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Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Story Guide & Walkthrough


This is a guide and walkthrough to Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum, a story chapter in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read on to learn locations of items, rewards for completing this chapter, as well as useful tips and strategies for getting through this part of the story.

Previous Chapter Fateful Encounters
Current Chapter Home Sweet Slum
Next Chapter Mad Dash

List of Main Scenario Objectives


No. Title Description
1 Return to Base Tifa, a childhood friend of Cloud, uses her connections to get him an apartment. After promising to help her with collections tomorrow, Cloud hits the sack.
2 Noisy Neighbors Awoken in the middle of the night, Cloud goes to room 203, where he again has a vision of Sephiroth. He eventually returns to his room, still reeling from the hallucinations as he awaits the dawn.
3 Life in the Slums Cloud has been contracted by Biggs to exterminate some monsters, so he goes with Tifa to Scrap Boulevard.
4 A Job for the Neighborhood Watch Cloud has cleared the monsters from Scrap Boulevard and is starting to make a name for himself in the slums.
5 Problem Solving Thanks in part to Tifa, the local population is starting to recognize Cloud's name.
5-1 A Job Well Done Johnny is arrested on suspicion of stealing blasting powder. Tifa worries that his loose lips will lead security forces to Avalanche, and decides to rescue him. Cloud accompanies her in the endeavor.
6 Shinra Reacts Having rescued Johnny, Cloud and Tifa head back to Seventh Heaven. Before Cloud can collect his payment, Barret holds an impromptu strategy meeting with the other Avalanche members. Left all by himself, Cloud kills time at the bar.
6-1 Talking Strategy Avalanche decides that their next mission will not include Cloud. After collecting his pay, Cloud leaves the bar, only to spot suspicious men stationed in front of it.
7 Ominous Shadows Cloud has chased off the men who were looking for information about Barret. When Cloud returns to Stargazer Heights, he finds Jessie waiting for him with a new job request.
8 The Jessie Job It is not clear exactly what Jessie wants, but the pay is good, so Cloud decides to accept the job and head for the Sector 7 plate.
Discovery Alone at Last Cloud gets Tifa to smile, leading even Marle to accept that he may be something special.

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Walkthrough


Sector 7 Undercity Station

1 Go down the stairs and head to the right down the path.
2 Continue down the path to the right.
3 Head along the path until a cutscene starts with Undercity Resident.
4 After the cutscene, follow Jessie, Biggs and Wedge down the path to the left.

Sector 7 Slums: Day One


1 Go forward until a cutscene starts with Tifa and Marlene.
2 In Seventh Heaven: Talk to Marlene, triggering a cutscene.
tifaGo up to the Jukebox to get Tifa's Theme.
3 Follow Tifa outside.
4 Follow Tifa along the path.
5 Follow Tifa up the stairs to Stargazer Heights.
6 After the cutscene, it will be nighttime. Go left out the door and interact with the neighbor's door to start a cutscene.

Sector 7 Slums: Day Two


1 Go down the stairs to meet the landlady, Marle.
Phoenix-Down-Location-1.pngOptionally, before going down the stairs, go around to the left side of the apartment. Climb the ladder to find a chest with a Phoenix Down.
2 Take the left path back to Seventh Heaven.
3 Follow Tifa down the street and into the Item Shop. Get 200 Gil from the owner.
4 Follow Tifa back down the road you came on. Get 200 Gil from Marle.
5 Follow Tifa down the other road to the weapon store. Get 200 Gil from the Weapons Vendor.
6 Follow Tifa up the stairs. Go around the corner and into the door to find Biggs and Wedge.
7 You'll learn how to do Weapon Upgrades from Biggs. Tifa will join your party.
Weapon Upgrade Guide
EtherLocation.pngOut the door, turn the corner to the right. You'll find a chest with an Ether.
8 Climb down the ladder and follow the path to the left.
9 Go through the chain door.

Scrap Boulevard


1 Fight two Gorgers outside.
IceMateriaLocation.pngGo into the cave to get an Ice Materia on the ground.
2 Go down the path to the left. Fight a Gorger and a Wererat.
Antidote-Location-1.pngOpen the chest at the end to get 2 Antidotes.
3 Turn to the left to fight two Wererats.
4 Continue down the path. Fight two more Gorgers.
5 Continue down the path to get back to the first area. Go out the chain door you came in.

