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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mega Man Guide

This is a guide to using Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Mega Man's bread and butter combos, how to unlock, frame data, alt costumes and skins, as well as Mega Man's matchups, counters, and tier list placement can all be found here.

Mega Man Tier and Overview

Stats and General Info

Mega Man
Mega Man Image
Game Series Mega Man
Smash Bros. Debut Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS
Fighter Number 46
Unlock Order 42
Number of Jumps 2
Weight 102 Units (29/87)
Dash Speed 1.602 (58/87)
Air Speed 1.155 (20/87)
Fast Fall Speed 2.88 (13/87)
Special Attributes Wall Jump

Tier List Placement

SSBU Mega Man Icon A Tier Tier

A powerful mid-range zoner

In SSBU, Mega Man can make use of his many projectiles (lemons, Metal Blade, Crash Bomb, Leaf Shield, etc.) to fight opponents while keeping at a mid to long distance away from them. While he is very powerful in the mid-range, his moves all have significant lag on them, so he struggles up close. Wall the opponents out with projectiles and take the stock with a forward air, back air, up smash, or up tilt.

See Our Tier List Here!

Mega Man's Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths ・Has lots of projectiles in his arsenal (A, B, Down B)
・Can fight opponents without ever needing to get too close (A)
・Very good recovery combined with pretty heavy weight makes him hard to KO
Weaknesses ・No hitbox on his recovery means he can be edgeguarded if your opponent reads the route you are taking (Up B)
・Struggles against swordies and other fighters do can break through his zoning and fight up close

Mega Man Matchup Chart

Matchup Chart

Mega Man Image
CloudFoxLucarioMarioMin MinPalutenaRoyShulkWolfZero Suit Samus
Banjo & KazooieBylethChromFalcoGreninjaHeroIkeInklingKenLinkLucinaMarthMeta KnightMii BrawlerMr. Game & WatchNessOlimarPac-ManPeach/DaisyPichuR.O.B.Rosalina & LumaSamus/Dark SamusSephirothSheikSteveWarioYoung Link
BayonettaBowserCaptain FalconCorrinDiddy KongDr. MarioDuck HuntIsabelleJigglypuffJokerKirbyLittle MacLucasLuigiMewtwoMii GunnerMii SwordfighterPiranha PlantPit/Dark PitPokemon TrainerRobinRyuSimon/RichterSonicTerryToon LinkVillagerWii Fit TrainerYoshiZelda
Bowser Jr.Donkey KongGanondorfIce ClimbersIncineroarKing DededeKing K. RoolRidleySnake

Notes About Matchup Chart

1. -2 = Disadvantage. -1 = Slight Disadvantage or Even. 0 = Even. +1 = Slight Advantage or Even. +2 = Advantage.
2. The matchup chart was based around both the opinions of professional players of each character, as well as our own experience through playing Mega Man.
3. Characters within each tier are unordered
4. Pokemon Trainer's individual Pokemon (Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard) as well as Echo fighters with no significant difference than their regular counterpart are not shown.
5. For other characters who are not shown here, we are still investigating the matchup.

Good Matchups for Mega Man

Mega Man is a mid-range zoner with a ton of projectiles at his recovery, as well as some very good options for edgeguarding. This means that he does great against big body characters that are an easy target for his zoning, such as Donkey Kong, Ridley, and Ganondorf. His jab / Ftilt allows him to fire pellets at his opponent constantly, racking up chip damage and applying pressure throughout the whole match.

Mega Man Counters

Swordies are generally a hard matchup for Mega Man, as he has very good options for close range combat. Characters like Fox, Wolf, and Mario also have easy ways of dealing with his projectiles, thanks to their reflectors. Pikachu also presents a problem, as it can easily get through Mega Mans zoning and brawl up close where Mega Man has few options (plus, Pikachu is very hard to hit with Mega Man's moves).

How to Beat Mega Man

Mix up your approach to deal with projectiles

For Mega Man to do well in a match, he needs to keep his spacing, and ensure that you don't have a chance to get in close, where he struggles. If you simply rush in predictably every time, the Mega Man will easily be able to keep your out. It is important to make use of the various tools at your disposal while moving in. This means mixing up shielding, jumping, rolling, and spot dodging to find your way in. Most of his moves are punishable, so if you see him starting a Leaf Shield, jump over it and move in for a punish during the lag.

If your character has a reflector or move for dealing with projectiles, you should mix this in too, but again, avoid being predictable. Reflectors are one of the hardest thing for a Mega Man to deal with.

