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Is Rage Management Worth It?

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This page describes the effects and points required to learn Rage Management, a General Skill from the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn more about this ability and find whether it is any good or not worth investing points into.

Rage Management General Information

Rage Management Basic Information

Rage Management
Rage Management
Base Effect If your current Stamina levels are too low, Signs can be cast using Adrenaline Points.
Core Skill General
Skill Branch General
Required Branch Points 0

Is Rage Management Worth It?

Skill Ranking A Rank Icon

Rage Management is worth investing points into

As this skill has quite a few uses and can be used in several builds, we recommend building this skill. This skill will usually always come in handy, though there may be instances where you should prioritize another skill instead. If you have extra points and do not know where to invest them, this skill is a good option.

This skill is very helpful early in the game if you use your Signs a lot. Early in the game you will still have low stamina regeneration bonuses which will hinder you from casting your Signs. Also, skill will only consume a single Adrenaline Point in order to cast a Sign.


If you use a lot of Signs early in the game, you should invest in this skill. Spending a single Adrenaline Point to quickly cast a Sign is a good trade especially if you are in an emergency situation.

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