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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kirby Guide

This is a guide to Kirby in the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Everything about Kirby, including how to unlock them, bread and butter combos, frame data, alt costumes and skins, as well as Kirby matchups and counters, can be found here.

Kirby Tier and Overview

Stats and General Info

Kirby Image
Game Series Kirby
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. (64)
Fighter Number 6
Unlock Order Default
Number of Jumps 6
Weight 79 Units (79/87)
Dash Speed 1.727 (42/87)
Air Speed 0.84 (85/87)
Fast Fall Speed 1.968 (85/87)
Special Attributes None

Tier List Placement

SSBU Kirby Icon D Tier Tier

A combo heavy character with great recovery power

Kirby can jump a total of 5 times in the air, which makes it better at both recovering and attacking with aerials. Kirby also has a small body, so it can easily dodge a variety of attacks. Kirby's quick frame data allows it to wiff punish opponents and follow up with a variety of combos.

Kirby's poor speed make it a bit difficult to approach, and without a true projectile, it will struggle against characters with swords, and it is prone to getting falled out by projectiles. Kirby's light weight also makes it very easy to launch, so Kirby players need to watch out for KO moves, even at low percents.

See Our Tier List Here!

Kirby's Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths ・Excellent recovery, with 5 jumps total and Up Special
・Small body makes it easy to get out of combos and dodge attacks
・Can use inhale to copy opponents' abilities and swallow projectiles (B)
・Good grab game (throws can be comboed into or used to KO)
Weaknesses ・Light and easy to KO
・Poor range, lack of a good projectile
・Poor overall mobility, making it hard to approach

Kirby Matchup Chart

Matchup Chart

Kirby Image
GreninjaLucinaMr. Game & WatchPokemon TrainerSamus/Dark SamusShulkSnakeYoshi
Banjo & KazooieChromCloudCorrinDiddy KongDuck HuntFoxIkeInklingJokerKenKing DededeLinkLucasLuigiMarioMarthMega ManMeta KnightMewtwoMii BrawlerMii GunnerMii SwordfighterMin MinNessOlimarPac-ManPalutenaPeach/DaisyPiranha PlantR.O.B.RidleyRosalina & LumaRoyRyuSephirothSonicToon LinkWarioWolfYoung LinkZeldaZero Suit Samus
BayonettaBowserBowser Jr.BylethCaptain FalconDonkey KongDr. MarioGanondorfHeroIce ClimbersIncineroarIsabelleJigglypuffLucarioPichuPikachuPit/Dark PitRobinRobinSheikSimon/RichterSteveTerryVillager
FalcoKing K. RoolLittle MacWii Fit Trainer

Notes About Matchup Chart

1. -2 = Disadvantage. -1 = Slight Disadvantage or Even. 0 = Even. +1 = Slight Advantage or Even. +2 = Advantage.
2. The matchup chart was based around both the opinions of professional players of each character, as well as our own experience through playing Kirby.
3. Characters within each tier are unordered
4. Pokemon Trainer's individual Pokemon (Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard) as well as Echo fighters with no significant difference than their regular counterpart are not shown.
5. For other characters who are not shown here, we are still investigating the matchup.

Kirby Combos

Aerial Combos
D-air→Up Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Tilt
N-air→Forward Smash
Ground Combos
Up Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Tilt
Forward Throw→Up Special

Aerial Combos Explanation

Combo 1
Combo 2
Combo 3
This is a combo to be used on opponents at low percent. The trick to landing this combo is to hit the first foward air while low to the ground.
D-air→Up Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Tilt
This is a combo to be used on opponents at low percent. Once the damage from the down air starts to land, go ahead and input the up tilt.
N-air→Forward Smash
This is a combo to be used on opponents at low percent. The trick to landing this combo is hitting N-air while close to the ground.

Grounded Combos Explanation

Combo 4
Combo 5
Up Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Tilt
This is a combo to be used on opponents at low percent. Try to use it when at a very close distance to your opponent.
Forward Throw→Up Special
A combo that begins with a grab. This works on opponents with middle percents and higher. Use it when you want to rack up damage.

Kirby Frame Data and Moveset

Best Out of Shield Options

Move Frames
Back Air 9 Frames
Shield Grab 10 Frames
Neutral Air 11 Frames
Up Smash 12 Frames

Kirby doesn't really have the best out of shield options, meaning he will struggle to punish most safe moves that were spaced correctly. Back Air is decent, although it only hits behind him. Usually you will want to go for a grab, if possible, or if not, simply move away to reset.

Jab (Neutral Attack)

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames Active Frames Cooldown Frames
Jab 1
2.16 3 1 12
Jab 2 1.92 3 1 12
Rapid Jab (Multi-Hit) 0.24 - - -
Rapid Jab (Finisher) 3.6 3 2 35

Jab Info

Kirby's jab comes out incredibly fast. It can be used as a combo finisher or a get-off-me tool.