Punish moves on your shield

Mega Man has no moves that are safe on shield, so he relies on keeping a safe distance. If you are close, and he hits your shield with a Dash Attack, Leaf Shield, or smash attacks, he is extremely vulnerable for a punish. Try to bait an unsafe attack on shield when you get in close, then follow up with a punish, since nearly every move Mega Man has to use for a KO is punishable. Just be careful not to overuse shielding, as Mega Man has decent grab game to work with.

Play patiently

Mega Man struggles up close and against rush down characters like Fox, Roy, or Zero Suit Samus, but that doesn't mean you can be reckless. Pressure his shield when the opportunity presents itself, and try to look for patterns in his projectile use rather than always rushing straight in.

Mega Man Combos

Bread and Butter Combos
Forward Air → Forward Air
(Limited to 0% ~ 40%)
Forward Air (Late Hitbox) → Down Tilt (/Up Tilt)
(Limited to 30%~80%)
Down Throw → Back Air (/Forward Air)
Advanced Combos
B → Grab → Down Throw → Forward Air
B → Back Air
Jab×3 → Pellet Jump Cancel → Down B
→Patched out from Ver2.0.0
B → Item Toss → Dash → Up Tilt

Mega Man Bread and Butter Combos

Combo 1
Combo 2
Combo 3
Forward Air → Forward Air
A B&B Mega Man combo. Once you get a feel for the move, you should have no trouble hitting this easy combo.
Forward Air (Late Hitbox) → Down Tilt (/Up Tilt)
Hitting an opponent with the sour hit of fair (late hit box) will allow you to make this combo. While it can be a bit harder in practice, it is rewarding when it works.
Down Throw → Back Air (/Forward Air)
When grabbing an opponent at lower percents, you will usually want to go for down throw, as you can use a RAR to hit a bair, or simply go for a fair. The bair can sometimes be a bit trickier to land, but it deals slightly more damage when the full attack hits.

Mega Man Advanced Combos

Combo 4
Combo 5
Combo 6
B → Grab → Down Throw → Forward Air
This combo is started by using a Metal Blade, either after throwing it down and picking it up as an item, or just by throwing it with B. This is a combo any Mega Man player should use, as hitting metal blade into grab is a quick and easy way to rack up damage.
B → Back Air
This combo uses metal blade into Bair, and can close out a stock. From the air, you can throw the blade diagonally downward, then bair the opponent while they are still in hitstun.
B → Item Toss → Dash → Up Tilt (No Video)
Shooting metal blade into the ground allows you to subsequently pick it and throw it as an item. When very close to an opponent at higher percents, you can throw metal blade as an item, dash up to them, then unleash a point blank up tilt to finish their stock. This combo takes some practice, but it is a good stock closer, and if you already have the blade in hand, it can be done out of shield in 11 frames.

Mega Man Frame Data and Moveset

Mega Man's Best Out of Shield Options

Move Frames
Back Air 7 Frames
Up Smash 8 Frames
Neutral Air 10 Frames
Shield Grab 10 Frames

Up Smash is your go to OOS option, due to its big hitbox and KO potential. Up Smash can be followed up by simply shielding and anticipating a second hit from your opponent, then punishing with another up smash if they choose to attack your shield again.

If your opponent attacks from behind, you can instead go with a back air, which is a safer move overall (it can also KO). At lower precents, or when you are expecting the opponent to shield, OOS grab is a decent option, as it can combo into fair/bair, but be warned that it is two frames slower than up smash.

Mega Man Jab (Light Attack)

Damage (%) Startup Frames
Jab / F Tilt 1
2.4 7
Jab / F Tilt 2 2.4 19
Jab / F Tilt 3 2.4 31

Jab / Forward Tilt Info

Mega Man's jab/forward tilt sends pellets (often referred to as lemons) in the direction he is facing. Among all characters in SSBU, Mega Man is the only one with a projectile jab.This move can be fired three times in a row, and you can also walk or jump while using it. It does slightly more damage if done directly on the opponent (3.6% instead of 2.4%).

Mega Man Dash Attack / Tilt Attacks

Damage (%) Startup Frames
Dash Attack (Hit 1-7)
(Dash + A)
1.44 8.0/11/14/17/20/23/26
Dash Attack (Hit 8) 4.8 36
Up Tilt (Early)
(↑ + A)
20.4 6
Up Tilt (Late 1) 14.4 7
Up Tilt (Late 2) 9.6 10
Down Tilt (Early)
(↓ + A)
9.6 5
Down Tilt (Late) 6 9

Dash Attack Info

Mega Man's dash attack has a long hit box, and is a pretty good burst option, However, since it is a weak hit box, it will usually lose to projectiles or even jab attacks. It is also very laggy and punishable, so rather than using it to approach opponents, it is best used in a tech chase, or to catch an opponent that is about to land. It typically doesn't kill until pretty high percents, so use it rather sparingly.

