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This is a character page for Barret, containing his stats, abilities, characteristics, and Limit Breaks, as well as his strongest weapons, and recommended battle settings for Barret in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). When playing FF7 Remake, check this article any time you need to know something about using Barret.

Barret's Backstory and Profile

Barret Wallace.png

The leader of an independent Avalanche cell in Midgar, Barret was disavowed by the old guard for his extreme methods that attracted too much attention. He subsequently came to Midgar, where he resolved to continue to pursue his vendetta against Shinra with a small but trusted group of followers. When not fighting against the corporation, he and his comrades serve in the neighborhood watch and keep the people safe─including his daughter Marlene, who he dotes on as a loving father.
Name Barret Wallace
Age 35
Height 197cm (6'6")
Birthday December 15th
Blood Type O
Voice Actor English: John Eric Bentiey
Japanese: Masahiro Kobayashi
Weapon Gun-Arms

Barret's Strengths and Unique Ability


Barret specializes in ranged attacks. Holding down ▢ releases a sustained burst of automatic fire when equipping ranged weapons.

Barret can fire from safe locations and hit enemies that Cloud cannot reach with his sword.


Press △ while in control of Barret to deliver a heavy-hitting attack that fills a large portion of his ATB gauge.

Once unleashed, it takes a long time to recharge this attack. Pressing △, however, will speed up the process.

When equipped with a melee weapon, his normal attack and unique ability will transform into close-combat attacks.

Barret's Abilities

Ability Effect Obtained
Steelskin Temporarily reduce damage taken and how easily you are interrupted. Start of game.

Barret's Limit Break

Limit Break Effect Obtained
Fire in the Hole Shoot an orb of energy that creates a large explosion. Start of game.

Barret's Weapon

Barret's Starting Weapon

Weapon Ability Atk. Def. Mg. Atk. Mg. Def.
Gatling Gun Focused Shot 19 0 19 0

Barret's Strongest Weapon

Weapon Ability Atk. Def. Mg. Atk. Mg. Def.
Coming soon Coming soon ? ? ? ?

Recommeded Battle Shortcuts for Barret

Button Setup
Weapon Ability
Character Ability

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16 Anonymous4 days

Barret feels really weak in the demo. Hope he scales up well later in the game and not just become a guy that kills out of range enemies.

15 Anonymous5 days

There's something irritating about this character.. Maybe, he's attitude.. but can't tell.. at least he deals massive damage..

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