List of All Tools

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Tools are items in Minecraft that allow you to interact with the world and other mobs in different ways. Using tools allows players to explore the world in new and better ways. Read on to learn about the different tools available in Minecraft.

List of All Tools


List of Items
Netherite Shovel IconNetherite Shovel Diamond Shovel IconDiamond Shovel Iron Shovel IconIron Shovel Stone Shovel IconStone Shovel
Wooden Shovel IconWooden Shovel Golden Shovel IconGolden Shovel

Shovels are tools that are mainly used for digging up blocks such as dirt, sand, or gravel. They can also be used to pave paths from grass and putting out campfires.


List of Items
Netherite Hoe IconNetherite Hoe Diamond Hoe IconDiamond Hoe Iron Hoe IconIron Hoe Stone Hoe IconStone Hoe
Wooden Hoe IconWooden Hoe Golden Hoe IconGolden Hoe

Hoes are tools indispensable to farming. They allow the player to till grass and dirt into farmland.


List of Items
Netherite Axe IconNetherite Axe Diamond Axe IconDiamond Axe Iron Axe IconIron Axe Stone Axe IconStone Axe
Wooden Axe IconWooden Axe Golden Axe IconGolden Axe

Axes are tools that primarily help with speeding up the chopping of wood. Axes can also be used to strip wooden logs to alter their appearance.


List of Items
Netherite Pickaxe IconNetherite Pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe IconDiamond Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe IconIron Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe IconStone Pickaxe
Wooden Pickaxe IconWooden Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe IconGolden Pickaxe

Pickaxes are tools that primarily help with speeding up mining. Compared to the rest of the tools mentioned so far, the quality of your pickaxe not only affects the speed, but it also affects whether or not a broken block can be collected after mining.

As an example, a Stone Pickaxe cannot be used to collect Diamond Ore after mining, but an Iron Pickaxe or better can.


List of Items
Bucket IconBucket Bucket of Axolotl IconBucket of Axolotl Bucket of Cod IconBucket of Cod Bucket of Pufferfish IconBucket of Pufferfish
Bucket of Salmon IconBucket of Salmon Bucket of Tadpole IconBucket of Tadpole Bucket of Tropical Fish IconBucket of Tropical Fish Lava Bucket IconLava Bucket
Powder Snow Bucket IconPowder Snow Bucket Water Bucket IconWater Bucket

Buckets can be used as containers for several liquids in the game such as water, lava, or even milk. This can be useful when moving around source blocks of these liquids, or moving around animals through buckets.


List of Items
Black Fireworks IconBlack Fireworks Blue Fireworks IconBlue Fireworks Brown Fireworks IconBrown Fireworks Cyan Fireworks IconCyan Fireworks
Firework Rocket IconFirework Rocket Gray Fireworks IconGray Fireworks Green Fireworks IconGreen Fireworks Light Blue Fireworks IconLight Blue Fireworks
Light Gray Fireworks IconLight Gray Fireworks Lime Fireworks IconLime Fireworks Magenta Fireworks IconMagenta Fireworks Orange Fireworks IconOrange Fireworks
Pink Fireworks IconPink Fireworks Purple Fireworks IconPurple Fireworks Red Fireworks IconRed Fireworks White Fireworks IconWhite Fireworks
Yellow Fireworks IconYellow Fireworks

While originally used for decorative purposes, Fireworks have additional uses such as projectile ammunition for crossbows, and a propelling force when flying with the Elytra.


List of Items
Book IconBook Book & Quill IconBook & Quill Bottle oBottle o' Enchanting Bundle IconBundle
Carrot on a Stick IconCarrot on a Stick Clock IconClock Compass IconCompass Debug Stick IconDebug Stick
Egg IconEgg Empty Locator Map IconEmpty Locator Map Empty Map IconEmpty Map Enchanted Book IconEnchanted Book
End Crystal IconEnd Crystal Fishing Rod IconFishing Rod Flint and Steel IconFlint and Steel Glass Bottle IconGlass Bottle
Goat Horn Admire IconGoat Horn Admire Goat Horn Call IconGoat Horn Call Goat Horn Feel IconGoat Horn Feel Goat Horn Ponder IconGoat Horn Ponder
Goat Horn Resist IconGoat Horn Resist Goat Horn Seek IconGoat Horn Seek Goat Horn Sing IconGoat Horn Sing Goat Horn Yearn IconGoat Horn Yearn
Lead IconLead Name Tag IconName Tag Ocean Explorer Map IconOcean Explorer Map Recovery Compass IconRecovery Compass
Saddle IconSaddle Shears IconShears Shield IconShield Snowball IconSnowball
Spyglass IconSpyglass Totem of Undying IconTotem of Undying Warped Fungus on a Stick IconWarped Fungus on a Stick Woodland Explorer Map IconWoodland Explorer Map

These miscellaneous tools have their own niche uses. Learn more about them in their respective pages.

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