List of All Transportation Items

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Transportation items allow for easier and faster traversal across the world. Read on to learn the different modes of transportation available in Minecraft.

List of All Transporation Items


List of Items
Acacia Boat IconAcacia Boat Acacia Boat with Chest IconAcacia Boat with Chest Birch Boat IconBirch Boat Birch Boat with Chest IconBirch Boat with Chest
Dark Oak Boat IconDark Oak Boat Dark Oak Boat with Chest IconDark Oak Boat with Chest Jungle Boat IconJungle Boat Jungle Boat with Chest IconJungle Boat with Chest
Mangrove Boat IconMangrove Boat Mangrove Boat with Chest IconMangrove Boat with Chest Oak Boat IconOak Boat Oak Boat with Chest IconOak Boat with Chest
Spruce Boat IconSpruce Boat Spruce Boat with Chest IconSpruce Boat with Chest

Boats help with faster travel across water. Up to two passengers can occupy a single boat which helps for moving mobs across large bodies of water.


List of Items
Minecart IconMinecart Minecart with Chest IconMinecart with Chest Minecart with Command Block IconMinecart with Command Block Minecart with Furnace IconMinecart with Furnace
Minecart with Hopper IconMinecart with Hopper Minecart with Spawner IconMinecart with Spawner Minecart with TNT IconMinecart with TNT

Minecarts help with faster land travel when on-rails. Rails may be placed by the player to set a track for the minecart to follow.

Multiple minecarts can be placed on the same rail, but only one passenger may occupy a minecart at a time.


List of Items
Elytra IconElytra

The Elytra allows players to glide and fly through the air. It is a late-game item that is worn similar to chestplates.
List of All Armor

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List of All Items

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