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This is a guide to beating the Boss Ramuh in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) from the INTERmission DLC in the Intergrade PS5 version. This article explains Ramuh's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Ramuh Basic Information

Stats and Weaknesses

Ramuh Enemy Icon
Species Movement Type
Unreadable Grounded Boss


The fabled Lord of Levin recreated in a virtual space. He is said to have cast judgment on the wicked with mighty bolts of lightning and exhorted humanity to accept the ways of law and order.

Assess (Tips)

Tactical data not available.

Ramuh Stats

Easy Normal Hard
HP Currently Unknown 15576 28296

Ramuh Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness / Status Ailments Wind
Lesser Resistances -
Greater Resistances Ice, Fire
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk
Absorbed Elements Thunder


Easy/Normal Hard
Gil --- ---
AP 10 10
Exp --- ---
Items Dropped - ()
Rare Items Dropped -
Steal - ()

Receive a Ramuh Summon Materia

The Ramuh Summon Materia will be available upon completing this fight. Aside from the Carbuncle, Cactuar, and Chocobo Chick Summon available in the Free DLC, this is the only Summon available to Yuffie right now, and quite powerful, so it's great to have along.

Ramuh Boss Battle Guide

Ramuh Video Guide (Normal Difficulty)

This is our Japan team's video of completing the Ramuh fight. Keep in mind that this video demonstrates completing the fight with Yuffie only.

Best Characters, Equipment and Materia for This Boss

Available Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Sonon IconSonon

It's best to wait until Sonon has been added to the party, and take on Ramuh with both members on the team.

Recommended Characters

Yuffie IconYuffie Weapon: Boomerang
Armor: Ninja Armlet
Accessory: Earrings or Talisman
Sonon IconSonon Weapon:Marshalist's Staff
Armor:Sorcerer's Armlet
Accessory: Power Wristguards or Revival Earrings

Yuffie as Mage

Yuffie's Ninjutsu ability is great against Ramuh as it can allow you to deal Elemental Wind damage without needing Wind Materia. You also have access to Boomerang, Yuffie's weapon that can increase your magic damage.

Sonon Physical Damage and Second Life

Sonon does not have much MP and won't be as good for dealing magic damage. You will want to have in your party before fighting Ramuh as his synergy with Yuffie and deal a lot of damage. Keeping him alive is also important as he can act like a Revival Earing for Yuffie whenever she faints. He will resurrect Yuffie automatically as long as he is alive.

Best Materia for Yuffie

Weapon (3 Slots)
Armor (3 Slots)

Best Materia for Sonon

Weapon (2 Slots)
Armor (2 Slots)

Tips & Strategies for Beating Ramuh

Bring Sonon Along

Add Sonon to Party.jpeg

It's possible to defeat Ramuh with only Yuffie in the party, but as Ramuh is quite a powerful boss for this stage in the game, it might prove quite difficult. It's best to continue the story a bit until Sonon has joined, as this has no effect on the reward.

Use Elemental Ninjutsu - Wind

Ramuh's weakness is Wind. Elemental Ninjutsu is the easiest method to deal Wind damage at this stage, and it will both inflict high damage and rack up Stagger.

Art of War Increases Other Attacks’ Damage

Yuffie's Ability Art of War not only deals damage, but also increases the damage of all following attacks. It's effective to combo this attack into Windstorm, etc. to deal heavy damage.

Download the Free DLC Items

Free DLC Cactuar.jpg
Although they may look cute, the Free DLC summons and accessories are nothing to scoff at. These items include the Superstar Belt, which saves the user from death once per battle, and the Mako Crystal, which provides protection against all four primary elements.

Aside from Ramuh, the Free DLC Summons are also the only Summons available at this point of the game. Many players forget to download these items in advance, but they can be easily accessed from the Add-ons listing for FF7 Remake, so don't miss them!

Free DLC: How to Download

Ramuh Attack Phases

All Attacks and Effects

Attack Name Guardable Damage Status Effect
Thunder Arrow Small Stun
Voltaic Lance Large Stun
Lightning Strike Small -
Charged Current Medium -
Thunder Ball Medium -
Luminous Falchion Medium -
Orbiting Wand Medium -
Circuitous Belt Medium -
Orb Spike Medium -
Judgment Bolt Danger -
Summon Sparks Summons three orbs
Destroy all three to Pressure Ramuh

Early Battle

Levin Arrows

Ramuh will target one spot and unleash arrows both at that spot and around himself. This attack both deals damage and inflicts Stun, which can lead to taking more damage from other attacks, so be sure to avoid the lightning-surrounded area which remains after the attack.

Once Ramuh uses this attack, take some distance to a safe location, and Ramuh will follow you there, avoiding the after-effects of this attack. Its Stun can lead to a quick death, so you can't be too careful.

Voltaic Lance

After building up energy, it will unleash an arrow of lightning at the player, dealing more damage and stun than Levin Arrows. This attack can be avoided by waiting until directly it is used, then dodging. It's possible to block with a perfectly-timed block from Yuffie.

Thunderous Orbs

Ramuh releases three orbs of lightning which follow the player. They are fast and hard to avoid, so guarding instead of evading is best.

Luminous Falchion

Luminous Falchion will strike the player three times in succession. If you can read the attack early, evade to take distance from Ramuh, and if late then guarding is best. Ramuh will often use this after warping to the player's location.

Charged Current

An area-of-effect attack surrounding Ramuh. As soon as the words Charged Current appear, get as far as you can away from Ramuh as possible.

Lightning Strike

Ramuh Lightning Strike.jpeg

Causes lightning to strike a single area. After the first strike, lightning will continue to strike multiple times following the player's path, so keep on your toes and continue running and dodging after avoiding the first strike.

When Holding the Orb

Summon Sparks

Ramuh Summon Sparks.jpeg

After decreasing Ramuh's HP to a certain degree, he will summon three lightning orbs which rotate around him. If you leave them for too long, the number of lightning orbs will increase. On the other hand, destroying all the orbs will Pressure Ramuh.

Orbiting Wand

Ramuh Orbiting Wand.jpeg

An area-of-effect attack which rotates around Ramuh. Try to get as far away as possible. This attack begins quickly, so if you can't avoid it, simply guarding is the best option.

Circuitous Belt

Ramuh Circuitous Belt.jpeg

Ramuh will create three lasers that rotate around him. It's possible to avoid the lasers by getting far enough away, but guarding will do the trick in a pinch.

Spark Flail

Ramuh Spark Spike.jpeg

A close-range attack where Ramuh slams one of the Sparks in front of himself. This is difficult to avoid, so it's best to use Yuffie's Brumal Form Ability via the Boomerang to dodge the attack while gaining ATB charge, or simply guard to weather the damage.

Judgment Bolt

An extremely powerful, unavoidable attack. Be sure to fully heal both party members before it lands.

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