Dash Attack / Tilts

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames Active Frames Cooldown Frames
Dash Attack
(Dash + A)
12 9 9 42
Dash Attack (Late Hit 1) 8.4 18 9 33
Dash Attack (Late Hit 2) 4.8 27 8 25
Forward Tilt
(← or → + A)
9.6/9.6/8.4 5 4 19
Up Tilt
(↑ + A)
6 4 2 15
Up Tilt
(Weak Hit)
4.8 6 5 10
Down Tilt
(↓ + A)
7.2 4 3 14

Dash Attack Info

Kirby's dash attack has a very long active hitbox. Time this attack when your opponent lands and has lag. The hitbox is rather weak though, so it can be snuffed out by a projectile.

Forward Tilt Info

Kirby forward tilt has a slight knockback. When fighting at close range, throw out this attack to create some distance between you and your oppnent.

Up Tilt Info

Kirby's up tilt has fast start up frames and low end lag, making it viable as a combo move. Very useful on opponents with low percent.

Down Tilt Info

Since it hits slightly downward, Kirby's down tilt can damage opponents on the ledge when their invulnerability runs up. It can sometimes trip opponents, allowing you to follow up with a smash.

Smash Attacks

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames Active Frames Cooldown Frames
Forward Smash
(Smash ← or → + A)
18 13 3 32
Forward Smash
(Weak Hit)
13.2 16 4 28
Up Smash 1
(Smash ↑ + A)
18/18/16.8 12 1 33
Up Smash 1
(Late Hit 1)
- 13 2 31
Up Smash 1
(Late Hit 2)
- 15 3 28
Down Smash
(Smash ↓ + A)
16.8 10 5 39
Down Smash 1 (Weak Hit) 12 15 8 31

Forward Smash Info

Kirby's forward smash stays out for a long time and can be tilted up or down. This allows you to hit opponents on the ledge with a down tilted forward smash.

Up Smash Info

Kirby's feet are invulnerable during up smash. It is a good anti-air for an opponent trying to land on you with an aerial. Its startup is a bit slow, so be sure to read your opponent's moves before throwing it out.

Down Smash Info

Kirby's feet are invulnerable during down smash. This attack hits both left and right sides, so use it when your opponent tries to roll to your other side.


1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames Active Frames Cooldown Frames
Neutral Air
(A + no direction while airborne)
12 10 2 51
Neutral Air
(Late Hit 1)
9.6 12 4 47
Neutral Air
(Late Hit 2)
7.2 16 5 42
Neutral Air
(Late Hit 3)
4.8 21 14 28
Forward Air
(Hit 1)(Hold ← or → in the direction you are facing + A while airborne)
4.8 10 2 36
Forward Air
(Hit 2)
3.6 17 2 29
Forward Air
(Hit 3)
6.0 25 3 20
Back Air
(← or → Opposite of the direction you are facing + A while airborne)
15.6 6 3 32
Back Air
(Weak Hit)
9.6 9 4 28
Up Air 1
(↑ + A While Airborne)
10.8 10 6 22
Down Air (Hits 1-5)
(↓ + A While Airborne)
1.56 18/21/24
2 35/32/29
Down Air (Hit 6) 2.4 34 1 20
Down Air (Landing Hit) 2.4 1 3 16

Nair Info

Kirby's nair has low start up time and many active frames. Its a decent edgeguarding move on opponents trying to recover back to the stage, or for combo starters. It is also -2/-3, making it very safe on shield.

Fair Info

Kirby's fair has many active frames, making it useful for both edgeguarding and combos.

Bair Info

Kirby's bair has high knockback. Use this to prevent an opponent's recovery off stage, and to take stocks. It's -5/-6 on shield, making it a pretty safe move.

Up Air Info

Kirby's up air can lightly knock your opponent into the air. This move allows you to juggle your opponent with repeated hits to rack up damage.

Dair Info

Kirby's dair can apply high damage to opponents. It has low knockback, allowing you to connect it with grabs against opponents at low percents.


1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames Active Frames Cooldown Frames
Neutral Special (Inahle)
0 10 34 19
Neutral Special (Copy/Spit)
10/6 8 - -
Side Special
(← or → + B)
22 26 2 37
Side Special
(Fully Charged)
42 11 2 47
Side Special
(In Air)
22 28 2 -
Side Special (Fully Charged)
(In Air)
42 42 2 28
Up Special (Rising)
(↑ + B)
2.4 23 4 -
Up Special (Falling) 6 41 8 -
Up Special (Landing) - 50 2 30
Up Special (Projectile) 6 - 17 -
Down Special (Falling)
(↓ + B)
21.6 29 19 -
Down Special (Grounded)
(↓ + B)
16.8 11 20 -

Neutral Special (Inhale)

Kirby's neutral special inhales foes to either spit them out or take their ability. Copying your opponent's ability will deal 1.2x more damage than spitting them out, but spitting them out can put your opponent off stage and give you an advantage.

