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How to Beat Pride and Joy Prototype | Super Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide to beating the Super Boss Pride and Joy Prototype in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This article explains how to unlock this Secret Super Boss, Pride and Joy Prototype's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Pride and Joy Prototype Stats and Information

Basic Information

Pride and Joy Prototype
Pride and Joy Prototype Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Mechanical Grounded Boss


Large-scale robotic weapon. Development was discontinued because it was deemed too dangerous. Charley used the project data to recreate a prototype within virtual reality.

Assess (Tips)

Tactical data not available.

Pride and Joy Prototype Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
Attack Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
Magic Attack Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
Defense Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
Magic Defense Currently Unknown Currently Unknown

Pride and Joy Prototype Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments Lightning
Lesser Resistances Fire, Fixed Damage
Greater Resistances Wind
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Fixed Damage
Absorbed Elements -

Stagger Rates

×1 ×1 ×1 ×1
×1 ×1 ×1 -

Stagger Length

Stagger Length 10 seconds


Easy/Normal Hard
Items Dropped -
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -


Name Element Blockable? Knockdown? Status
physical.pngDouble Machine Gun
- Yes No -
Fires with the machine guns under its arms.
magical.pngKnee Fire
fire.png Yes No -
Sprays fire from its knees for 1 second.
magical.pngAnkle Fire
fire.png Yes Yes -
Crouches down and blasts fire out of its ankles.
physical.pngBrutal Tackle
- Yes Yes -
Charges forward and stomps with its right foot.
physical.pngBrute Force
- No Yes -
Puts its hands together and topples over, crushing anyone within range.
magical.pngBeam Cannon
- No Yes -
Charges energy for 3 seconds then releases it from the cannons on its shoulders. Will also use while jumping backwards.
- Yes No -
Jumps to the side or behind, damaging anyone in its path.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
- No Yes -
Grabs a target with its right hand (anyone else who comes in contact with its hand will also take damage) and smash them against the ground for 30 seconds. Before it smashes its target, it will proceed to do other actions as usual, and if 8% of its arms max HP is dealt in damage it will squeeze its target. If this is done 3 times, its arms HP reaches 0, or one of its legs' HP reaches 0 and it falls over, it will release its target.
magical.pngNapalm Shot
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
fire.png No No -
Shoots napalm from its left arm that explode and create puddles of fire that stay on the field for 30 seconds.
magical.pngSpark Whip
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
lightning.png Yes No
Stun (8 sec)
Unleashes a beam of electricity from its left hand and sweeps it from left to right.
magical.pngJammer Laser
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
- No No See Below*
Shoots lasers that go in 3 directions from the core on its chest. Depending on the color of the laser, it will inflict a different status ailment.
magical.pngStun Blast
Phase 3.jpg
- No No
Stun (8 sec)
Gathers light into the core on its chest and releases a fan shaped wave of energy.

*Status Effects and Ailments Guide

* Jammer Laser Status Ailments:
Pink Laser: Stop.png Stop (8 sec)
Red Laser: Silence.png Silence (60 sec) + Sedate.png Sedate
Blue Laser: Sleep.png Sleep (40 sec)
Purple Laser: Poison.png Poison (240 sec) + Slow.png Slow (40 sec)

Where to Find Pride and Joy Prototype

The Final Opponent in the Battle Simulator

On the 64th Floor of the Shinra Building in Chapter 16, you'll gain access to a Shinra Battle Simulator. After completing all the other matches in both the Battle Simulator and the Corneo Colosseum, and completing all the Battle Intel missions, you'll be matched up against the opponent Top Secrets. However, this opponent will only appear when the difficulty is set to Hard. On top of that, you'll have to defeat the 4 Summon bosses in a row before you're even allowed to fight it, making this battle extremely difficult to access.

Opponents in “Top Secrets” Match
1 Shiva
2 Fat Chocobo
3 Leviathan
4 Bahamut
5 Pride and Joy Prototype

How to Beat Three-Person Team Vs. Top Secrets

Requirements to Battle Pride and Joy Prototype

Requirements Checklist
CheckmarkDefeat all opponents in Corneo Colosseum (Chapter 9)

CheckmarkDefeat all opponents in the Battle Simulator (Chapter 16)

CheckmarkComplete all Battle Intel missions (available in Chapters 3, 8, 13, 16)

Before getting ready to go up against Pride and Joy Prototype, make sure you've accomplished each of these goals first. The Battle Intel missions in particular will take some time to complete, so check out our individual guides to learn how to accomplish each of the required tasks.

