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A Festival Miracle

This is a page about the A Festival Miracle summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you want to know about the heroes Winter Altina, Winter Bernadetta, Winter Hilda, and Winter Sephiran, or you are wondering who to pull from this banner, please read on.

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The Best Summons to Pull From and Release Dates

Who Should You Pull From A Festival Miracle?

A Festival Miracle

Altina - Cross-Time Duo Icon Winter Altina
Bernadetta - Frosty Shut-In Icon Winter Bernadetta
Hilda - Holiday Layabout Icon Winter Hilda
Sephiran - Hoary Sovereign Icon Winter Sephiran
Dates of Availability 12/17/2020 ~ 01/17/2021

Note: The rankings showed here are the Reroll Ratings. The units' overall ratings, including Inherit Skill, may differ.

Pull for Winter Altina!

Winter Altina Chibi.png

Winter Altina is the most powerful unit in this banner. Like her original alt, she sports the powerful Ragnell·Alondite. Though this beast of a weapon inflicts -5 Spd to its user, it allows Altina to strike twice in both phases and it grants a Distant Counter effect. This makes her a very good candidate for a main offensive unit.

Unlike her alt, she is a Harmonized Hero. She has joined forces with Sanaki and because of that, she has access to a Harmonized Skill that grants an offensive boost for 1 turn and a Vantage effect. If timed correctly plus some setup from allies, she can pull off Vantage sweeps with her dual strikes!

Vantage sweeping is taking advantage of enemy phase utility the effect brings to take out lots of foes by simply positioning a unit deep into the danger zone.

Winter Hilda is available at a 4 Star Rarity

Winter Hilda Chibi.png

This banner's 4 Star Summon is Winter Hilda. In addition to her 5 Star appearance rate, her 4 Star version has a 3% appearance rate, making it pretty easy to pull her. If you really want this unit, you can just shoot for a 4 Star version and then unlock her potential to make her a 5 Star.

Should You Pull From This Summon?

Don't spend your orbs here!

For the most part, this summon does not warrant spending many orbs on. While the heroes here are certainly not bad, none of them are good enough justify wasting tons of orbs for, so other than the free pull, we recommend skipping this one.

Pull if you have a favorite character!

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is a game best enjoyed with your favorite characters whether they are the strongest or not. Regardless of our recommendations, you should pull if you really want a unit.

Pull if you want their skills

All of the focus heroes from this summon have rather useful skills that you may want another unit to inherit. See the list below for the most useful skills from this batch of units.

Hero Useful Skills

Who are you pulling for?

A Festival Miracle Summon Simulator

A Festival Miracle Focus Heroes

Winter Altina

Winter Altina Image
FEH Red Stone Red Sword IconSword Infantry IconInfantry
Base Stats
Stats will be made available when this Hero is released.
Default Skills
Assist Skill Icon :-

Winter Altina Builds and Best IVs

Winter Bernadetta

Winter Bernadetta Image
FEH Green Stone Green Green Tome IconGreen Tome Cavalry IconCavalry
Base Stats
Stats will be made available when this Hero is released.
Default Skills
Weapon Skill Icon Hrist
Assist Skill Icon :-
Special Skill IconMoonbow

Winter Bernadetta Builds and Best IVs

Winter Hilda

Winter Hilda Image
FEH Blue Stone Blue Lance IconLance Armored IconArmored
Base Stats
Stats will be made available when this Hero is released.
Default Skills
Assist Skill Icon Shove
Passive Skill B Icon :-
Passive Skill C Icon :-

Winter Hilda Builds and Best IVs

Winter Sephiran

Winter Sephiran Image
FEH Colorless Stone Colorless Staff IconStaff Armored IconArmored
Base Stats
Stats will be made available when this Hero is released.
Default Skills
Assist Skill Icon Restore+
Passive Skill B Icon :-

Winter Sephiran Builds and Best IVs

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