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This is the 2nd edition of the monthly blog about changes in the meta for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). To know about any units that defined this month's meta and any other game changes, read on!


Shared Bounty BannerWho Should You Pull From Shared Bounty?
Sothis - Bound-Spirit Duo IconHalloween Sothis
Rhea - Witch of Creation IconHalloween Rhea
Kurthnaga - Autumn Goldoan IconHalloween Kurthnaga
Robin - Fall Reincarnation IconHalloween Robin (M)

New Mythic or Legendary

New Mythic/Legendary Hero
Ótr - Kingsbrother IconÓtr

Are they meta defining?

Ótr is a new Anima Mythic Hero that was introduced at the end of September 2021.

A hard-hitting tanky unit, he is actually a good counter against the best tank in the game, Brave Hector.

However, outside of Anima season and his bonus week in the Arena, we don't think he'll be a very common sight.

Finally, the release of Halloween Sothis has increased the threshold for securing Tier 21 in Arena, as her Duel effect sits at 195 compared to previous Duo units who had 190 or less.

This sets the bar higher for future Duo heroes, whom we expect to also have 195 scoring Duel effects.

New Resplendents

9/25 to 10/10 10/10 to 10/25
Sothe - ZephyrSothe Shanna - Sprightly FlierShanna

Meta Changes


Expect another four weeks of Water season, with the secondary season rotating between the other three each week.

The Aether Raids seasons rotate as usual every week.


Meta Units

Meta Units
Chrom - Crowned Exalt IconLegendary Chrom
Edelgard - Hegemon Husk IconFallen Edelgard

The meta units still continue on with this Water season with Legendary Chrom and of course, Fallen Edelgard.

Expect these units to continue being staples in the four weeks of Water season, though in the case of Fallen Edelgard, she'll likely be a mainstay in the Arena for a long while.

Remember to play around Legendary Chrom's To Change Fate! assist skill by staying out of the enemy's danger area after their movement!

How to Counter

Legendary Byleth M Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png Micaiah Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.pngNinja Hana Chibi.png

As we mentioned in our last Meta Update, units like Legendary Byleth (M) and all versions of Micaiah are effective against Fallen Edelgard.

Legendary Chrom can be dealt with by a fast green unit such as Ninja Hana, or a player phase oriented green unit like Legendary Byleth (M) mentioned above.

With the release of Ótr, he is actually a good candidate to being able to take out both our meta units with the right investment.

Aether Raids

Meta Defining Changes

Otr Chibi.png

The Aether Raids meta has not changed since our last Meta Update. The three main strategies of Tanking, Galeforce, and Hit and Run are still the ways to go to secure your lift gain.

However, the release of Ótr as an Anima Mythic hero has provided defense teams with a new tool to help deal with Brave Hector tanking strategies.

Ótr and his pre-charged Brutal Shell will punch through Brave Hector and either leave him severely wounded for the rest of Ótr's team to follow up, or just outright kill him.

Additionally, the current week (October 5 to October 11) is Duma bonus week, and the following week (October 12 to October 18) is Catapult bonus week.

Ensure your Safety Fence on offense and your Duo's Hindrance on defense are where you want them to be to dodge the effects of these anti-structure options.

How to Counter

Safety Fence Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.pngEven Pulse Tie 3.png

Ótr's pre-charged Brutal Shell may be a significant thorn for Brave Hector tanking strategies, but thankfully, a simple counter already exists and is quite available to all players.

Even Pulse Tie 3 is available both with the newly released Halloween Kurthnaga and through using Divine Codes 2 to acquire a Nils combat manual.

Using your Safety Fence and Even Pulse Tie 3 on one of your support units, you can safely wait out turn one and have Even Pulse Tie 3 lower Ótr's Special cooldown charge by 2 on the following turn, turning off his Brutal Shell and reducing his killing potential significantly.

Ótr, being a Mythic Hero, does not receive blessing bonuses from the other Mythic heroes on his team. He should have the lowest HP total among his team, triggering Even Pulse Tie 3 on him and not on any of his allies.

Remember to check the position of your Safety Fence, especially for the current week (October 5 to October 11) as Duma is a bonus unit this week!

The following week is Catapult bonus week, but since it is Light and Dark season, Ótr shouldn't show up on defense teams.

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