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Blazing Wind: Best Fodder, Best Units to Inherit

Here you can see how to get Blazing Wind, a special skill in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Check out Blazing Wind, Blazing Wind's effects, units with Blazing Wind, as well as Inherit Skill Information!

Blazing Wind Effect and Basic Information

Basic Information

Blazing Wind
Cooldown 4
Effect Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near target take damage equal to 1.5x (unit’s Atk minus foe’s Def or Res).
Required SP 300 (450 if inherited)
Sacred Seal None
Effected Area Blazing Wind Range

Calculation of Special Damage

Weapon Advantage Effect Before Combat Effect During Combat Effect
no yes no

Skill Family

Rising Wind Fire Emblem Heroes FEHRising Wind Growing Wind Fire Emblem Heroes FEHGrowing Wind Blazing Wind Fire Emblem Heroes FEHBlazing Wind

Blazing Wind Rating

Rating 8.0/10.0 Ranking B Rank

Inherit Skill Restrictions for Blazing Wind

Units able to Inherit Blazing Wind

Inheritable? Move Type that can Inherit this Skill
Yes All Move Types
Weapon Type that can Inherit this Skill
FEH Staff Non-Staff Units

Units who have Blazing Wind as Fodder

Hero Name Learns At
FEH icon Navarre 4★
FEH icon Soleil 4★
FEH icon Naesala 4★
FEH icon Iago 4★
FEH icon Sedgar 4★
FEH icon Matthis 4★
FEH icon Hinoka 5★
FEH icon Green Tome Olwen 5★
FEH icon Igrene 5★
FEH icon Legendary Dimitri 5★
FEH icon Ascended Ced 5★
FEH icon Rearmed Sonya 5★
FEH icon Nabata Igrene 5★

Which Units Should Inherit?

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