Sector 7 Slums: Day Two Continued


1 Go back to the room above the weapon shop where Biggs and Wedge are waiting.
2 Go down the ladder. Go back into the weapon shop and talk to the owner. You'll get a Iron Blade for free, and you'll become able to purchase weapons and armor from him. Unfortunately, he doesn't sell any other weapons at this point.
3 Head outside and talk to Wymer on the left side of the building. You'll unlock four Side Quests to complete, and can find a total of six in the chapter. These are basically optional, but you'll need to complete at least one of them to progress.
Chapter 3 Side Quest Guides
4 Talk to Chadley next to Wymer. You'll get an Assess Materia and Combat Analyzer. You'll unlock the Battle Intel feature, and can talk to Chadley again after completing Battle Intel to buy Materia he develops.
5 Complete any of the available Side Quests. Then, return to the area outside the Seventh Heaven. Go up to the front of the crowd of people and an event will begin.

Rescuing Johnny


1 Follow Tifa down the road.
2 Go through the chain link door after the Security Officers are gone.
3 Continue down the road and go through the chain door.
4 Fight two security officers, an Elite Security Officer, and a Guard Dog.
5 Go back down the path you came in.
hip hop de chocobo.jpgOn the way, you can get a copy of 'Hip Hop de Chocobo' at the pizza shop.
6 Return to Seventh Heaven. Once you head inside, you won't be able to complete your unfinished quests. Tifa will also offer you a drink in the middle of the cutscene.
Tifa Drink Choice

Fighting the Hoodlums


1 Go to the back left wall and play one round of the Darts mini-game. Then, return to the chair and select Yes to 'Wait at the Counter for Tifa'. After the cutscene, you'll get 1,050 Gil from Barret.
How to Win the Darts Minigame
2 Leave Seventh Heaven. A cutscene will start.
3 Follow the Hoodlums up the stairs.
4 Go through the hole to the vacant lot.
Fight the four Hoodlums. They're stronger than standard enemies, so be sure to have Fire Materia equipped going into the battle.
How to Beat The Hoodlums
6 Follow the path to the right back to your apartment.
7 Go up the stairs and talk to Jessie. She'll give you the Ifrit Materia. Answer Yeah. when she asks you if you are ready to go, and the chapter will end.

Maps and Obtainable Items


List of Maps
Sector 7 Slums
Beginner's Hall -

Obtainable Items

This section does not include Items which are obtainable during Odd Jobs.

Sector 7 Slums
Tifa's Theme Phoenix Down x1 Ether x1
Ice Materia x1 Antidote x2 Iron Blade
Assess Materia x1 Hip Hop de Chocobo Ifrit Materia
Adrenaline x2 Fire Materia x1 Sedatives x2
Hi-Potion x2 Grenade x3 -
Scrap Boulevard
Ice Materia x1 Antidote x2 -

Shops & Vending Machines

Vending Machine - Municipal Storage Area

On the full map On the area map
Items Price
Potion 50 Gil
Phoenix Down 300 Gil
Antidote 80 Gil

Junk Shop - Residential Area

On the full map On the area map
Items Price
Potion 30 Gil
Hi-Potion (Stock: 3) 100 Gil

Vending Machine - Abandoned Factory

On the full map On the area map
Items Price
Potion 50 Gil
Phoenix Down 300 Gil
Antidote 80 Gil

Item Shop - Residential Area

On the full map On the area map
Items Price
1. The Prelude (Stock: 1) 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion (Stock: 3) 100 Gil
Phoenix Down 300 Gil
Antidote 80 Gil
Materia Price
Healing Materia 600 Gil
Cleansing Materia (Stock: 1) 300 Gil
Fire Materia 500 Gil
Ice Materia 500 Gil
Lightning Materia 500 Gil
Deadly Dodge Materia 600 Gil

Weapons Store - Residential Area

On the full map On the area map
Weapons / Armor Price
Iron Bangle 1000 Gil
Star Bracelet 1600 Gil
Accessories Price
Power Wristguards 800 Gil
Bulletproof Vest 800 Gil
Earrings 800 Gil
Talisman 800 Gil
Revival Earrings 500 Gil

Item Shop - Sector 7 Undercity Station

On the full map On the area map
Items Price
4. Barret's Theme (Stock: 1) 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil
Phoenix Down 300 Gil
Antidote 80 Gil

Tips and Strategies

Odd Jobs


In Chapters 3, 8, 9, and 14, the player will have access to a set of Odd Job sidequests for that chapter. After you continue to a certain point in each chapter, you won't be able to complete any of the Odd Jobs any more. That said, the game will notify you at this point, so there's no worry of missing your chance on accident.

