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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pichu Guide

This is a guide to using Pichu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pichu's bread and butter combos, how to unlock, frame data, alt costumes and skins, as well as Pichu's matchups, counters, and tier list placement can all be found here.

Pichu Tier and Overview

Stats and General Info

Pichu Image
Game Series Pokémon
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. Melee
Fighter Number 19
Unlock Order 34
Number of Jumps 2
Weight 62 Units (88/87)
Dash Speed 1.892 (28/87)
Air Speed 1.029 (48/87)
Fast Fall Speed 2.5 (50/87)
Special Attributes Crouch Walk, Wall Jump

Tier List Placement

SSBU Pichu Icon A Tier Tier

A fast character with great damage output

Smash Ultimate Pichu has high damage output on its moves, but damages itself each time it uses electricity in its moves. Whiffing these moves several times for no reason will lead to Pichu quickly taking a lot of damage, so you must be careful with which options you choose. Pichu's recovery (Up B) is also extremely fast, allowing you to bait your opponents into making an option, and then follow it up by dealing damage.

See Our Tier List Here!

Pichu's Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths ・Small size makes Pichu tough to combo, and it can easily dodge an opponent's attacks.
・Great recovery (Up B)
・Amazing edgeguarding potential
・Can deal several high damaging combos
Weaknesses ・Deals self-damage each time it uses electricity
・Lightest character in the game combined with self-damage means it dies early (Glass Canon)
・Poor range

Pichu Matchup Chart

Matchup Chart

Pichu Image
Ice ClimbersLucinaMr. Game & WatchNessOlimarPeach/DaisyPikachuShulkYoshi
Banjo & KazooieBowserChromDr. MarioDuck HuntGreninjaIkeInklingJigglypuffKenKirbyLinkLucasLuigiMarioMarthMega ManMeta KnightMewtwoPokemon TrainerR.O.B.RidleyRosalina & LumaSamus/Dark SamusSonicTerryToon LinkVillagerWolfYoung Link
BayonettaBowser Jr.BylethCaptain FalconCloudCorrinDiddy KongDonkey KongFalcoFoxHeroIncineroarIsabelleJokerKing DededeKing K. RoolLittle MacLucarioMii BrawlerMii GunnerMin MinPalutenaPiranha PlantPit/Dark PitRobinRoySephirothSheikSimon/RichterSteveWarioWii Fit TrainerZeldaZero Suit Samus
GanondorfMii SwordfighterRyu

Notes About Matchup Chart

1. -2 = Disadvantage. -1 = Slight Disadvantage or Even. 0 = Even. +1 = Slight Advantage or Even. +2 = Advantage.
2. The matchup chart was based around both the opinions of professional players of each character, as well as our own experience through playing Pichu.
3. Characters within each tier are unordered
4. Pokemon Trainer's individual Pokemon (Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard) as well as Echo fighters with no significant difference than their regular counterpart are not shown.
5. For other characters who are not shown here, we are still investigating the matchup.

Pichu Combos

Throw Combos
Up Throw→Down Special
Down Throw→Up Air→F-air
Bread and Butter Combos
Up Tilt×4→Up Air→Up Air
Up Tilt×3→B-air
N-air→Down Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Air→F-air

Throw Combos

Combo 1
Combo 2
Up Throw→Down Special
This is a combo you will want to use when you opponent is at very high percents such as 100% and up. The opponent may be able to slip out of it by dodging, but it's a good kill combo to memorize.
Down Throw→Up Air→F-air
This combo will connect with opponents at a low percent. You can deal around 30% damage with this combo, making it a great tool to quickly rack up damage on your opponent.

Bread and Butter Combos

Combo 3
Combo 4
Combo 5
Up Tilt×4→Up Air→Up Air
This combo will connect with opponents at a low percent. When fighting up-close, try to catch your opponent with an up tilt to begin the combo.
Up Tilt×3→B-air
This combo will connect with opponents at a low percent. Use this combo when your opponent is behind Pichu's back.
N-air→Down Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Tilt→Up Air→F-air
This combo will connect with opponents at a low percent. Try using this combo when you are aiming to get in close with a neutral air.

