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Saints Row (2022)
Saints Row (2022), also known as Saints Row 5, is the reboot of Deep Silver's franchise, featuring a whole new crew and their story in Santo Ileso. Learn all there is to know about this upcoming reboot, including the release date, editions, tips and tricks to help you get started, and more here!

Latest News and Info

Update 1.1.4 Live on PC and Playstation!

Update 1.1.4 went live at 8:00 PM ET on PC via Epic Launcher, while the Playstation version of Update 1.1.4 was released at 11:00 PM ET on August 27, 2022. There is still no confirmation on the Xbox version's release date.

Patch Size

Platform Size
PC ~ 5GB
PS ~ 15GB
Xbox ~ 5GB

Patch Notes Summary

Patch Notes Highlights
General ・Animation bug fixes
・Localization fixes
Riding Shotgun re-balanced on Sensei difficulty
PC ・Fixed issues when launching on DX12
PS Adaptive triggers are temporarily disabled

Update 1.1.4 Full Patch Notes

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Latest News and Info


Missions Partial

List of Missions

All Mission Types

All Walkthroughs
Main MissionsAll Main Missions Side MissionsSide Hustles
List of Criminal VenturesAll Criminal Ventures All Wanted MissionsAll Wanted Missions

Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

Saints Row - Tips and Tricks Partial
Beginner's Guide

Tips and Tricks Guides

Tips and Tricks Guides
Saints Row - Vehicle CustomizationVehicle Customization Saints Row - Best Boss Factory CreationsBest Boss Factory Creations
Saints Row (2022) - Weapon CustomizationWeapon Customization Saints Row - Multiplayer GuideMultiplayer Guide
Saints Row - Character Creation GuideCharacter Creation Guide Saints Row - Trophy GuideTrophies & Achievements
Saints Row - How to Farm MoneyHow to Farm Money Saints Row - How to Unlock Vehicle DeliveryHow to Unlock Vehicle Delivery
Saints Row - Barrel RollHow To Do a Barrel Roll Saints Row - Fast TravelAll Fast Travel Locations
Saints Row - Leveling GuideLeveling Guide Saints Row - Best Skills and LoadoutsBest Skills and Loadouts
Saints Row - Car to WingsuitHow to Do Car to Wingsuit Saints Row - Best PerksBest Perks
Saints Row - Empire Table GuideEmpire Table Guide Saints Row - How to Rob Armored TrucksHow to Rob Armored Trucks
Saints Row - Notoriety GuideHow to Lose and Gain Notoriety Saints Row - How to Change Time of DayHow to Change the Time of Day
Saints Row - Pinwheel ChallengesAll Pinwheel Vehicle Challenges Post Game Content and 100% Completion GuidePost Game Content and 100% Completion Guide
Saints Row - Best WeaponsBest Weapons Saints Row - PC TrophiesAll PC Achievements
Saints Row - Best VehiclesBest Vehicles Saints Row - Best VenturesBest Ventures
Saints Row - How to Get Dustlander WeaponsHow to Get Dustlander Weapons How to 360 SpinHow to Do a 360 Spin
Saints Row - How to Unlock AI DriverHow to Unlock AI Driver Saints Row - What is the Max LevelWhat Is the Max Level?
Saints Row - Best Settings and Recommended DifficultyBest Settings and Recommended Difficulty Saints Row - How to Claim the Idols Anarchy PackHow to Claim the Idols Anarchy Pack
Saints Row - How to Unlock the HelipadHow to Unlock the Helipad Saints Row - How to Unlock the Boat DockHow to Unlock the Boat Dock
Saints Row - How to Unlock and Use the WingsuitHow to Unlock and Use the Wingsuit Saints Row - How to Get More AmmoHow to Get More Ammo
Saints Row - How to Unlock the PlaylistHow to Unlock the Playlist Saints Row - How to Change Weapons Partial TemplateHow to Change Weapons
Saints Row - Weapon Visual Mods.pngAll Weapon Visual Mods and How to Get Saints Row - All Emotes, Gestures, and Dances PartialAll Emotes, Gestures, and Dances

Locations and Maps

Saints Row - Locations and Maps

List of Locations and Maps

All Locations By Type

All Activities Locations
All Discovery Locations All Store Locations
All Side Hustle Locations All Threat Locations
All Collectibles Locations -

All Discovery Types

All Discovery Locations & Guides
All Hidden Histories All Shooting Galleries
All Pinwheel Challenges All Photo Hunt Locations

All Locations By Territory

Idols Territory
Monte Vista Marina West Marina East
Old Town Shoreline Old Town West Old Town East
Los Panteros Territory
West Providencia East Providencia Mercado
Smelterville West Smelterville East -
Marshall Territory
Lakeshore North Lakeshore South El Dorado
West Flats East Flats -
Kavanagh Country Territory
Lake Sabastian Rojas Desert North Rojas Desert South
Badlands North Badlands South -