Up Tilt Info

Mega Man's up tilt is a shoryuken-esque uppercut move. The very first frame that the hitbox comes out (frame 6) is the strongest, after which it will become weaker (and harder to KO with). Hitting the strong hitbox can KO opponents pretty early, but wiffing the attack will leave you open for a big punish. Generally, the best way to use this move is to combo into it with an item tossed metal blade (Side B, but then picked up and thrown). It is a high risk high reward move.

Down Tilt Info

Mega Man's down tilt is a forward slide. It comes out faster than dash attack and moves quicker, but it has an even weaker hit box than dash attack. It is best used as an anti-air attack, and can be used to cross up shields.

Mega Man Smash Attacks

Damage (%) Startup Frames
Forward Smash (Uncharged)
(Smash ← or → + A)
13.8 19
Forward Smash
(Fully Charged)
17.94 79
Up Smash (Hit 1)
(Smash ↑ + A)
2.4 8
Up Smash (Hit 2-6) 1.8 11/15/19/23/27
Up Smash (Hit 7) 7.2 31
Down Smash (Strong Hit)
(Smash ↓ + A)
20.4 17
Down Smash (Weak Hit 1) 16.8 18
Down Smash (Weak Hit 2) 10.8 20

Forward Smash Info

Mega Man's forward smash is a charged mega buster shot. Holding A longer will increase the power and distance of the attack, but unlike Samus's charged shot, you cannot walk while it is charged. It is good for dealing heavy damage at a distance, and in particular, can be used to catch an opponent doing normal getup from ledge (it also hits an opponent stalling on ledge if it is fully charged and their invulnerability is up).

Up Smash Info

Mega Man's Up Smash is his fastest smash attack. The drawback is that it is also his weakest. It is probably Mega Man's best OOS option for counterattacking an enemy, and can also be used as an anti-air. Like up tilt, it can be comboed into from a metal blade toss.

Down Smash Info

This attack sends out pillars of fire on both sides of Mega Man. The first hit box is the strongest, with the next two getting progressively weaker. While hitting an opponent with this can KO pretty early, it is extremely laggy, and is best used when you have a hard read on an opponent (like a roll from ledge), or during a shield break. Otherwise, it is very easy to punish.

Mega Man Aerials

Damage (%) Startup Frames
Neutral Air 1
(A + no direction while airborne)
2.4 7
Neutral Air 2 2.4 19
Neutral Air 3 31 31
Forward Air
(Hold ← or → in the direction you are facing + A while airborne)
10.2/9.6/9.6 9
Forward Air (Late Hit) 6 12
Back Air (Hit 1)
(← or → Opposite of the direction you are facing + A while airborne)
3.6 4
Back Air (Hit 2) 4.8 7
Back Air (Hit 3) 6.0 10
Up Air (Hit 1)
(↑ + A While Airborne)
3.6 11
Up Air (Hit 2) 2.4 18
Up Air (Hit 3) 1.2 33
Up Air (Finisher) 2.4 56
Down Air
(↓ + A While Airborne)
16.8 23
Down Air (Late Hit) 14.4 26

Neutral Air Info

This move looks and feels identical to Mega Man's jab/forward tilt (Lemons!). Hitting an opponent point blank causes even more damage than it would from a distance (3.6/4.8).

Forward Air Info

A flame sword with a great hit box for hitting airborne opponents. It has low landing lag, which allows for many applications. It is great in combos such as metal blade to fair or down throw to fair.

Back Air Info

A multi-hit slashing sword with low startup. It is different from fair in that it has a quicker startup but more lag at the end. It boasts an impressive 4 frame startup (7 out of shield), and is therefore one of Mega Man's fastest moves period.

Up Air Info

Sends a tornado in the direction above Mega Man. Excellent for juggling, and can even KO opponents very close to the top. Be sure and wait until the move finishes hitting an opponent before throwing out another for maximum effect.

Down Air Info

A Hard Knuckle projectile fired below Mega Man. While the startup is a bit slow, it can spike opponents, so it is very good for early KOs on opponents with predictable recoveries. In addition, it is +1/+0 on shield, which means that it practically cannot be punished by a shielding opponent.

