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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kazuya Guide

This is a guide to using Kazuya in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Kazuya bread and butter combos, how to unlock, frame data and moveset, alt costumes, as well as Kazuya matchups, counters, and tier list placement can all be found here.

Kazuya Tier and Overview

Stats and General Info

Kazuya Image
Game Series Tekken
Smash Bros. Debut DLC2
Fighter Number 81
Unlock Order Fighter Pass Vol. 2
Number of Jumps 2
Weight 113 Units (8/87)
Dash Speed 1.55 (68/87)
Air Speed 0.89 (79/87)
Fast Fall Speed 2.72 (28/87)
Special Attributes None

Tier List Placement

SSBU Kazuya Icon A+ Tier Tier

A fighter with strong combos and KO potential

Kazuya deals strong blows and has a variety of KO moves, so there are a lot of opportunities to perform strong combos that lead into KOs. However, Kazuya struggles with fighters at a distance and sword-wielding characters because of his weak first jump and short range. However, with a powerful projectile of his own, and a plethora of extremely strong moves, Kazuya becomes very deadly at close range.

Best Character Tier List

Kazuya Mishima's Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths ・Very powerful moves
・Plenty of KO moves
・Has super armor on some moves
・Has invincibility for a number of attacks
・Heavy weight class
Weaknesses ・Low first jump
・Poor range
・Difficult to make use of due to command inputs
・Slow startup on most moves

Kazuya Matchup Chart

Matchup Chart

Kazuya Image

Notes About Matchup Chart

1. -2 = Disadvantage. -1 = Slight Disadvantage or Even. 0 = Even. +1 = Slight Advantage or Even. +2 = Advantage.
2. The matchup chart was based around both the opinions of professional players of each character, as well as our own experience through playing Kazuya.
3. Characters within each tier are unordered
4. Pokemon Trainer's individual Pokemon (Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard) as well as Echo fighters with no significant difference than their regular counterpart are not shown.
5. For other characters who are not shown here, we are still investigating the matchup.

Good Matchups for Kazuya

We are currently looking into Kazuya's matchup spread. Please check back later.

Kazuya Counters

We are currently looking into Kazuya's matchup spread. Please check back later.

Kazuya Combos

Low Percent Combos (0% ~ 30%)
Neutral Air┳Forward Air━Down Air
      ┗Dash━Up Smash
Down Throw━Electric Wind God Fist (⭢⭣ (↘ A at the same time))
High Percent Combos (90%+)
Squat ↓A (Crouch Jab)━→A(Oni Front Kick)
Squat ↓A(Crouch Jab)━Up Smash

We are currently researching bread and butter combos for Kazuya. Please check back soon!

Kazuya Mishima Moveset Explanation

The following moveset explanation is for Kazuya facing to the right.

Normal Attacks

10 Hit Combo

10 Hit Combo
Repeatedly press or hold the A button to perform the 10 Hit Combo. The last shot can't be blocked by shield.

Flash Punch Combo

Flash Punch Combo
Press the A button twice then press A again after a short delay. This move is used when you want to knockback an opponent.

Leaping Sidekick (Dash Attack)

Leaping Sidekick
Kazuya's Dash Attack is a kick move used to close the distance between Kazuya and the opponent. Kicking the opponent will launch them backwards into the air.

Left Splits Kick (⭢⭢A)

Left Splits Kick
This move kicks the opponent almost directly above. It also has the ability to deflect projectiles.

Twin Pistons (⭡A, A)

Twin Pistons
This move can be used as anti-air or against close-ranged opponents. It's a good combo starter after the first hit.

Roundhouse To Triple Spin Kicks (↗ AAAA)

Roundhouse To Triple Spin Kicks
In this combo attack, you are almost guaranteed to link to the finisher every time, which is why it's an effective KO move.

Oni Front Kick (Forward Tilt)

Oni Front Kick
Kazuya's Forward Tilt has good knockback, sending opponents away horizontally. At higher percents, it can reliably KO. It's similar to Ganondorf's Forward Tilt, but slower.

Tsunami Kick (↘ A, A)

Tsunami Kick
The two-hit move can launch opponents directly above. Additionally, projectiles bounce of Kazuya while the move is being performed.

