List of All Dyes

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Some items in Minecraft can be further customized by using dyes to change their color. Read on to learn about the different dyes in Minecraft and how to use them.

List of All Dyes

List of Items
Black Dye IconBlack Dye Blue Dye IconBlue Dye Brown Dye IconBrown Dye Cyan Dye IconCyan Dye
Gray Dye IconGray Dye Green Dye IconGreen Dye Light Blue Dye IconLight Blue Dye Light Gray Dye IconLight Gray Dye
Lime Dye IconLime Dye Magenta Dye IconMagenta Dye Orange Dye IconOrange Dye Pink Dye IconPink Dye
Purple Dye IconPurple Dye Red Dye IconRed Dye White Dye IconWhite Dye Yellow Dye IconYellow Dye

How to Use Dyes

Dye Mobs to Alter Color

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Dyes can be used to alter the colors of some mobs. One of the most useful mobs to color are Sheep. Dyeing sheep a certain color changes the color of the wool they produce.

Other mobs may also be colored. Tamed Dogs and Cats will have their collars change color when dyed.

Dye Blocks to Alter Color

MC - Colored Beds and Shulker Boxes with Dye.png
Several blocks may also be dyed to alter their colors. On a Crafting table, place the color of dye you'd like in the center, surrounding it with the block you'd like colored. This works for blocks such as Glass, Glass Panes, and Terracotta.

For other blocks such as Shulker Boxes or Beds, you'll only need one dye, and one of the aforementioned items to change their colors.

Change the Color of Text on Signs

MC - Colored Signs with Dye.png

Several Oak Signs with Text dyed to the listed color.

Dyes may also be used to change the color of text on signs. Keep in mind that readability may suffer depending on the type of wood used to make the sign.

Craft Colored Concrete Powder

MC - Creating Colored Concrete Powder.png
Colored Concrete Powder is required to create colored Concrete Blocks. These are crafted with a combination of sand, gravel, and the appropriate dye.

Apply Banner Patterns on a Loom

MC - Banner Creation with Dyes and the Loom.png

Using Ink Sac to add Black Vertical Lines on a Yellow Banner

Dyes may also be used with Banners on a Loom to apply different designs and patterns. Patterns will be printed on a banner with the dye's color.
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