List of All Weapons

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Weapons are items that allow players to fight back against enemy mobs. Fighting with a weapon in hand will be better than just using your fists! Read on to learn about the different weapons available in Minecraft!

List of All Weapons


List of Items
Netherite Sword IconNetherite Sword Diamond Sword IconDiamond Sword Iron Sword IconIron Sword Stone Sword IconStone Sword
Golden Sword IconGolden Sword Wooden Sword IconWooden Sword

Swords are melee weapons that allow players to attack mobs at close range. Swords may be swung in quick succession allowing for high damage output in a short period of time. Swords made with better materials will deal more damage.

Other Weapons

List of Items
Trident IconTrident Crossbow IconCrossbow Bow IconBow

The Bow and the Crossbow are both ranged weapons allowing players to attack mobs from afar. However players will require ammunition such as arrows to shoot with. Bow and Crossbow shots have to be charged up to shoot stonger and faster.

The Trident works as both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. As a Melee weapon, it's a tad slower than a sword, but as a ranged weapon it is not slowed down in water. However, when thrown as a ranged weapon, the Trident will leave your player without a weapon until the Trident is retrieved.

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1m blocks and items and weapons and guns in Minecraft


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