List of All Arrows

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Arrows are projectile items that can be shot from a Bow or a Crossbow. Standard arrows may also be tipped with special effects giving players a chance to apply buffs/debuffs from a distance. Read on to learn about the different Arrows available in Minecraft.

List of All Arrows

List of Items
Arrow IconArrow Arrow of Decay IconArrow of Decay Arrow of Fire Resistance IconArrow of Fire Resistance Arrow of Harming IconArrow of Harming
Arrow of Healing IconArrow of Healing Arrow of Invisibility IconArrow of Invisibility Arrow of Leaping IconArrow of Leaping Arrow of Luck IconArrow of Luck
Arrow of Poison IconArrow of Poison Arrow of Regeneration IconArrow of Regeneration Arrow of Slow Falling IconArrow of Slow Falling Arrow of Slowness IconArrow of Slowness
Arrow of Strength IconArrow of Strength Arrow of Swiftness IconArrow of Swiftness Arrow of the Turtle Master IconArrow of the Turtle Master Arrow of Water Breathing IconArrow of Water Breathing
Arrow of Weakness IconArrow of Weakness Spectral Arrow IconSpectral Arrow

Crafting Tipped Arrows

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Tipped Arrows are Arrows that, in addition to dealing damage, will also inflict a buff/debuff based on the Lingering Potion that was used to craft it. They're crafted using a Crafting table with the Lingering potion in the center and any number of Arrows surrounding it.
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