List of Battle Intel Reports and Rewards

The Reward is the Best Accessory in the Game

Gotterdammerung.jpegGotterdammerung Effect:
At the start of any battle, your Limit Gauge will be automatically filled. Your Limit Gauge will increase automatically throughout the battle.

After you've defeaten all five opponents of the Top Secrets match, you'll receive what is beyond a doubt the best accessory in the game, Gotterdammerung. This Accessory will gradually fill the Limit Gauge during battles, ensure that you will be able to use Limit Breaks consistently throughout every fight, making it unrivaled in its allure. Despite the painstaking process to obtain it, we can honestly say that Gotterdammerung is worth the struggle.

Best Characters, Equipment and Materia for This Boss

Available Characters

Cloud IconCloud Barret IconBarret Tifa IconTifa Aerith IconAerith

It's possible to use any set of 3 characters in this battle, but we recommend using Cloud, Tifa and Aerith.

Recommended Characters

Cloud Icon.jpegCloud Role: Attacker & Tank
Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Cog Bangle
Accessory: Supernatural Wristguards
Tifa Icon.jpegTifa Role: Pinch Hitter
Weapon: Metal Knuckles
Armor: Cog Bangle
Accessory: Champion Belt
Aerith Icon.jpegAerith Role: Red Mage
Weapon: Mythril Rod
Armor: Cog Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings

Use Cloud's Counterstance to make him a pseudo-tank

Insetad of simply boosting his defensive stats and HP, Cloud's defensive capabilites can be increased with the Counterstance Ability, which lets him deal damage back when he takes a hit from an enemy. Enemies will tend to target the character who is currently being controlled, so you'll be using Cloud for most of the battles to field and counter attacks.

Aerith: First a healer, second an attacker

With Aerith's already high Magic Attack stacked with Mythril Rod, she's great to use for both healing and offensive Spells. Have her hold the Revival Earrings as a last resort for when your whole party is hit with a powerful attack.

Best Materia for Cloud

Weapon (6 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Best Materia for Tifa

Weapon (6 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Best Materia for Aerith

Weapon (6 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Tips & Strategies for Beating Pride and Joy Prototype

Strategy Checklist
(Click to jump)

Go around it and attack from behind


Almost all of Pride and Joy Prototype's attacks hit directly in front of it. If you're able to sneak behind it, you'll be able to attack it almost without resistance. Its movements speed and turning speed are extremely slow, so you'll be able to keep this up by simply continuing to attack for a while.

When it raises its arms, run away


When Pride and Joy Prototype raises its arms, it will attack the whole area surrounding itself, so you won't be safe behind it. It's best to dodge out of the way when you see its arms raise, and move back after. That said, the attack it executes doesn't deal a huge amount of damage, so simply blocking and absorbing the blow is another viable option.

Move to the side and away from its Beam Cannon


Its Beam Cannon attack will deal as much as 6,000 damage even when Blocked, so be sure to move away to the side and avoid this attack instead. Moving to the side should be enough to get you out of the way of the blast, but because it will take a long time preparing the attack, take the opportunity to move behind it and continue attacking.

Don't try to fight when the flames come out


Pride and Joy Prototpye will cover the floor with a red aura and cause flames to burst up from the floor. Moving onto these flames will deal about 800 damage a second, and will eat up your character's HP in a flash. When this occurs, instead of using melee attacks, fall back and attack with Lightning Magic instead.

Keep two characters ready to use Revive


Even your characters who are keeping their distance and healing can suffer a fatal blow from Pride and Joy Prototype without warning. Be sure to have two characters who are ready to cast Revive, so that you can always bring your healer back into the battle. Pride and Joy Prototype can grab one of your characters and deal a near-unescapable 9,999 damage to them, resulting in instant death. If you've got another character who can Revive them, it will make that much difference for staying in the fight.

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Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 (Top Secrets)


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Pride and Joy has been assessed! Hp 82530

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I bet the creators did play the game, skill master makes only sense if you use refocus, coz the 3 different atb actions should not interrupted by an simple attack and since you cannot have 3 atb charges without refocus, sometimes I wonder who makes those guides


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