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Hades 2 - Showdown at Erebus
Welcome to Game8's Hades 2 Guides Wiki, your go-to resource for mastering Hades 2. Explore weapon and boon synergies, boss battle tactics, and delve deeper into the characters Melinoe will encounter on her quest to defeat Chronos. We will act as your moonlight, guiding you for Hades 2!

Hades 2 Tips and Tricks

Hades 2 - Tips and Tricks
Beginner's Guide to Hades 2

Hades 2 Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Guides
Best Arcana to Unlock First How to Increase Grasp
How to Increase Max Health How to Increase Max Magick
Armor Guide Magick Guide and
Omega Moves
How to Level Up Boons How to Unlock the Book of Shadows
Romance and Gifting
Crossroad Guides
What Does Saluting Do? Why Didn't Fated Intervention Work?
Best Incantations to Get First List of Prophecies
Keepsakes Tier List Altar of Ashes
Broker Exchanges How to Unlock Charon's Gold Rewards Shop
Farming Guide How to Get Animal Familiars
How to Bathe How to Go to The Surface and Unseal the Wards
Chaos Trials Oath of the Unseen
Guides on Run Mechanics
Does Weather Affect the Battlefield? Door Symbols and Room Rewards
Elite Encounters Explained Path of Stars Guide: How to Power Up Hexes
Glossary of Gameplay Terms -
Settings Guides
Best Settings Is there Autosave?
God Mode Explained Controls and Combat Guide

Hades 2 Characters

Hades 2 - Characters Banner.png


Character Guides

All New and Returning Characters Best Gods Tier List

Hades 2 Characters

The Unseen
Hades 2 - MelinoeMelinoe Hades 2 - DoraDora Hades 2 - SchelemeusSchelemeus Hades 2 - Charon PlaceholderCharon
Hades 2 - NemesisNemesis Hades 2 - OdysseusOdysseus Hades 2 - HypnosHypnos Hades 2 - MorosMoros
Frinos Toula Homer -
The Gods
Hades 2 - ZeusZeus Hades 2 - HeraHera Hades 2 - PoseidonPoseidon Hades 2 - DemeterDemeter
Hades 2 - ApolloApollo Hades 2 - AphroditeAphrodite Hades 2 - HephaestusHephaestus Hades 2 - HestiaHestia
Hades 2 - ArtemisArtemis Hades 2 - HermesHermes Hades 2 - SeleneSelene Hades 2 - Chaos Chaos
Hades 2 - HecateHecate Hades 2 - ScyllaScylla Hades 2 - CerberusCerberus Hades 2 - ChronosChronos
Underworld NPCs
Hades 2 - ArachneArachne Hades 2 - NarcissusNarcissus Hades 2 - Echo IconEcho Hades 2 - HadesHades
Surface NPCs
Hades 2 - Medea PortraitMedea Hades 2 - Circe PortraitCirce Hades 2 - Heracles PortraitHeracles Hades 2 - Icarus Icarus

Hades 2 Bosses

Hades 2 - Bosses Partial Banner.png
List of All Bosses

Hades 2 Bosses

Underworld Bosses
Hades 2 - HecateHecate Hades 2 - ScyllaScylla Hades 2 - CerberusCerberus Hades 2 - ChronosChronos
Surface Bosses
Hades 2 - PolyphemusPolyphemus Hades 2 - ErisEris - -

Hades 2 Minibosses

List of Underworld Minibosses
Erebus Hades 2 - Root-StalkerRoot-Stalker Hades 2 - Shadow-SpillerShadow-Spiller
Oceanus Hades 2 - Deep SerpentDeep Serpent Hades 2 - King VerminKing Vermin
Fields of Mourning PhantomPhantom Queen LamiaQueen Lamia
Tartarus GoldwraithGoldwraith Hades 2 - The VerminancerThe Verminancer
List of Surface Minibosses
City of Ephyra Hades 2 - Satyr ChampionSatyr Champion
Rift of Thessaly Hades 2 - CharybdisCharybdis

Hades 2 Boons

Hades 2 - List of All Boons


Boon Guides

List of All Boons Best Boons
Elements and Infusion Boons Duo Boons
Legendary Boons -

Hades 2 Weapons

Hades 2 - All Weapons.png

Weapons and Nocturnal Arms

Weapons Guides

Best Weapons Tier List All Daedalus Hammer Upgrades
Aspects Guide

Nocturnal Arms

All Nocturnal Arms
Hades 2 - WitchWitch's Staff Hades 2 - Moonstone AxeMoonstone Axe Hades 2 - Weapon Umbral StaffUmbral Flames
Hades 2 - Sister BladesSister Blades Hades 2 - Sister BladesArgent Skull

Hades 2 Tools

Hades 2 - Gathering Tools
Each Tool Required for Each Resource

Hades 2 Gathering Tools

Gathering Tools
Crescent Pick Tablet of Peace
Silver Spade Rod of Fishing

Hades 2 Regions

Hades 2 - Regions
Every Region and Location

Erebus Oceanus
Fields of Mourning Asphodel
Tartarus -
City of Ephyra Rift of Thessaly

Hades 2 Items

Hades II - Items Partial Banner Template.png

List of All Items

Hades 2 News and Headlines

Hades 2 - News and Game Info

News and Game Info

Early Access is Now Live!

Hades 2 is now available in early access as of May 7th, 2024! Players will now be able to play as Melinoe in her quest to rescue her father with the help of new and familiar allies.

When is the Hades 2 Early Access?

Latest News

About Hades 2

Product Information

Hades II
by Supergiant Games
About Hades 2 Hades II is the bewitching sequel to Supergiant's rogue-like dungeon crawler, in which you'll battle beyond the Underworld using dark sorcery to take on the Titan of Time.
Release Date Early Access: Available as of May 7, 2024
Full Release: TBD
Price Early Access: 29.99 USD
Full Release: TBD
Availability ・Digitally on Steam
・Digitally on the Epic Game Store
Genre Action Rogue-Like

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