Saints Row - Challenges Partial Banner.png
List of Challenges and Rewards

All Challenge Guides
Sightseer Close Call You Are Already Dead
Disturb the Peace The Traveler Bright Future
JimRob's The Collective Nothing Stronger Than Family
Lost Wheels Arm Yourself Van Vandal
Castle Kraken So Anyway I Started Blasting Chalupacabra
Marshall Law Take Care of Business Wing It
Wreckless Driving The Old Ball and Chain Death by 1000 Darts
Badlands Badass Shots Fired First Strike Dojo
Kart Life Cop the Cops Tanks for Playing
Cutting Edge Desert Daredevil Pace Car
Arm Day Laundromat The Most Dangerous Game
Cranked Eurekabator! The Tourist
Off-Roading Fight Fire with Fire Downtown Daredevil
Agent of Chaos Fiestivities Fists of Fury
Fashionable Gang Ganking They See Me Rolein'
Finish 'Em! Have at Them, Boys This Party's Over
Hope You're Insured Muscle the Muscle I Can See My House
It's a Living Drive Me to the Moon Feeling Perky
Let's Pretend Target Practice Tax Payer Dollars at Work
Jack of All Cars I Know a Shortcut The Big One
Insult to Injury WUZYERZ Repo Out to Launch
Terminal Velocity Planet Saints Globetrotter
KAKTS Radio Notorious Shots Shots Shots
Santo Ileso's Most Wanted SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Shady Oaks
Nice Shootin' Tex SUNDAY

This section is currently under construction. Check back later for updates!


Saints Row - Weapons Partial.png
List of All Weapons

All Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
Rifles Shotguns Melee Weapons
Pistols SMGs Big Guns
Special Weapons


Vehicles Category Partial

List of Vehicles

All Vehicles

All Vehicles
List of Cars and BikesCars & Bikes List of AircraftAircraft List of BoatsBoats

All Pinwheel Vehicle Challenges

All Pinwheel Vehicle Challenges
A Bike Wrapped in Mystery Bones of the Kavanagh County Forgotten Prototype
Ghost of the Frying Dutchman Lost Conspiracies Lost Dust Buggy

Signature Abilities

Signature Abilities partial.png
List of All Signature Abilities

All Signature Ability Types

All Signature Ability Types
Weapons Vehicles


Saints Row - Characters

List of All Characters

All Saints Row (2022) Characters

The Saints
BossBoss KevinKevin EliEli
NeenahNeenah SnickerdoodleSnickerdoodle -
Faction Leaders
Atticus MarshallAtticus Marshall The CollectiveThe Collective Sergio VelezSergio Velez
The NahualliThe Nahualli - -
Other Characters
Myra StarrMyra Starr GwenGwen Sgt. VicarioSgt. Vicario
Amanda RollinsAmanda Rollins JR (Jim Rob)JR (Jim Rob) Edith HuntEdith Hunt
Spike RooseveltSpike Roosevelt Lore MasterLore Master Tamira BowensTamira Bowens
Chloe MorrisChloe Morris JackJack Joannie UtahJoannie Utah
WinstonWinston The SenseiThe Sensei Vivian HuangVivian Huang
ChuyChuy Jersey DanJersey Dan Dust KingThe Dust King
SylviaSylvia Doc KetchumDoc Ketchum Antonio EspinaAntonio Espina
BarbBarb HawkHawk The AssociateThe Associate
EmilioEmilio Chalupa JimmyChalupa Jimmy Chalupa LouChalupa Lou
Chalupa PatChalupa Pat Chalupa TerryChalupa Terry -

Gangs and Factions

Saints Row - Gangs and Factions
List of All Gangs and Factions

All Gangs and Factions

The SaintsThe Saints Marshall Defense IndustriesMarshall Defense Industries
The IdolsThe Idols Los PanterosLos Panteros

About Saints Row (2022)

Product Information

Saints Row Cover Art
Price $59.99 - $99.99
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC (Epic Games Store)
Genre Action, Adventure
Publisher Deep Silver Volition
Official Site

New Game, New Saints

Saints Row (2022) - The Saints
The reboot comes with an entirely new crew! You play as the Boss, the leader of the Saints and a former employee of the Marshall Defense Industries. The rest of the saints comprise of Kevin, Eli, and Neenah — each with

Explore Santo Ileso

Saints Row (2022) - Santo Ileso
Santo Ileso is home to a varied cast of eccentric characters and dangerous gangs. Explore the city in style via vehicles and all the goodies you can expect from a huge sandbox RPG!

Extensive Customization Options

Saints Row (2022) - Player Customization
From your character to your guns, Saints Row (2022) offers robust customization options for almost anything you acquire as you uncover its story and explore Santo Ileso.

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