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Orichalcum Material - How to Get and Craftable Items

Orichalcum is a Material in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn where Orichalcum can be found and what Weapons and Equipment can be crafted with it.

Orichalcum - Basic Information

Buy Price Sell Price

How to Get Orichalcum

Dungeons Containing Orichalcum

Dungeon Cycle
Lynari Desert Cycle 3 & Boss
Rebena Te Ra Boss
Conall Curach All
Kilanda Boss
Selepation Cave Boss
Daemon's Court Boss
Veo Lu Sluice Boss
Moschet Manor Boss
Tida Boss
The Mine of Cathuriges Boss
The Mushroom Forest Boss
River Belle Path Boss
Goblin Wall Boss
Falling Leaves Path Treasure Chest
Toadstool Forest Treasure Chest
Oblivion Village Treasure Chest
Boss Dungeon Set
Gigas Lord ImageGigas Lord Moschet Manor 6
Giant Crab ImageGiant Crab River Belle Path 7
Malboro ImageMalboro The Mushroom Forest 6
Orc King ImageOrc King The Mine of Cathuriges 6
Armstrong ImageArmstrong Tida 6
Golem ImageGolem Veo Lu Sluice 6
Lizardman King ImageLizardman King Daemon's Court 6
Cave Worm ImageCave Worm Selepation Cave 6
Iron Giant ImageIron Giant Kilanda 6
Dragon Zombie ImageDragon Zombie Conall Curach 6
Lich ImageLich Rebena Te Ra 6
Antlion ImageAntlion Lynari Desert 6

Items Craftable with Orichalcum


Name Strength Scroll
Ultima Maul
35 Greatest Weapon
Queen's Heel
33 Legendary Weapon
35 Lunar Weapon
Ultima Hammer
35 Greatest Weapon
Mystic Hammer
35 Legendary Weapon
Ultima Lance
35 Greatest Weapon
40 Celestial Weapon
35 Legendary Weapon
Dragoon's Spear
33 Hero's Weapon
Ultima Sword
35 Greatest Weapon
35 Dark Weapon
33 Legendary Weapon
Chronicle Sword
33 Beginnings Weapon
Chronicle Lance
33 Beginnings Weapon
Chronicle Leaf
33 Beginnings Weapon
Chronicle Bird
33 Beginnings Weapon
Acies Fang
33 Noble Weapon
Acies Lance
33 Noble Weapon
Acies Blaster
33 Noble Weapon
Acies Horn
33 Noble Weapon


Name Defense Effect
Force Ring - Resist attack +1
Diamond Belt 22 -
Diamond Helm 22 -
Diamond Armlets 22 -
Diamond Shield 22 -
Chocobo Shield 25 -
Gaia Plate 30 -
Diamond Plate 27 -

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