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How to Get and Use the Parry Materia


This is a page about the Parry materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Learn how to get the Parry materia, the skills learned from the Parry materia, as well as how much AP it takes to level up the Parry materia.

Parry Materia Skills and Information

Basic Information

Parry Materia
Materia Type Complete Materia
Effect Guards against enemy attacks and allows you to quickly unleash your next move. Hold R1 and press X to activate. Deals a small amount damage.
Buy Price (1st Time) 100 gil


Attack (±) Magic Attack (±) Defense (±) Magic Defense (±)
- - 1 -
Strength (±) Magic (±) Vitality (±) Spirit (±)
- - 1 -
Luck (±) Speed (±) Max HP (±) Max MP (±)
- - - -

Parry Materia Growth and Required AP

Level AP Required Acquired Skill
★1 - Use Parry
★2 500 Increase damage dealt with Parry + slight ATB boost

How to Get the Parry Materia

How to Get the Parry Materia
FF7 Remake Complete Battle Intel Report 12 (Increase stagger damage bonus to 200%) and buy from Chadley for 100 gil.
INTERmission DLC Equipped to Yuffie at the start of the game.

You can buy this materia from Chadley after you complete one of his Battle Intel Reports where you achieve 200% damage bonus after staggering an enemy. Click the link below for a list of all Battle Intel Reports and how to complete them.

List of Battle Intel Reports and Rewards

How to Use the Parry Materia

Dodge, Block, and Deal Damage

Parry with damage.jpg

If you have a Parry materia equipped on one of your materia slots, you can execute Parry during combat by holding R1 and dodging by pressing the X button while moving to a certain direction using the left analog stick.

While Parrying, you are executing a block and a dodge while also dealing minimal damage to enemies hit.

Stay on Punisher Mode After Parrying

Punisher mode after parry.jpg

Without a Parry materia, Cloud will change back to Operator Mode after he dodges while in Punisher Mode. Equip Cloud with Parry materia to make him stay on Punisher Mode even after dodging using Parry.

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1 butt0nsabout 4 years

Why do you keep saying the dodge button is "X" when the game clearly states that its "O" pressing x while blocking does the same thing as when you're not blocking, it pauses the fight and opens the command list.


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