Greatest Weapon Scroll - How to Get and Craftable Items | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Greatest Weapon is a Scroll in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn where Greatest Weapon can be found, and what Weapons and Equipment can be crafted with it.

Greatest Weapon Basic Information

Common Location Price
Tipa (Alchemist Lv. 12) 50,000
Craftable Locations (Blacksmiths)
Tipa (Blacksmith Lv3 or higher)

How to Get the Greatest Weapon Scroll

Dungeons Containing Greatest Weapon

Does not appear in any known Dungeons.

Towns Selling title

Town Seller Name
(Alchemist Lv12)
Alchemist Home Job (Gift)

There are no Bosses who drop this item.

Items Craftable with Greatest Weapon


Name Strength Scroll
Ultima Maul
35 Greatest Weapon
Ultima Hammer
35 Greatest Weapon
Ultima Lance
35 Greatest Weapon
Ultima Sword
35 Greatest Weapon

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