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Dress Choices | How to Get All Dresses and Unlock Dressed to the Nines Trophy

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This is a guide to the choices you make that effect your dress types in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). If you would like to see all dresses for Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa in Don Corneo's Mansion, obtain the Dressed to the Nines trophy, and learn how to unlock them all, read on!

When Can You See the Dresses?

Black Dress.png

You can see the dresses during the Corneo's Mansion section of Chapter 9

Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith can all be seen wearing a dress during the Corneo Mansion part of Chapter 9. Depending on your choices and Odd Jobs completed up to Chapter 9, the dress they each wear will differ. If you want a chance to see them all, you'll need to first clear the game, then use the Chapter Select to redo sections of the game before moving on to Corneo's Mansion.

Story Walkthrough and List of Chapters

Obtaining the Dressed to the Nines Trophy

There are three dresses for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith respectively. You can also obtain the Dressed to the Nines trophy by unlocking all of the dresses. So if 100 percenting the trophies is one of your goals, you'll need to complete the conditions required to get every dress.

Cloud's Dress Choices

Cloud Dress.png

Changes based on Chapter 9 Odd Jobs

Depending on your Odd Job progress in Chapter 9, the dress that Cloud wears will differ.

Dress Types and Choices

Dress Type How to Unlock
Black Dress ・Go back to Madam M's Parlor before clearing all of the Chapter 9 Odd Jobs.
White Dress ・Clear all of the Odd Jobs on Madam M's Route (Burning Thighs, The Price of Thievery, and Shear's Counterattack)
Blue Dress ・Clear all of the Odd Jobs on Sam's Route (Burning Thighs, The Party Never Stops, and A Dynamite Body)

Chapter 9 Side Quests | Madam M Route and Sam Route

Tifa's Dress Choices

Tifa Dress.png

Changes based on completion of Chapter 3 Odd Jobs

If you clear all of the Chapter 3 Odd Jobs, there will be a map marker added to your room. When you go back to your room, the Alone at Last (Discovery) side quest will trigger, where Tifa will ask Cloud which dress suits her.

Dress Types and Choices

Dress Type Choice
Purple Dress Something Mature
Chinese Style Dress Something Sporty
Japanese Style Dress Something Exotic

Her dress will be purple by default

If you don't complete the chapter 3 quest Alone at Last Tifa will wear the purple dress by default.

Alone at Last Discovery Guide | What Would Suit Tifa?

Aerith's Dress Choices

Aerith Dress.png

Change based on Chapter 8 Odd Jobs

Aerith's dress changes depending on how many Chapter 8 Odd Jobs you complete. The exact amount you'll need to complete for each dress is detailed below.

Dress Types and Choices

Dress Type How to Unlock
Pink Dress Complete 0 to 2 Odd Jobs
Shocking Pink Dress Complete 3 to 5 Odd Jobs
Red Dress Complete all 6 Odd Jobs

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Story Guide & Walkthrough

How to Change Dresses

1. Complete the Story (Unlock Chapter Selection)
2. Go to the corresponding chapter of the character that you want to change dresses for.
3. After completing the dress condition, finish the chapter.
4. After clearing the chapter, go to Chapter 9 from the Chapter Select screen, and proceed to the Mansion section.

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