Mega Man Specials

Damage (%) Startup Frames
Neutral Special (Thrown Forward)
6.0 16
Neutral Special (Thrown Behind)
6.0 18
Neutral Special (Thrown as an item) 3.6 -
Side Special (When Hitting)
(← or → + B)
0 20
Side Special (Detonation / Multi-Hit) 1.2 1
Side Special (Detonation / Finisher) 4.8 20
Up Special
(↑ + B)
- -
Down Special (Activation)
(↓ + B)
1.8 7
Down Special (Projectile) 4.56 12

Neutral Special Info

This attack lets Mega Man throw a metal blade in any of eight directions. In addition to being able to throw it anywhere you like, once the metal blade hits the ground, it can be picked up and thrown as an item. The item version of this projectile is great for short combos into fair, bair, or a grab. It outranges pellets, so be sure and hang on to one when you can.

Side Special Info

This move shoots a sticky bomb straight forward, which will attach to an opponent and explode after a few seconds. If the opponent with the bomb on them touches another opponent (like Mega Man), the bomb will move over to that character, so watch out for this. Typically an opponent with a crash bomb stuck to them will shield, so use this knowledge to your advantage.

Up Special Info

Mega Man calls Rush for an extra boost upwards. When used on the ground, Rush will stay behind temporarily with his coil out for anyone to jump on and use. Landing on this spring with an aerial will autocancel the move's lag. When recovering from offstage, you can use this move before or after your double jump, giving you plenty of options to mix up your recovery.

Down Special Info

This attack activates a leaf shield, which surrounds Mega Man and then gets thrown forward. If you only press the button to activate this move, you will not be able to do anything else. If you instead hold B during the duration of this attack, you can move and even jump (which is easier if you have a trigger button set to jump). This move is good against characters trying to approach Mega Man, and can even beat out weak projectiles. This move is also excellent for getting out of disadvantage, so if you are unsure what to do, use this move.

A neat trick with this move is to recover from ledge with a jump, then immediately use down B. Doing so will make Mega Man only do a small jump, and you can run into the opponent standing nearby (provided they are not shielding).

Mega Man Grabs and Throws

Damage (%) Startup Frames
Pummel 1.56 1
Grab (Normal) - 6
Dash Grab - 9
Pivot Grab - 10
Forward Throw
(← or → While Grabbing)
9.6 10
Back Throw
(← or → While Grabbing)
13.2 18
Up Throw
(↑ While Grabbing)
8.4 12
Down Throw
(↓ While Grabbing)
5.4 16

Forward Throw Info

This move is mainly used for getting stage control. It does not lead into any combos.

Back Throw Info

Also used for gaining stage control, and throwing an opponent into the direction behind you. While it also does not combo, it can KO at higher percents if you are near the ledge.

Up Throw Info

Throws the opponent up in the air. There are no true combos out of it, but since it will put your opponent into disadvantage, you can use up airs to try and keep them afloat.

Down Throw Info

Mega Man's go to throw, thanks to its useful launch angle. At lower percents, this throw can easily be followed up with a forward or back air.

Final Smash

Attack How to Use Effect
Mega Legends Press B after obtaining the Smash Ball Mega Man fires a black hole that sucks in opponents. Opponents sucked in are blasted by different iterations of Mega Men from the series, as well as Proto Man and Bass.

Mega Man Balance Changes

Version 13.0.1 Balance Patch

Dash Attack Extended launch distance for the final attack.
Increased attack speed.
Down Smash Attack Extended the damage range downward.
Side Special Increased power.

Version 8.0 Balance Patch

Basic Movements The vulnerability for breaking falls forward and backward now aligns with other fighters.

Version 3.0 Balance Patch

Jab 1 Reduced the power against shields.
Forward Tilt Reduced the power against shields.
Up Smash Extended launch distance.
Neutral Air Reduced the power against shields.
Neutral Special Reduced the power against shields.
Down Special Reduced attack speed.
Increased vulnerability.
Throwing-type items can no longer be thrown while using Leaf Shield.

Version 2.0.0 Balance Patch

Forward Tilt Special moves will not be activated when jumping and using Mega Buster.

Big changes from SSB4

(↓ + B)
Leaf Shield can now be thrown. This change to a projectile is seen as a buff

How to Unlock Mega Man

Unlocking Via Smash Mode
42nd Fighter Unlocked
After unlocking Corrin, let 10 minutes pass OR play another battle in smash after soft-resetting OR return to the menu from World of Light
Unlocking via Classic Mode
Clear Classing Mode 4 times using Pikachu
Unlocking via World of Light
Metal Gear Base

There are three ways to unlock Mega Man. Completing any of these, then defeating Mega Man when they appear in the “a New Challenger Appears” screen will allow you to use them afterward.

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Mega Man Alt Costumes and Skins

Mega Man Reveal Trailer

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