List of All Records

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Records, also known as Music Discs, are items that can be used to interact with the Jukebox. Each Record plays a different tune when loaded into a Jukebox. Read on to learn about the different records available in Minecraft and how to collect them.

List of All Records

List of Items
Music Disc 11 IconMusic Disc 11 Music Disc 13 IconMusic Disc 13 Music Disc 5 IconMusic Disc 5 Music Disc blocks IconMusic Disc blocks
Music Disc cat IconMusic Disc cat Music Disc chirp IconMusic Disc chirp Music Disc far IconMusic Disc far Music Disc mall IconMusic Disc mall
Music Disc mellohi IconMusic Disc mellohi Music Disc otherside IconMusic Disc otherside Music Disc pigstep IconMusic Disc pigstep Music Disc stal IconMusic Disc stal
Music Disc strad IconMusic Disc strad Music Disc wait IconMusic Disc wait Music Disc ward IconMusic Disc ward

Each Record or Music Disc can be used on a Jukebox to play the tune it holds.

How to Get Records

Let Skeletons Kill Creepers

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Records can be collected by letting Skeletons deal the finishing blow to Creepers. This can be tricky to set up, but having dedicated traps to catch each Mob can help secure these music discs.

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