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How to Beat Shiva | Boss Fight Guide

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Shiva Battle

This is a guide to beating the Boss Shiva in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This article explains Shiva's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating her.

Shiva Stats and Information

Basic Information

Shiva Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Unreadable Grounded Boss


An ice-element summon recreated in virtual reality. It is the manifestation of a queen who once healed the planet's wounds with ice, as evidenced by the existence of permafrost in the polar lands.

Assess (Tips)

Tactical data not available.

Shiva Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP 9713~18425 17660~33500 47160
Attack 119~209 328
Magic Attack 129~228 355
Defense 112~213 305
Magic Defense 135~256 367

Shiva Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments Fire
Lesser Resistances Physical
Greater Resistances -
Immunities Sleep, Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements Ice

Stagger Rates

×1.5 ×1 ×1.5 ×1
×No effect ×0.5 ×0.5 -

Stagger Length

Stagger Length 10 seconds


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil 0 0
AP 10 30
Exp 0 0
Items Dropped -
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal -

Defeat Shiva for Her Materia

The first time you successfully clear Shiva's VR Mission, Chadley will reward you with the Shiva Summoning Materia. As this is the only way you can get her materia, players should definitely give it a shot!

Shiva Level Increases by Chapter

Chapter Level
Chapter 8 Level16
Chapter 9 Level 18
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Level 25
Chapter 16 Level 30
Post Game Level 32

Learnable Enemy Skills

No Enemy Skills can be learned from Shiva.

List of Enemy Skills

Shiva Boss Fight Guide

Name Element Blockable? Knockdown? Status
magical.pngIcicle Shot
ice.png Yes No -
Shoots 3-6 pieces of ice that chase a target.
magical.pngWild Icicle Shot
ice.png Yes No -
Shoots 16 pieces of ice that go after random targets.
magical.pngIce Missile
ice.png Yes No -
Fires 5 sharp icicles at a target.
magical.pngIce Skate
ice.png Yes No
slow.png (15 sec)
Shiva skates around the arena, leaving a trail of ice that damages those who touch it. Persists for 7 seconds.
ice.png - No
sleep.png (15 sec)
Sends trails of ice that home in on a target and put them to sleep.
magical.pngHeavenly Strike
ice.png Yes No -
Creates a giant icicle over a target's head that crashes down after 4 seconds.
magical.pngIcicle Impact
ice.png Yes No -
Ice shoots out from around Shiva, damaging anyone close.
ice.png Yes No -
Casts Blizzara on a target.
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
ice.png Yes No -
Casts Blizzaga on a target.
Frost Familiars
Phase 2.jpg Phase 3.jpg
- - - -
Summons 3 frost orbs that float around and shield her from damage.
magical.pngDiamond Dust
Phase 3.jpg
ice.png No No -
Freezes everyone in ice and breaks it to deal massive damage.

*Status Effects and Ailments Guide

Best Characters for This Boss

Available Characters

Cloud IconCloud Aerith IconAerith

If you do the fight in Chapter 8, Cloud and Aerith can be used.

Best Equipment for Characters

Note: The setup below is for when you fight Shiva in Chapter 8. If you are in a later chapter and already have better equipment and materia, use those instead.

Cloud Icon.jpegCloud Role: Attacker
Weapon: Buster Sword
Armor: Caliginous Bracelet
Accessory: Power Wristguards
Aerith Icon.jpegAerith Role: Red Mage
Weapon: Silver Staff
Armor: Mythril Armlet
Accessory: Crescent Moon Charm

Best Materia for Cloud

Weapon (3 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Yeah, that's it, you just equip Ice + Elemental materias on your armor and you can use this fight to practice whatever combos or attacks you want, especially if your Elemental materia is at least level 2. Summon Ifrit if you are already getting bored to quickly finish the fight.

Best Materia for Aerith

Weapon (3 Slots)
Armor (2 Slots)

Set an Arcane Ward first if you are going to cast Fire (or higher). You might need to heal Cloud if your Elemental materia is still level 1 so save up ATB charges just in case.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Shiva

Walkthrough Checklist

Wait Until Aerith Rejoins

It is possible to fight Shiva right after Aerith leaves your party in Chapter 8, but we recommend waiting to do the battle until you have her back in your party unless you are looking for a challenge. Aerith's Arcane Ward lets magic be cast a second time for free when within it so this can be taken advantage of to save ATB and MP.

Use Fire to Stagger Shiva

Shiva Stagger.jpg
Like always, Shiva is weak to Fire, so blast her every chance you get. She also has a Lesser Resistance to Physical attacks, so magic is definitely the way to go.

Summon Ifrit as Soon as Possible

Not only will having another unit to take some heat help you a lot, Ifrit is also perfect for Shiva's Fire weakness.

Increase Your Ice Resistance

Elemental Materia.png
Equipping the Elemental Materia and Ice Materia together in the linked slots of your armor like the Mythril Armlet will reduce the amount of damage you take from Shiva tremendously. If you missed out on the Elemental Materia, try to boost your Magic Defense as much as possible.

Take Out Her Frost Familiars

Frost Familiars.jpg
When Shiva uses Frost Familiars, she will summon three ice orbs that will negate magic damage. Instead of wasting MP and ATB, switch to physical attacks until they disappear.

Keep Your Health Above 50%

Diamond Dust.png
When Shiva has around 25% health left, she will use her ultimate attack, Diamond Dust. This can deal more than 1000 damage and instantly end the fight if you're not adaquetly prepared.

Shiva: Hard Mode Guide

Link Elemental and Ice

Just like on Normal Mode, equipping Ice and Elemental on your armor will prevent Shiva's attacks from doing damage to you at level 3. On Hard Mode your goal is to take the least damage and use as little MP as possible so preventing her from dealing damage will help you a lot in this gauntlet.

Super Boss Fight Guide

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8 Anonymousalmost 2 years

she was using her ice summons. Each Fira hit gets soaked by one of her summons. You have to wait it out.

7 Anonymousabout 3 years

Half way through the fight Fira stopped working.... I used it at least 4 times with it having no effect. I don’t know if it was a glitch or what but it was REALLY annoying....


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