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Feh Channel April 2021 Fire Emblem Heroes

This is a summary on the Feh Channel video released April 25, 2021. Read on to learn about Golden Week, Legendary Hero Remix, CYL Banners, My Summoner changes, and other features announced in this update!

Latest Feh Channel Information - [4/25]

Tweet Information

Date and Time of Release

Release Date 4/25/2021 8:00PM PT
Stream Link YouTube: Feh Channel, April 25

Summary of Contents

  • Golden Week Log-In Bonus
  • Choose Your Legends Hero Fests
  • Golden Week Quests and 24 Free Summons
  • Feh's Quiz Event
  • New Legendary Hero: Sigurd
  • Legendary Hero Remix: Power-ups to Legendary Ryoma and Gunnthrá
  • My Summoner and Mjölnir's Strike Updates
  • Reserve Barracks

Feh Channel April 2021 Fire Emblem Heroes

The summary in the Feh Channel itself

Golden Week Log-In Bonus!

Feh Channel April 2021 Fire Emblem Heroes

Summoners will be awarded by a huge pool of resources if they log-in each day during Golden Week! Don't miss out as these are scarce resources given the volume of units currently in the game.

Don't forget to check-in daily! -Feh, Messenger Bird

Hero Fest : CYL Banners

Hero Fest CYL Banners April 2021 FEH

Brave Heroes or units from Choose Your Legends banners are one of the most sought for pieces in the game, and we have a chance to nab one or two of 'em in these coming weeks! Good luck pulling on these banners, Summoners! Watch out for Brave Hector and Brave Edelgard as they are units that heavily influence the meta of today.

This is a great opportunity to fill your barracks with powerful allies -Feh, Messenger Bird

Golden Week Quests: 24 Free Summons!

Brave Heroes Golden Week

That's right, Summoners! If you include the free summon we get on each banner, we will be having 24 free summons across all CYL banners!

This is thanks to the Golden Week Quests that are pretty easy to complete and they give us 20 Free Summoning Tickets. The quests are pretty easy as you only need sword units with varying movement classes to KO even the weakest of foes! It can be done under an hour if you spend Stamina on the current run of Tempest Trials+.

Feh's Quiz Event


Feh, Messenger Bird is holding another quiz on Twitter! Summoners will be rewarded with Divine Codes and Orbs if we perform well so make sure to participate! Above is an embedded tweet of the first question! We won't spoil the fun by providing you with the answers, Summoners! Best of luck. If you find the question hard, perhaps you can interact with other Summoners on the Twitter space!

New Legendary Hero: Sigurd

Legendary Sigurd FEH Fire Emblem Heroes

Legendary Sigurd Skills

A new Legendary Hero has been announced! Joining his son, Seliph in the Legendary Heroes pool, is Legendary Sigurd! Not much has been revealed yet, but we now know his exclusive weapon and exclusive Special skill! More info on Legendary Sigurd soon. Stay tuned, Summoners!

Legendary Sigurd Best IVs and Builds

Legendary Hero Remix: Legendary Ryoma and Gunnthrá

Legendary Ryoma and Gunnthra

Legendary Gunnthra Chilling Seal II Skills

Gunnthrá Best IVs and Builds

Legendary Ryoma Bushido II Skills

Legendary Ryoma Best IVs and Builds

Similar to Legendary Ike and Fjorm, Legendary Ryoma and Gunnthrá will receive buffs in the form of upgraded skills! Congrats to fans of both of these units!

My Summoner Updates

My Summoner Weapon Type Additions FEH April 2021

My Summoner (Kiran) will now get access to 6 new weapon types! This is not only fun, but it will also improve the flexibility of your defenses in Mjolnir's Strike. This also means that the variety of the builds Kiran can run has significantly increased!

Have fun, Summoners!

New base looks for My Summoner

New My Summoner Looks FEH

Players also get access to new base looks choices on their My Summoner!

Mjölnir's Strike quests


Test out the new looks and weapons, and you'll get rewarded with Divine Codes!

Auto create feature added

Auto Create Defense Mjolnir

An automated feature to maximize your scoring potential in Mjolnir's Strike has been added! Use it if you do not want to bother preparing a defense team.

It will be easier to include the appropriate Mythic hero for each season -Feh, Messenger Bird

My Summoner can now participate in the Aether Resort!

My Summoner Aether Resort FEH

More fun!

Reserve Barracks

Reserve Barracks Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Reserves Fire Emblem Heroes.png

A new feature has been added to allow you to keep more heroes in the Barracks! These are called the new Reserve Barracks feature. The more, the merrier!

You won't need to part ways with heroes, just because you've ran out of room in your normal Barracks! -Feh, Messenger Bird

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