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Iron is a Material in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn where Iron can be found and what Weapons and Equipment can be crafted with it.

Iron - Basic Information

Buy Price Sell Price
500 125

How to Get Iron

Dungeons Containing Iron

Dungeon Cycle
Conall Curach Cycle 1 & 2
Kilanda Cycle 1 & 2
Daemon's Court Cycle 1
Moschet Manor Cycle 1
Tida Cycle 1 & 2
The Mine of Cathuriges Cycle 1 & 2
The Mushroom Forest Cycle 2
River Belle Path Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss
Goblin Wall Cycle 1 & 2

Towns Selling title

Town Seller Name
Marr's Pass
Selkie Peddlers
Selkie Peddlers
The Fields of Fum
Selkie Peddlers
Shop A
(Merchant Lv0 or higher)
Merchant Home Job
Boss Dungeon Set
Giant Crab ImageGiant Crab River Belle Path 3
Giant Crab ImageGiant Crab River Belle Path 4

Items Craftable with Iron


Name Strength Focus Attack
Steel Cudgel
32 Stampede
Solid Racket
20 Stampede
Prism Bludgeon
31 Dual Blast
Dual Shooter
25 Dual Blast
Wave Hammer
20 Wave Bomb
Sonic Hammer
32 Wave Bomb
Rune Hammer
25 Shock Bomb
Prism Hammer
31 Shock Bomb
Sonic Lance
25 Avalanche
20 Psi Blast
31 Avalanche
32 Psi Blast
Steel Blade
25 Bash
Iron Sword
20 Piercing Sweep
31 Bash
Bastard Sword
32 Piercing Sweep


Name Defense Effect
Eagle Goggles - Focus Attack range +20
Storm Sash 17 Resist Lightning +1
Iron Belt 12 -
Frost Sash 17 Resist Ice +1
Flame Sash 17 Resist Fire +1
Storm Helm 17 Resist Lightning +1
Iron Helm 12 -
Frost Helm 17 Resist Ice +1
Flame Helm 17 Resist Fire +1
Storm Armlets 17 Resist Lightning +1
Iron Gauntlets 12 -
Frost Armlets 17 Resist Ice +1
Flame Armlets 17 Resist Fire +1
Storm Shield 17 Resist Lightning +1
Iron Shield 10 -
Frost Shield 17 Resist Ice +1
Flame Shield 17 Resist Fire +1
Storm Mail 24 Resist Lightning +1
Iron Plate 17 -
Frost Mail 24 Resist Ice +1
Flame Mail 24 Resist Fire +1

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White Coral White Fur White Veil

List of All Items and Item Types

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