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How to Get the MP Up Materia

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This is a page about the MP Up materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Learn how to get the MP Up materia, the skills learned from the MP Up materia, as well as how much AP it takes to level up the MP Up materia.

MP Up Materia Skills and Information

Basic Information

MP Up Materia
MP Up.png
Materia Type Complete Materia
Effect Increases your max MP. The total boost limit is +100% when more than one is equipped.
Buy Price 2000 gil


Attack (±) Magic Attack (±) Defense (±) Magic Defense (±)
- - - -
Strength (±) Magic (±) Vitality (±) Spirit (±)
- - - -
Luck (±) Speed (±) Max HP (±) Max MP (±)
- - - ★x10%

MP Up Materia Growth and Required AP

Level AP Required Acquired Skill
★1 - Max MP boost of 10%
★2 500 Max MP boost of 20%
★3 1000 Max MP boost of 30%
★4 3500 Max MP boost of 40%
★5 5000 Max MP boost of 50%

How to Get the MP Up Materia

How to Get the MP Up Materia
FF7 Remake Purchase from a shop
Picked up in Chapter 8 after a cutscene with Aerith near her house
INTERmission DLC #1: Found in a cave in Scrap Boulevard in Chapter 1.
#2+: Purchased from any Vending Machine.

You can find another MP Up Materia after a cutscene with Aerith in Chapter 8. See the link below for more info about this cutscene and the location of the materia.

The Language of Flowers Discovery Guide

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2 Tylerdracoabout 4 years

My apologies I meant Mp* not No

1 Tylerdracoabout 4 years

There's also a No up materia in chapter 6. Can be easy to miss but it's one of the side quest. The materia is sitting on top of one of the moveable catwalks just before the third mako lamp . Go down a latter before it and follow the route to see it


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