Nejiri Uraken (Down Tilt)

Nejiri Uraken
Kazuya's Down Tilt attacks while also moving forward. Kazuya is momentarily invincible on the verge of the attack landing on the opponent.

Stature Smash (↙ A)

Stature Smash
A move that trips up opponents and makes them fall to the ground.

Flash Tornado (⭠A)

Flash Tornado
Flash Tornado has a quick startup, allowing Kazuya to easily intercept opponents or quickly build combos.

Jump Side Kick (↖ A)

Jump Side Kick
Kazuya kicks while hopping backwards. Additionally, Kazuya's legs are momentarily invincible during the move.

Tombstone Crusher (↘ A, while crouching)

Tombstone Crusher
Kazuya rolls forward, using his whole body to attack. It's easy to use as a counter because it has a low angle and grants Kazuya invincibility for a period of time.

Crouch Jab (⭣A, while crouching)

Crouch Jab
Kazuya's jab at lower angles. It's a decent normal attack to start a combo with.

Crouch Spin Kick (↙A, while crouching)

Crouch Spin Kick
Kazuya's Crouch Spin Kick has a long duration and covers a good range.

Demon God Fist (A, while standing up from a crouch)

Demon God Fist
Kazuya's Demon God Fist jab greatly stuns opponents, so it can be used as an effective combo starter or KO move.

Smash Attacks

Glorious Demon God Fist (Forward Smash)

Kazuya's Forward Smash has great power and knockback potential. Since it has super armor, it's possible to interrupt the opponent's attack.

Devil Twister (Up Smash)

Take advantage of the quick startup of Kazuya's Up Smash by using it as a combo finisher.

Lion Slayer (Down Smash)

Kazuya's Down Smash has almost no knockback. Of course, you can use it for combos, but since it has a spike, you can also use it as a KO move on an opponent hanging on the ledge. Kazuya's Down Smash can also easily break shields.


Jumping Knuckle (Neutral Air)

Jumping Knuckle
Kazuya's Neutral Air has a quick startup and spikes, but it's rather weak.

Searing Edge (Forward Air)

Searing Edge
Kazuya's Forward Air has a long reach. Since Kazuya has a low first jump, it's easy to use against enemies on the ground.

Jumping Sobat (Back Air)

Jumping Sobat
Kazuya's Back Air easily knocks back opponents.

Rising Toe Kick (Up Air)

Rising Toe Kick
Kazuya's Up Air is easy to integrate into combos, and it launches the opponent up a decent height.

Demon Scissors (Down Air)

Demon Scissors
Kazuya's Down Air is a stall-then-fall, with its quick dive attack downwards. You can also use it in order to recover.

Specials (B Move)

Devil Blaster (Neutral Special)

Kazuya's Special Move is an energy blast that covers a long range at a high speed. It passes through opponents, so it may hit multiple targets that are lined up, but its power decreases after passing through each opponent.

You can angle upwards or downwards while on the ground or mid-air, so angle it based on the position of your opponents. Note that the blast shoots in a straight line at the height of Kazuya's head, so angle downwards for shorter opponents.

Lastly, avoid using it unnecessarily, as the cooldown is lengthy, leaving you vulnerable for counterattacks.

Devil Fist (Side Special)

The Devil Fist Side Special is a punch straight through the opponent. When punching opponents mid-air, they are knocked backwards, while punching opponents on the ground stuns them for a few seconds. Due to them being stunned, you could follow this move with a strong KO move.

Be mindful that you can't punch through shielded opponents, or else you'll be punished with a counterattack during the cooldown.

Devil Wings (Up Special)

Devil Wings is great recovery move for Kazuya, as his first jump is weak. When combined with his second jump, Devil Wings allows Kazuya to reach a great height, which helps a lot with upward recovery. The move is also a powerful KO move, with the strongest hitbox being at the beginning.

Heaven's Door (Down Special)

The Heaven's Door move makes Kazuya grab the opponent in front of him and slam them to the ground. You have super armor when activating this move, so you may use this move aggressively. Like Ganon and Bowser, you can grab the opponent then take them off the stage with you, but you will be KO'd before them, so it's not recommended with opponents who have good recovery.

Opponents with low accumulated damage can heavily push back against Kazuya after he has grabbed a hold of them. The more an opponent pushes back against Kazuya, the less chance they will be KO'd.


