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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Updates and News

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Kazuya Mishima Announced as Challenger Pack 10!

Kazuya Mishima Release Date and Moveset

Kazuya Mishima, a main character from the Tekken series, has been announced as the next fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As a fighting game series representative with a lot of moves at his disposal, we can expect command inputs and other unique mechanics in hit kit!

When Will Kazuya Mishima Be Released? | Kazuya Moveset and Release Date

List of Updates

Updates and Patch Notes

Update History
How to Update Smash Ultimate

Patch Notes

Character Balance Patches
Version 11.0.0 Patch Notes Version 10.1.0 Patch Notes
Version 9.0.0 Patch Notes Version 8.0.0 Patch Notes
Version 7.0.0 Patch Notes Version 6.0.0 Patch Notes
Version 5.0.0 Patch Notes Version 4.0.0 Patch Notes
Version 3.1.0 Patch Notes Version 3.0.0 Patch Notes
Version 2.0.0 Patch Notes -

DLC Information

Fighters Pass
Should You Buy the Fighters Pass?
Next DLC Character
When Will the Next DLC Character Come Out?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters


Guides and Combos for All Characters

All Character Guides
Weights of All Characters Run Speeds of All Characters
Air Speeds of All Characters Fast Fall Speeds of All Characters

Character Tier Lists

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Smash Ultimate Tier List Online Tier List

Top Tier Characters

Currently the 6 best fighters!
Joker ImageJoker Pikachu ImagePikachu Zero Suit Samus ImageZero Suit Samus
Palutena ImagePalutena Peach ImagePeach Pyra/Mythra ImagePyra/Mythra

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Beginner Guides

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Tips and Tricks

In-Game Guides

Unlocking Characters

Unlocking Characters Fast
How to Beat Challengers.jpg
How to Beat Challengers
Challenger's Approach
Gold Farm Guide.jpg
How to Farm Gold
GSP Banner
How to Raise GSP Fast
How to Get Into Elite Smash.png
How to Unlock Elite Smash
How to Get Spirit Board Support Items.jpg
How to Get Support Items
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Use Stage Builder
How to Use Stage Builder
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Join Tournaments
How to Join Online Tournamets

Improvement Guides

Beginner characters.jpg
Best Characters for Beginners
Guide for Beginners.png
Guide for Beginners
shorthop banner.png
How to Short Hop
Perfect Shield.jpg
Parry Guide
Fast Fall Banner.png
How to Fast Fall
wallcling banner.jpg
How to Cling to Walls
Wall Jump.jpg
How to Wall Jump

Settings and Game Mechanics

Best Controller.png
Best Controller to Buy
Best Custom Controls.png
Best Custom Control Settings
echofighter list.jpg
List of Echo Fighters
Physical V Digital Top Image.png
Physical and Digital Differences
How to Save Replays Top.png
How to Save Replays

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light Walkthrough

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World of Light Guide and Map

World of Light Guides
Character Locations Spirit List
How to Remove Obstacles in World of Light World of Light Difficulty Setting Differences
Is World of Light Multiplayer? How to Get Skill Spheres Quickly
How to Get SP Quickly

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Database


List of Databases

Smash Ultimate Database
ItemsItems PokeballPokemon
Assist TrophiesAssist Trophies StagesStages

Spirit Lists

Primary Support Fighter Master
1 Star
2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
Attack Shield Grab Neutral
Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99
Hazard Immunity
Lava-Floor Zap-Floor Ice-Floor Slumber-Floor
Sticky-Floor Strong-Wind Fog Poison
Left and Right Reversal Screen Flip Gravity Change -

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Message Boards

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List of Message Boards

Discussion Board
Advice Board
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