Side Special (Hammer)

Kirby's side special is a hammer swing that can be charged up. Kirby is invulnerable during the beginning swing of the hammer. The move is very slow and punishable if whiffed, but deals a lot of damage if it connects.

Up Special (Final Cutter)

Kirby's up special uses cutter to slice up and then down followed by a beam attack. Its start up is slow, but has many active frames so use it to create an opening when your opponent rushes in.

Down Special (Stone)

Kirby's down special has super armor, so use it for edgeguarding opponents. Many Kirby players use it in disadvantage, but it is prediactable if overused, so be sure to punish with a grab.

Grabs and Throws

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames Active Frames Cooldown Frames
Pummel 1.2 1 1 4
Grab (Normal) - 6 2 26
Dash Grab - 9 2 31
Pivot Grab - 10 2 25
Forward Throw (Hitbox)
(← or → While Grabbing)
6 45 1 13
Back Throw (Hitbox)
(← or → While Grabbing)
9.6 41 1 8
Up Throw (Hitbox)
(↑ While Grabbing)
12 51 1 28
Down Throw (Hits 1-9)
(↓ While Grabbing)
0.96 9/13/17
2 77/73/69
Down Throw (Hit 10)
(↓ While Grabbing)
1.2 56 2 30
Down Throw (Throw) 2.4 58 1 29

Down Throw Info

Kirby's down throw can connect into combos on large characters.

Back Throw Info

Kirby's back throw will send opponents flying back. Use this throw to send enemies off stage and gain stage control.

Up Throw Info

Kirby's up throw will send opponents flying upwards. At very high percents, (170% for Mario) this move can kill.

Down Throw Info

Kirby's down throw causes the most damage out of all throws. When unsure of which direction to throw in, down throw is a reliable option.

Final Smash

Attack How to Use Effect
Ultra Sword Press B after obtaining the Smash Ball Kirby rapidly swings a giant sword. There won't be a multi hit attack if the first hit misses.

Kirby Balance Changes

Version 8.0.0 Balance Patch

Dash Attack Reduced vulnerability.
Extended launch distance when hitting with the beginning of the attack.
Down Smash Attack Increased attack speed.
Extended launch distance.
Forward Air Attack Increased power of second and last attack.
Extended launch distance of the last attack.
Back Air Attack Extended launch distance when hitting with the beginning of the attack.
Down Special Extended launch distance.

Version 7.0.0 Balance Patch

Other Increased shield size.

Version 6.0.0 Balance Patch

Neutral Attack 1 Increased attack speed.
Up Smash Attack Extended launch distance when hit in the low-damage range.
Neutral Air Attack Increased attack speed.
Extended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.
Up Air Attack Increased attack speed.
Increased power.
Extended launch distance.
Neutral Special Reduced start time for Inhale.
Made it harder to disrupt Kirby's Copy Ability.

Version 3.0.0 Balance Patch

Up Smash Attack Extended the high-damage window. Reduced the low-damage window.
Downward Throw Increased power.
Neutral Special Increased the amount of time that Copy Abilities cannot be lost by taking damage, and made it easier for Kirby to retain Copy Abilities overall.
Up Special Increased the speed of the edge-grab range detection.
Neutral Air Attack Reduced vulnerability.
Shortened landing time after using the move.

Version 2.0.0 Balance Patch

Dash Attack Increased power range and attack power while maintaining launch distance.
Side Tilt Attack Slightly reduced vulnerability and extended undamaged launch distance.
Down Special Adjusted the super armor frames after using the move.

Major Changes From Smash 4

Neutral Special
Startup is faster, and the hitbox is now larger. Kirby can now swallow or spit out projectiles that were inhaled, so this is a Buff.
Down Special
(↓ + B)
Turning into a stone takes less time. The move is easier to use now, so this is also a Buff.
Down Smash
(↓ + A)
The hitbox has been expanded, and the last hit launches opponents at a better angle. This can be used on opponents at the ledge. Buff.
Back Aerial
(← or → + A While Midair)
Landing lag was greatly reduced. With Kirby's overall movement improved, this move can be used to combo at low percents now. Buff.
Dash Attack
(Dash + A)
Replaced with Kirby's Dash Attack from Melee. It now launches opponents further than it did in Melee.

Kirby Alt Costumes and Skins

Kirby Reveal Trailer

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