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How to Check Demon’s Souls Patch Notes

This guide will show you how to check the patch notes in Demon's Souls Remake for the PS5. Read on to learn more about the latest updates in the game.

Latest Updates on Demon's Souls

The content of the update has not been announced at this time. However, according to the official Twitter account of Blue Point Games, the remake's developer, the patch will be fixing some stability issues. Check out their Twitter account for future updates.

Also, the Gold Coin Luck glitch that has been buzzing among players is currently being fixed, so expect a fix for that soon.

Blue Point Games' Official Statement

New Changes

We don’t know exactly what was changed with the patch, but based on our own experimentation, we found out that we were no longer able to use the shortcut in 3-2. We tried multiple times and we were unable to get through so if there happens to be anyone that was still able to use it, please leave a comment!

How Do I Check for Updates?

The game will update automatically if you are connected to the internet. But to make sure, press the PS Home button to see if there's a prompt for an update.

If you do not want to receive the update, just the play the game without connecting to the internet or refuse the update.

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How to Check Demon’s Souls Patch Notes


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