse Lightning Ninjutsu during the entire fight

CheckmarkUse Ninjutsu on the right arm when Sonon is Bound

CheckmarkKeep HP above 6000

CheckmarkAvoid Beam Cannon with Brumal Form

CheckmarkSummon Ramuh

CheckmarkUse Thundaga when Pressured

Use Lightning Ninjutsu during the entire fight

Lightning Ninjutsu Pride and Joy

Like its predecessor, Pride and Joy Mk0.5 is weak to Lightning, so set up Lightning Ninjutsu from the start and hit it with chip damage throughout the fight.

Attack from a distance for safety

It's possible to avoid attacks by staying behind its back, but those who are less used to its attack patterns can get inflicted with status effects and stun, so it's a risky strategy.

The easiest and safest way to handle the fight is to keep a distance throughout the fight and continue flinging Ninjutsu. It will fire napalm bombs throughout the fight, which leave flaming areas where they hit, but the damage from these areas is negated by having Elemental + Fire Materia on your armor, so you can roll over them freely.

Avoid Beam Cannon with Brumal Form or going close-range

Pride and Joy Beam Cannon.jpeg

When Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 readies its Beam Cannon, you can move behind it in close range to avoid the attack.

When far away, the attack will always hit even if you try to avoid it; however, it can still be avoided using Brumal Form. Keep both your ATB gauges filled and ready, and when it looks like it's getting ready to fire, it can be fully avoided with repeated uses of Brumal Form.

Keep at least 6000 HP

Beam Cannon deals 5000 damage if it lands, so be sure to keep your HP at around 6000 or above throughout hte fight. Even if you fail to avoid it, this will allow you to survive and heal up.

If Sonon is bound, attack the right arm

Pride and Joy Mk0.5 Attack Right Arm.jpeg

Pride and Joy can use its Catch attack to bind one of your party members. When this occurs, target the right arm and use Lightning Ninjutsu repeatedly. If you can't rescue Sonon in time, he will usually end up knocked out, so be sure you have enough ATB to cast Life.

Synergize to Avoid Grab

Sonon Grab Dodge
If you activate Synergy while away from Sonon he will always teleport towards you. You can use this Synergy effect to teleport Sonon away from Pride and Joy and it will not be able to grab Sonon.

Summon Ramuh

Pride and Joy Mk0.5 3.jpeg

If you've saved up Ramuh until this fight, this is the time to use him. Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 is weak to lightning, so Ramuh can deal heavy damage while he is around.

Use Thundaga when Pressured

Pride and Joy Mk0.5 4.jpeg
When Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 is pressured, or it seems like the Stagger Gauge is close to being filled, use Thundaga to raise the gauge significantly.

If you manage to Stagger it, use Synergized Windstorm to increase the Stagger %, then hit with hard attacks like Limit Breaks, and victory will be in sight.

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Flare Breath is not fire elemental. It is non-elemental so Elemental + Fire combo will not help with it at all. In addition, Ifrit can be killed in under 10 seconds using synergized Art of War due to its astoundingly low health and defense so ignoring it only benefits using it to heal you, but as an alternative you could kill it immediately and use elemental + thunder to completely neutralize the Ramah fight.


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