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This page is about the Paralogue 29 Story Maps in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on if you would like more information about the quests and enemies within this Paralogue.

Paralogue 29-1: Fire and Ice

Paralogue 29-1 mapEnlarge Enemy Weapon Types
Green bow img Lance img Sword img Axe img
Walkthrough Recommended Level Stamina
Paralogue 29-1 (Lunatic) 40 10
Paralogue 29-1 (Hard) 30 8
Paralogue 29-1 (Normal) 5 2

Paralogue 29-2: Ice and Fire

Paralogue 29-2 mapEnlarge Enemy Weapon Types
Staff img Colorless bow img Sword img Blue Dagger img
Walkthrough Recommended Level Stamina
Paralogue 29-2 (Lunatic) 40+ 10
Paralogue 29-2 (Hard) 32 9
Paralogue 29-2 (Normal) 7 4

Paralogue 29-3: Joined in a Wish

Paralogue 29-3 mapEnlarge Enemy Weapon Types
Staff img Green bow img Sword img Lance img Sword img
Walkthrough Recommended Level Stamina
Paralogue 29-3 (Lunatic) 40+ 10
Paralogue 29-3 (Hard) 35 10
Paralogue 29-3 (Normal) 10 5

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