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This is a guide for The Bell in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn more about where to find and how to kill this Order of The Ancients member.

How to Unlock The Bell?

To Serve The Light - Order of The Ancients
To unlock The Bell, also known as Beneseck of Bath, in the Order tab, you'll need to obtain Two Clues.

You can get the First Clue by killing the Billhook.

The clue obtained from here will point you to the Embert Blockade, southwest of Cicestre Abbey. You'll find the clue in a building near the entrance of the Blockade. Be careful when entering this area because there are a number of guards.

Embert Blockade Clue Location
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This will unlock The Bell in the Order tab and will reveal their location.

Where to Find The Bell?

Location At the cemetery of Brimcliff Monastery in the southern border of Suthsexe

How to Kill The Bell?

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While it is possible to reach The Bell by fighting the enemies in Brimcliff Monastery on your own, there are two other options you can take that will make this quest easier.

You can do a Raid on the monastery with your fellow vikings. They will keep the guards busy, allowing you to assassinate The Bell.

You can also use stealth to reach The Bell.

Stealth Guide

Approach the monastery from the cliffside.
Drop down to its roof.
On the roof, look to the far right side of the building. You'll spot The Bell from there.
Drop down to the bushes in front of you.
There should be a clear path to assassinating The Bell.
Guards nearby will be alerted, but you can just escape the way you came.

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