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How to Get the Time Materia | Haste, Slow, and Stop Effects

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This is a page about the Time materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Learn how to get the Time materia and use the Haste, Slow, and Stop spells, as well as how much AP it takes to level up the Time materia.

Time Materia Skills and Information

Basic Information

Time Materia
Materia Type Magic Materia
Effect Allows you to use time magic
Resistances Slow/Stop


Attack (±) Magic Attack (±) Defense (±) Magic Defense (±)
- 2 - 1
Strength (±) Magic (±) Vitality (±) Spirit (±)
- 1 - 1
Luck (±) Speed (±) Max HP (±) Max MP (±)
- - - 2

Time Spells

Magic Effect MP Cost Element
Haste Increase the rate at which the ATB gauge fills. 4 -
Slow Decrease the rate at which the ATB gauge fills. 3 -
Stop Halt all movement and actions. 14 -

Time Materia Growth and Required AP

Level AP Required Acquired Skill
★1 - Use Haste
★2 300 Use Slow
★3 900 Use Stop

How to Get the Time Materia

How to Get the Time Materia
FF7 Remake Complete the Odd Job: Missing Children (Chapter 14)
INTERmission DLC Found on B13 Advanced Weaponry Development in Chapter 2.

This materia can be obtained as a reward from rescuing the children of Sector 5 Slums from two Phantoms. Click the link below for a guide through this Odd Job.

Missing Children Walkthrough

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Extremely well! Although you might have to use it several times during a fight as it wears off pretty quickly!

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You can read the description of the compatibility of magnify materia or you can see if there is a glowing white outline in the materia link.


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