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Skyward Sword HD Magma Spume

This guide will show you how to beat Magma Spume, an enemy in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Magma Spume, drops for beating it, as well as strategy for beating it.

Magma Spume Basic Information

Magma Spume Basic Info.jpg
Magma Spume
Locations Eldin Volcano, Earth Temple
HP 4
Rewards None

How to Beat Magma Spume


Magma Spume strategy

How to Beat Magma Spume
Throw a bomb or attack with a Skyward Strike.

Magma Spume are hard-to-reach enemies that can be defeated by using ranged weapons such as bombs. They shoot fireballs that can easily be avoided by moving around. As it is found in Eldin Volcano, use the fiery environment to your advantage!

Instantly Explode With Bombs

Magma spume - bombs
After you get the Bomb Bag, you can throw Bombs to instantly defeat Magma Spumes. As the area is covered in lava, Bombs will explode the moment it touches the surface, so aim freely around the Magma Spume.

It will be significantly easier to defeat Magma Spumes once you get the Bow, as it is a one-shot.

Run Over With A Boulder

magma spume boulder
While you are in the Earth Temple, you will come across rolling boulders that let you traverse the lava. Running over a Magma Spume with this boulder will instantly defeat it.

Because Magma Spumes move away from you when you approach it, find a dead end where Magma Spumes cannot outrun your boulder.

Earth Temple Walkthrough


Attack Power Element Knockback
Fireball 4 Fire -

Effective Weapons and Attacks

Weapon/Skill Effectivity
Sword Skyward Strike Spin Attack Bomb
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bow Beetle Gust Bellows Clawshots
Yes Okay Okay Okay
Slingshot Whip
Okay Okay

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