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A tier list of the best online (wifi) characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. See how the best characters are affected by lag and input delay in an online environment, and find the best characters to use on quickplay!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Tier List

Note: Characters are unordered within each tier.

Top Tier.png
R.O.B. Image Pyra/Mythra Image Palutena Image Snake Image Min Min Image Sonic Image Link Image Dark Samus Image Samus Image Mii Gunner Image Zelda Image
Almost Top Tier.png
Joker Image Zero Suit Samus Image Roy Image Pokemon Trainer Image Wolf Image Shulk Image Lucina Image Steve Image Mr. Game & Watch Image Pac-Man Image Olimar Image Sora Image Cloud Image Mega Man Image Young Link Image Chrom Image Ness Image Yoshi Image Terry Image Bowser Image Duck Hunt Image Toon Link Image Wii Fit Trainer Image Richter Image Simon Image Villager Image
High Tier.png
Pikachu Image Peach Image Daisy Image Wario Image Greninja Image Kazuya Image Hero Image Byleth Image Ike Image Robin Image Banjo & Kazooie Image King Dedede Image
High Mid Tier.png
Mario Image Fox Image Diddy Kong Image Captain Falcon Image Inkling Image Sephiroth Image Luigi Image Rosalina & Luma Image Ken Image Ryu Image Lucas Image Corrin Image Lucario Image Bowser Jr. Image King K. Rool Image Donkey Kong Image Isabelle Image Ganondorf Image Little Mac Image
Mid Tier.png
Pichu Image Falco Image Dark Pit Image Pit Image Meta Knight Image Ridley Image Mii Brawler Image Jigglypuff Image
Low Tier.png
Bayonetta Image Mewtwo Image Kirby Image Piranha Plant Image Incineroar Image Mii Swordfighter Image
Bottom Tier.png
Sheik Image Marth Image Ice Climbers Image Dr. Mario Image

Explanation of Tiers

S = Top Tier
A+ = Nearly Top Tier
A = High Tier
B = High Mid Tier
C = Mid Tier
D = Low Tier
E = Bottom Tier

Online Tier List Criteria

Based on Competitive Ruleset (1 on 1, No items, etc)

Competitive Ruleset.jpg

The tier list was made with the following rules in consideration:

・1 on 1 / 3 Stock
・No items
・Tournament viable stages only (Battlefield, Final Destination, etc.)

Lag and Input Delay Taken Into Account

Input Lag.jpg

Due to factors such as lag and input delay in online smash, character ratings will fluctuate depending on how much lag either benefits them or hurts them. While no character is truly buffed by online/wifi, some characters tend to do better in an online environment than others do. Therefore, we took our offline tier list and altered the rankings accordingly.

Since it becomes much harder to react to actions when lag and input delay are affecting a match, characters with extremely powerful but slow moves (i.e. Ganondorf) or characters who can spam projectiles (i.e. Ness) are slightly buffed online. On the flip side, characters who mainly rely on precise inputs for combos and kill confirms, as well as light characters who get KO'ed faster, tend to do worse than they would offline.

Reasons a character's ranking might change

Character Reason
Ness ImageNess ・PK Fire (Side B) is very strong (and annoying) online
・Can take stocks through back throw much easier than normal
Inkling ImageInkling ・Lag makes Roller easier to hit
Link ImageLink ・Excellent at zoning enemies
・Has several laggy and powerful kill moves, which are harder to punish online
Cloud ImageCloud ・Good reach and high damage dealing
・Can use limit to steal early stocks
Mii Gunner ImageMii Gunner ・There is no way to tell what specials they will use at first
・Excellent at zoning enemies
Little Mac ImageLittle Mac ・Has several hard hitting attacks
・Very fast movement speed
・Can steal stocks through KO Punch
・Lots of opportunities to play on FD, which is his best stage due to having no platforms
Isabelle ImageIsabelle ・Excellent at zoning enemies
・Fishing Pole is very good online
Peach ImagePeach ・Lag affects input timing and can interfere with combos
Sheik ImageSheik ・Struggles to land combos and confirms due to input delay

Quickplay Analysis Factored In

Online Results.jpg
This tier list was constructed by playing as and against a wide variety of characters in an online setting, and then based around our own findings. Additionally, we observed objective data showing the win rate that all characters had in online matches, and factored that into our rankings.

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