List of Decorations

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Decorations are items typically used for ornamentation. Paintings display set art pieces, while Item Frames and banners can be customized with designs. Read on to learn about the different Decorations available in Minecraft.

List of All Decorations

Standard Decorations

List of Items
Glow Item Frame IconGlow Item Frame Item Frame IconItem Frame Painting IconPainting

Item Frames and Glow Item Frames allow you to display different items in frames. This can be useful for labelling chests/buildings or just to display items you are proud of. Paintings will display preset artworks depending on the size of the canvas.

Banner Patterns

List of Items
Bordure Indented IconBordure Indented Creeper Charge IconCreeper Charge Field Masoned IconField Masoned Flower Charge IconFlower Charge
Globe IconGlobe Skull Charge IconSkull Charge Snout IconSnout Thing IconThing

Banner Patterns can be applied to Banners to add preset decorations on them.

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