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This is a walkthrough for the Tactics Drill Tireless Support (Grandmaster 80), for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). For a step-by-step solution on how to beat this map, please read on.

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Grandmaster 80: Tireless Support

Tireless Support Grandmaster 80 Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Win Conditions Clear Within 7 Phases
Reward for First Clear
Hero Feather Icon Hero Feather × 300

Party Members

Jorge IconJorge Apotheosis Anna IconApotheosis Anna Wrys IconWrys Merlinus IconMerlinus


    Turn 1
  1. Move Merlinus 1 space right and 1 space up and attack the Lance Fighter.
  2. Move Anna 2 spaces up and take out the Lance Fighter.
  3. Move Wrys 1 space right and attack the Sword Fighter.
  4. Use Jorge to take out the Lance Fighter next to the Sword Fighter.
  5. Turn 2
  6. Move Merlinus 2 spaces up and 1 space left, and attack the Sword Fighter.
  7. Teleport Anna to Merlinus's left side and take out the Sword Fighter.
  8. Move Jorge 1 space right and take out the Green Fafnir.
  9. Move Wrys 1 space down and heal Jorge.
  10. Turn 3
  11. Move Jorge 1 space right and 1 space up, then take out the Axe Dragon.
  12. Move Merlinus 2 spaces left and take out the Green Tome Cavalier .
  13. Teleport Anna to Wrys's left side and use her Assist Skill on Wrys.
  14. Move Wrys 2 spaces right and heal Jorge.
  15. Turn 4
  16. Move Merlinus 1 space left and use Reposition on Anna.
  17. Heal Anna using Wrys.
  18. Teleport Anna 1 space above Jorge and take out the Lance Knight.
  19. Finally, move Jorge 1 space right and take out the Blue Mage.

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