Pichu Frame Data and Moveset

Best Out of Shield Options

Move Frames
Neutral Air 6 Frames
Up Air 7 Frames
Back Air 8 Frames
Up Smash 9 Frames
Shield Grab 10 Frames

At only 6 frames of startup, neutral air is a great out of shield option for Pichu, allowing it to punish unsafe close attacks on shield. Most of its aerials are quick enough to work out of shield, and up smash can also be used for a harder punish on opponents attacking from above. Shield grabbing is 10 frames, but is a bit more risky than neutral air, due to its slower startup and short range.

Jab (Neutral Attack)

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames
1.44 2


Pichu's jab comes out extremely quick, but it doesn't have a jab combo, and it doesn't make the opponent flinch long, so it is not the best get-off-me tool. Instead, it is mainly used for jab locks and ledgetrapping.

Dash Attack / Tilts

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames
Dash Attack
(Dash + A)
9.6 6
Dash Attack (Late Hit) 7.2 10
Forward Tilt
(← or → + A)
9.6 5
Up Tilt
(↑ + A)
6.0 7
Down Tilt
(↓ + A)
7.2 7

Dash Attack

Pichu's dash attack comes out quick and has decent range, so it is mainly used as a quick whiff punish, or to catch landings.

Forward Tilt

Pichu's forward tilt is quick, and gains great knockback as the opponent takes more damage. Beware that this move will deal self damage to Pichu, so while it is a good close range move, you shouldn't use it too recklessly.

Up Tilt

Pichu's up tilt has quick startup and very little endlag. The hitbox covers Pichu's backside and top to send opponents upward, making it great as a combo starter and get-off-me tool.

Down Tilt

Like up tilt, down tilt is a quick move with little endlag. It also functions as a combo starter and poking tool, and is -4 on shield, making it very safe.

Smash Attacks

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames
Forward Smash
(Smash ← or → + A)
2.4 16/19/22/25/28
Forward Smash
(last hit)
9.6 31
Up Smash 1
(Smash ↑ + A)
16.8 9
Down Smash
(Smash ↓ + A)
1.8 8/11/15/19
Down Smash 1 (last hit) 9.6 23

Forward Smash

Pichu's forward smash has heavy knockback, and a long lasting hitbox, which can be used to beat out an opponent's approach if you have a read on their movement.

Up Smash

Pichu's up smash is very fast, and covers the area from Pichu's back side to front side, so it is useful as an anti-air.

Down Smash

Pichu's down smash is its fastest smash attack, and its long lasting hitbox covers both sides of Pichu, making it great for covering a roll.


1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames
Neutral Air
(A + no direction while airborne)
8.4 3
Neutral Air
(late hit)
6 10
Forward Air (Hit 1-3)
(Hold ← or → in the direction you are facing + A while airborne)
4.2 10/14/18
Forward Air (last hit) 3.0 30
Back Air (Hit 1-5)
(← or → Opposite of the direction you are facing + A while airborne)
2.4 5/11/15/19/26
Back Air
(last hit)
3 30
Up Air
(first hit)
4.8 4
Down Air
(Press ↓+A while airborne)
15.6 14
Down Air (Late) 14.4 18
Down Air
4.8 1

Neutral Air

Pichu's neutral air is extremely quick, with only 3 frames of startup, making it a great out of shield punish, as well as shield presuring move. Its quick startup makes it great for breaking out of combos and edgeguarding.

Forward Air

Pichu's forward air has quick startup, good range, and a lingering hitbox. Pichu's entire body will have a hitbox, so its long lasting hitbox can be used to punish opponents who jump out of shield.

Back Air

Pichu's back air also has quick startup and a long lasting hitbox. It can be used as an out of shield option, and as an edgeguarding tool.

Up Air

Pichu's up air has very quick startup, and is mainly used as a combo extender for sending opponents upward.

Down Air

Pichu's down air has a meteor hitbox on it, making it great for edgeguarding. It can be comboed into from a down tilt, which when used near the ledge, sets up an early KO.


1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames
Neutral Special
8.4 18
Neutral Special
(2nd - 4th bounce)
7.2 ?
Neutral Special
(5th bounce and more)
6 ?
Side Special
(← or → + B)
4.8 18
Side Special
(Max Charge)
27.6 -
Up Special
(↑ + B)
Up Special (Aerial)
Down Special
7.2 9
Down Special
(lightning bolt hit)
Down Special
(body hit)
16.8 1

Neutral Special (Thunderjolt)

Pichu's neutral special sends a jolt of electricity along the ground, which will travel forward along the surface. If used from the air, it falls down diagonally, eventually changing into the grounded version after touching down. It is used as a ranged poking tool, as well as an approach option for Pichu, and can even be used to edgeguard an opponent attempting to recover.