Sternum Smash (Grab Attack)

Sternum Smash
Kazuya's Grab Attack deals great damage, but is a bit slow.

Double Face Kick (Forward Throw)

Double Face Kick
Kazuya's back throw is a standard throw that kicks the opponent forward. It's another a strong throw, so it's mostly to be used for getting an opponent off stage.

Steel Pedal Drop (Back Throw)

Steel Pedal Drop
Kazuya's back throw is a standard throw that sends the opponent behind him. It's another a strong throw, so it's mostly to be used for getting an opponent off stage.

Air Inferno (Up Throw)

Air Inferno
Kazuya's up throw sends the opponent directly above him. It can be used to put characters with poor disadvantage into the air to follow up with an up air.

Stonehead (Down Throw)

Kazuya's Down Throw has low power and low knockback potential. It could be used as a combo starter when the opponent is at a low percentage.

Gates of Hell (↘⭣↘ + Grab)

Gates of Hell
Kazuya's Gates of Hell grab deals large damage while hitting at a low angle, making it a very a good attack when fighting on the ground.

Command Inputs

Crouch Dash (⭢⭣↘)

Crouch Dash
Use Kazuya's Crouch Dash in order to approach the opponent while Kazuya's upper body is invincible.

Wind God Fist (⭢⭣↘ A)

Wind God Fist
Kazuya's Wind God Fist attack deals large damage while hitting at a high angle, making it very good to integrate into combos.

Electric Wind God Fist ⭢⭣ (↘ A at the same time)

This move is similar to the previous one above, but it is activated when the ↘ and A are pressed at the same time. The additional effect this move has is to stun the opponents, which further improves this move for combos.

Dragon Upper Cut

Dragon Uppercut
Kazuya's Dragon Upper Cut has great knockback, and since you gain invincibility during the move, it's recommended to use it as a KO move as well.

Spinning Demon to Left Hook

Spinning Demon To Left Hook
Kazuya's Spinning Demon to Left Hook is another move that grants invincibility to his body as he dashes forward.

Demon's Wrath

Kazuya's Demon's Wrath move is a 4-series combo. Practicality with this move is virtually non-existent.

Kazuya Balance Changes

Version 13.0.0 Balance Patch

All Fighters Made it so opponents that fall down in place due to Kazuya's side special cannot be stepped on when jumping.

How to Get Kazuya

Purchase Via the Fighter's Pass Vol. 2

Kazuya is included with the Fighter's Pass Vol. 2, which can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 USD ($37.79 CD). The Fighter's Pass Vol. 2 includes a total of six additional DLC characters (including Kazuya), so be sure and purchase it if you want to have all characters.

Purchase Individually For $5.99 USD

If you just want Kazuya in your roster, you can purchase him individually by getting the Challenger Pack 10. It will cost $5.99 USD ($7.55 CA). It was made available on June 29, 2021.

Buying Kazuya also includes the Mishima Dojo stage and Tekken OST

Mishima Dojo

If you purchase Kazuya via the Fighter's Pass or Challenger Pack, you will also gain access to a new stage: Mishima Dojo.

The DLC also includes 39 Tracks from Tekken, as seen above.

Kazuya Alt Costumes and Color Variations

Shirtless and Suit Variations

Kazuya Alt Costumes
As seen in the reveal trailer, Kazuya will have access to both shirtless and jacket/suit variations, similar to Sephiroth. Both variations are likely to feature color alts on top of that.

Kazuya Reveal Trailer

Character Reveal (The Iron Fist of Darkness)

In-Depth Look at Kazuya Mishima

Who is Kazuya Mishima?

SSBU Tekken Fighters.jpg

Game Series Tekken
Fighter Number 81

A Main Character From Tekken

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Tekken

Kazuya Mishima is one of the main characters from the Tekken series, a popular fighting series for both arcade and console. From the reveal trailer, it is evident that he will be able to use his Devil form in Smash Ultimate to some degree.

When Did Kazuya Come Out?

Released on June 29th 2021

Kazuya Release Date

Just like all previous fighters, a video with Mr. Sakurai showing gamplay of the character was released before Kazuya actually came out. Following the video, the character was released on June 29th.

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