Since completing all of the Odd Jobs in Chapter 3 will provide you with a Crescent Moon Charm, as well as allowing you to choose Tifa's dress in Chapter 9, it's worth spending a bit of time to finish all the Odd Jobs in this section.

Guides for each Chapter 3 Side Quest (Odd Job)

Quest Reward
1 ChadleyChadley's Report Access to Battle Intel Reports
2 Rat Problem.pngRat Problem Hi-Potion x5
3 Nuisance in the Factory.pngNuisance in the Factory 500 gil
4 Lost Friends.pngLost Friends Maiden's Tear
5 On the Prowl.pngOn the Prowl Elixir
6 Just Flew in from the Graveyard.pngJust Flew In from the Graveyard Star Bracelet

Which Odd Job Should I Complete?

If you're aiming to only finish one of the six quests available in this chapter, the Chadley's Report quest is recommended, as you can finish it easily while defeating enemies and as part of the main story.

The other Odd Jobs don't give substantial rewards that you can't get elsewhere in the story, so completing just a few of them without going for all six isn't a useful middle ground.

List of All Odd Jobs

Unlock a Different Dress for Tifa in Chapter 9


If you complete all the Odd Jobs in Chapter 3, you'll gain access to a Discovery objective Alone at Last, in which you visit Tifa's room. In addition to receiving a Crescent Moon Charm, you'll also have the opportunity to choose what dress you'd like Tifa to wear in Chapter 9, based on what you tell Tifa when she asks I wonder what would suit me.

Answers and results of Tifa's Question

Type of Dress Answer
Purple Dress Something mature.
Chinese Style Dress Something... sporty?
Japanese Style Dress Something exotic?

Check out our complete guide to learn how to get the alternate dress choices for Cloud and Aerith as well.

How to Get All Dresses

Answering Tifa in Seventh Heaven


Tifa will offer Cloud a drink after you go back to Seventh Heaven. Your choice of answer will affect Tifa's affection toward Cloud.

Check the link below for the effects of each answer!

Tifa Drink Choice

Battle Intel


Compared to Odd Jobs, which only yield Gil, completing Battle Intel for Chandley will allow you to purchase new Materia that isn't available elsewhere. This makes Battle Intel a must for completionists.

On the other hand, because it's possible to complete Battle Intel tasks as you progress through the story, even after this chapter, there's no real need to go out of your way to complete them now.

Guide to Battle Intel and Rewards

Get Rewards for Slain Monsters

Katie Slain Monsters.jpg

After you've finished the Scrap Boulevard segment, outside the Weapon shop, you can find the character Katie shouting about how many monsters have been slain that day. If you talk to her, she'll give you rewards for defeating a certain number of monsters during the chapter.

All of the Rewards can be obtained normally during gameplay, so there's no need to go out of your way to complete this, but it's useful to grab if you've racked up some kills while completing Odd Jobs and Battle Intel.

Monsters Slain Reward
10 5 Potions
20 Revival Earrings
50 MP Up Materia

Interestingly, the Hoodlums don't count as slain monsters, so don't count on them for your score!

Boss Strategy Guide

The Hoodlums


These four opponents have somewhat higher HP than the standard opponent, but you shouldn't have too much trouble handling them by taking them out one by one and hitting them with Fire.

How to Beat The Hoodlums

Use Fire Magic

The Hoodlums all share a weakness to Fire, so if you're having some trouble handling them, cast Fire from a distance to deal massive damage.

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3 Anonymousabout 4 years

She doesn't seem accessible in Hard Mode. I thought she would give me a total of all monsters slayed in the whole game (normal mode) or at least give me my 50 prize i didn't claim the first time. But she's inactive when you go back in as Hard Mode.

2 Anonymousover 4 years

Dont Forget to talk to the lady next to the sign "Monster Slain this Month". After killing 50 monsters she gives you MP UP Materia.


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