Each time Pichu uses this move, it will inflict damage to itself, which can add up quickly, so don't be too careless with it.

Side Special (Skull Bash)

Pichu charges up and fires straight forward at an enemy. The longer it is held for, the further it will go, and more damage it will deal, doing about 40% at full charge. It has rather slow startup and endlag, but it can be useful as a recovery option.

Up Special (Agility)

Pichu's up special allows it to travel extremely fast in the direction held on the stick (it can go in two different directions by changing the direction inputted). It has no hitbox attached to it, so it is used only for recovering.

Down Special (Thunder)

Pichu's down special brings a bolt of lightning down from the clouds and hits Pichu, dealing heavy knockback to any opponents caught in the blast. It will only damage Pichu if the lightning reaches its body, so it is possible to use without Pichu taking damage. At high percents, it can be comboed into from up throw for a kill confirm.

Grabs and Throws

1v1 Damage (%) Startup Frames
Pummel 1.68 1
Grab (Normal) - 6
Dash Grab - 8
Pivot Grab - 9
Forward Throw (Hitbox)
(damage tick)
1.8 11/15/19/23
Forward Throw (Throw) 7.2 27
Back Throw (Hitbox)
(← or → While Grabbing)
10.8 26
Back Throw (Throw) 10.8 26
Up Throw (Hitbox)
(1st hit)
6 14
Up Throw (2nd hit) 6 15
Down Throw (Hitbox)
(↓ While Grabbing)
4.8 14
Down Throw (Throw) 4.8 14
Down Throw (2nd hit) 4.8 19

Forward throw

Forward throw is used to gain stage control, or to put an opponent offstage. It does not combo, but can KO at high percents if used from the ledge.

Back Throw

Throws an opponent behind Pichu. Doesn't KO until very high percents or combo, so it is only used to put opponents offstage or gain stage control.

Up Throw

Up throw sends an opponent high into the air, and at higher percents, can combo into down special for a kill confirm.

Down Throw

Down throw lightly knocks opponents into the air, allowing for combos into aerials at lower percents.

Final Smash

Attack Name How to Use Effect
Volt Tackle Press B after obtaining the Smash Ball Pichu flies around the screen while covered in an electric current. Hitting opponents while dealing several electric based multi attacks, ending with a powerful spark.

Pichu Balance Changes

Version 11.0.0 Balance Patch

Forward Smash Decreased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Neutral Air Made the ears invincible during the attack's high-damage window.
Forward Air Decreased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Forward Throw Decreased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Side Special Decreased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Up Special Decreased the amount of damage taken when using the move.

Version 10.1.0 Balance Patch

Side Smash Attack Increased final attack's range.

Version 7.0.0 Balance Patch

Other Increased shield size.

Version 3.1.0 Balance Patch

Basic Movements Pichu is now easier to hit.
Basic Movements Increased shield size.
Side Tilt Attack Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Shortened the launch distance.
Side Smash Attack Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Increased vulnerability.
Down Smash Attack Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Forward Air Attack Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Back Air Attack Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Down Air Attack Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Forward Throw Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Neutral Special Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Side Special Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Up Special Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.
Down Special Increased the amount of damage taken when using the move.

Version 3.0.0 Balance Patch

Neutral Special Reduced the power against shields.
Other Changed the posture when receiving damage in the air and made it easier to receive damage.
Changed the posture when landing and made it easier to receive damage.

Version 2.0.0 Balance Patch

Grab Attack Shortened hitstun time.

Major Changes from Melee

General Self-inflicted damage decreased. Buff.
Down Tilt
(↓ + A)
Stuns the opponent. Now a combo starter = Buff.

How to Unlock Pichu

Unlocking Via Smash Mode
34th fighter unlocked
After unlocking Lucina, let 10 minutes pass OR play another battle in smash after soft-resetting OR return to the menu from World of Light
Unlocking via Classic Mode
Clear Classic Mode 7 times with Pikachu.
Unlocking via World of Light
Power Plant

There are 3 ways to unlock Pichu. Completing any of these, then defeating Pichu when they appear in the “a New Challenger Appears” screen will allow you to use them afterward.

How to Unlock Characters Fast

Pichu Alt Costumes and Skins

Pichu Reveal Trailer

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