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This is a guide for Status Effects and Ailments in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to learn the various types of buffs and debuffs in the game and how to apply or cure them.

Status Ailment Effects (Debuffs)

List of Status Ailments and Effects

Status Ailments are negative effects afflicted by enemies. The negative effect will disappear over time. Do note that you can remove them right away by using recovery items like Antidotes or the Cleansing Materia.

State Change Effect / How to Cure
Poison.pngPoison Gradually saps HP
Cure: Poisona, Esuna, Antidote, Remedy
Silence.pngSilence Unable to cast spells
Cure: Esuna (From another character), Echo Mist, Remedy
Sleep.pngSleep Unable to act
Cure: Esuna, Smelling Salts, Remedy
Slow.pngSlow Decrease the rate at which the ATB gauge fills
Cure: Esuna, Haste, Remedy
Stop.pngStop Unable to act
Cure: Esuna, Remedy
Toad.pngToad Greatly lowers battle capabilities
Cure: Esuna, Maiden's Kiss, Remedy
Berserk.pngBerserk Exchange defense for strength (more damage is dealt and received)
Cure: Esuna, Remedy
Fury.pngFury Quickens limit break gauge charge, but takes more damage
Cure: Esuna, Sedative, Remedy
Sedate.pngSedate Takes less damage, but slows limit break gauge charge
Cure: Esuna, Adrenaline, Elixir

Some accessories prevent Status Ailments

Status Ailments such as Sleep, Stop, and Poison are detrimental to you in battle. When selecting accessories, It is best to use one that prevents Status Ailments to protect your character.

For example, you can equip a Star Pendant or a Headband to gain Poison or Sleep immunity, respectively. Make sure to change them according to the enemy you are about to be going up against.

List of Accessories

Best Status Ailment Materia

Make use of Bio

Status Ailments are powerful as they both affect allies and enemies alike. Bio (Poison Materia) deals continuous damage that hits any enemy. Thus, Bio is the best choice among all negative status ailments to inflict.

How to Get Poison Materia

Sleep is one of the best spells

Sleep (Binding Materia) is a powerful spell that is highly useful in battle, as it prevents foes from executing any harmful action until awakened. However, it is necessary to check in advance whether it will work against an enemy by using the Assess Materia (this is true of all status ailments).

How to Get Assess Materia

Beneficial Status Effects (Buffs)

List of Buff and Effects

Beneficial Status Effects provide buffs to Characters. Using buffs help you increase your survivability in battle.

State Change Effect / How to Apply
Regen.pngRegen Gradually restores HP
How to cast: Regen Spell (Healing Materia Level 3)
Barrier.pngBarrier Reduces physical damage taken
How to cast: Barrier Spell (Barrier Materia Level 1)
Manaward.pngManaward Reduces magic damage taken
How to cast: Manaward Spell (Barrier Materia Level 2)
Shield.pngShield Nullifies physical damage taken
Reflect.pngReflect Reflects magic spells
Haste.pngHaste Quickens the rate at which the ATB gauge fills
How to cast: Haste Spell (Time Materia Level 1), Celeris (Item)
Resist.pngResist Prevents status ailments
How to cast: Resist Spell (Cleansing Materia Level 3)
Auto-Life.pngAuto-Life Revives target from incapacitation once during battle
How to cast: Equip Revival Earrings

Best Beneficial Status Materia

Haste is good any situation

Haste (Time Materia) increases the rate at which the ATB gauge fills. It is a very convenient and helpful spell that you can use in any situation, especially in cases where the battle extends for a long time.

How to Get Time Materia

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