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Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters Story Guide & Walkthrough

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This is a guide and walkthrough to Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters, a story chapter in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read on to learn locations of items, rewards for completing this chapter, as well as useful tips and strategies for getting through this part of the story.

Previous Chapter The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
Current Chapter Fateful Encounters
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List of Main Scenario Objectives


No. Title Description
1 Use the Escape Route The group has followed the escape route to Sector 8. In order to board their train home discreetly, they must go their separate ways.
2 Reach the Sector 8 Station Just before Cloud reaches the station, the expressway collapses and blocks his path. In the fires of the wreckage, he has a vision of an old nemesis.
3 Follow Him Cloud's mind is sent into a frenzy after catching up to this figure from his past. After the man disappears and Cloud's head stops aching, he makes for the station once again.
4 Taking a Detour The figure from Cloud's past appears before him and the flower peddler. Before he knows what's happening though, Cloud is spotted by Public Security forces.
5 Evade Pursuers Cloud fights off Shinra reinforcements at the fountain plaza. Now he has to get past the security perimeter around the station and find an escape route.
6 Flight through the City Cloud avoids the station and makes a detour through the residential area. However, Shinra security is posted all throughout Sector 8, making things difficult.
6-1 Climb to the Roof Fighting off the Shinra pursuit, Cloud flees to the roof of a nearby building.
7 Break the Blockade Cloud is trapped by a succession of Public Security squads. In the nick of time, Cloud boards the last train out of Sector 8.
8 Last Train Civilian passengers are angry about the destruction caused by the reactor explosion. Uncertain and unsure about what they have done, the members of Avalanche ride the last train down to the Sector 7 slums.

Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters Walkthrough

Sector 8 Sewers


1 Follow the group.
2 Walk to the left of the pipe ahead to squeeze through.
3 Duck under the rubble and continue ahead.
Open the chest at the turn to obtain 2 Potions.
4 Turn right. Step on the arrow pad to squeeze to the right of the rubble. Go through the door to end the section.

Sector 8 Business District


1 Go up the stairs, then down the next set up stairs after talking to Barret.
2 Receive the Healing Material from Jessie.
3 Finish the tutorial on how to set the Materia.
4 Continue down the path. Look up with the right control stick to see Jessie calling out to you. Climb up the stairs on the right to get to Jessie.
Grenades Location.pngYou can open the chest here to get 3 grenades.
5 Continue down the path and a cutscene will occur.
6 Follow the road toward the station and a cutscene will occur.
7 Follow Sephiroth along the path until a cutscene begins.
9 After the cutscene ends, go down the alley out to the main road.
10 Head into the alley across the road, and up the fire escape staircase.
11 Climb up the ladder and onto the roof.
12 Head around the roof to the staircase on the opposite side.
Potion-Location-1.pngOn the right side before the staircase, you can find a chest with 3 Potions.
13 Climb down the staircase and go down the ladder.

Loveless Street


1 Go along the road until the cutcsene with Aerith starts.
2 Depending on how you answer Aerith's questions, her affection may raise. You'll get a Yellow Flower regardless.
How to Answer Aerith's Question
3 As soon as the cutscene ends, you will have to battle 5 Security Officers.
HiPotion-Location-1.pngTurn right down the alley ahead of you to find a chest with a Hi-Potion.
HPUp-Location-1.pngIf you go the other way at the fork in the road, you can find an HP Up Materia.
4 Continuing on the road, you will encounter two more Security Officers and a Grenadier. Fight them.
DDMateria-Location-1.pngYou can pick up a Deadly Dodge Materia from the left side of the car on the right side of the road.
PowerWrists-Location-1.pngGo left at the fork to encounter 2 Guard Dogs. Fight them. Down the road, the chest on your left has a Pair of Power Wristguards.
5 Go straight ahead toward the fountain. You'll start a battle with 2 Security Officers and a Guard Dog.
6 On the other side of the fountain, two Security Officers and two Grenadiers will be waiting.
7 A Shinra Helicopter will descend and drop two Shock Troopers. Switch to Punisher Mode and use your block to auto-counter their attacks.
8 Defeat two more Security Officers and two more Grenadiers.
9 Head to the rooftop. Climb the ladders and run while dodging bullets.
10 Walk across and go down the ladder on the opposite side.
Iron Bangle Location.pngOpen the chest on the left to get an Iron Bangle.
11 Go down the series of ladders to the ground.

Sector 8 Residental Area


1 Two security officers and a Riot Trooper will appear.
2 Head straight down the road. At this point, Security Officers, Grenadiers, and Riot Troopers will continue appearing indefinitely, so continue running ahead.
If you go up the stairs, on the far side, you can open the chest to get an Ether.
3 Down the road, a jeep will appear, and another truck behind you. You'll be surrounded and unable to escape at this point.
4 First, take out the three Security Officers, Riot Trooper, and Grenadier ahead of you.
From the truck behind you, The Huntsman (a sub-boss), a Riot Trooper and three Security Officers will come out.
How to Beat The Huntsman
6 Defeat the Huntsman. Afterwards, a cutscene will begin and the segment will end.

On the Train


1 Walk forward. Squeeze to the right of the boxes.
2 Walk past the people on the train.
3 Optional: Talk to Biggs, then Jessie.
4 Go through the door to the next car. A cutscene will begin.
5 Talk to Jessie at the end of the car. The chapter will end here.

Maps and Obtainable Items


List of Maps
Plate Partition - Interior Business District (1)
Business District (2) Last Train Bound for Sector 7 Undercity

Obtainable Items

Sector 8 Sewers
Potion x2 - -
Sector 8 Business District
Healing Materia Grenade x3 Potion x3
Loveless Street
Hi-Potion x1 Deadly Dodge Materia HP Up Materia
Power Wristguards Iron Bangle Grenade x2
Sector 8 Residential Area
Ether - -

Tips and Strategies

Answering Aerith


On your first encounter with Aerith in this chapter, you will be given dialogue choices that will affect Aerith's affection toward Cloud.

Check the link below for the effects of each answer!

How to Answer Aerith's Question

Heal up before the Fountain

You'll face continuous battles when moving through the Sector 8 Business District, so by the time you arrive at the fountain, your health may already be drained. Be sure to heal up before going in, as you'll have to battle several tough enemies in a row, and might not have time to heal between them.

Boss Strategy Guide

The Huntsman

The Huntsman is stronger than a normal enemy, but he's not on the level of Scorpion Sentinel, and only has one phase to defeat. Keep a cool head and you can handle him.

How to Beat The Huntsman

Clear out the other mobs

Get rid of the Grenadiers, Officers and Troopers before zeroing in on The Huntsman to make the fight even easier.

Weak to Fire

The Huntsman looks like a unit who would be used to quell riots, but his weakness to Fire would make his job pretty hard! Hit him with Fire magic to deal large amounts of damage and stagger him at the same time.

Use Punisher Mode

As The Huntsman uses a shield, it's not very effective to ram at him and furiously attack. Instead, use Punisher Mode's auto-counter feature and hold the Block button, waiting for him to attack. When he does, Cloud will Auto-Counter and deal heavy damage.

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