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Rat Problem Walkthrough (Side Quest 2) | Doomrats Location

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This is a walkthrough for Side Quest (Odd Job) 2: Rat Problem in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will show you where to find Doomrats in order to complete this side quest, as well as rewards for completion!

Previous Quest Chadley's Report
Current Quest Rat Problem
Next Quest Nuisance in the Factory

Rat Problem Rewards and Information

Quest Giver Location Chapter
Item Shop Owner Sector 7 Slums 3
Reward Rating
Hi-Potion x5 ★★

Rat Problem Walkthrough

1 Speak with the Item Shop Owner and he will request you take out some Doomrats in the open area to the north.
2 Before the Doomrats will spawn, you must take out the Wererats and then speak to the Item Shop Owner again.
3 Head back to the clearing and fight the Doomrats.
4 Return to the Item Shop Owner for you reward. You will also be able to buy 3 Hi-Potions at a discounted rate of 100 Gil as well as a Cleansing Materia for 300 Gil.

Rat Problem Tips & Tricks


  • The Doomrats are just stronger Wererats, so they share their weakness to ice magic. Take them out with a few casts of Blizzard when they aren't moving.
  • Even if you aren't planning on completing every Odd Job, you may want to complete this quest to get the assess data for the Doomrats and the discounted Cleansing Materia.
  • This quest will also unlock the On the Prowl Odd Job from Wyman.

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Chapter 3

Quest Reward
1 ChadleyChadley's Report Access to Battle Intel Reports
2 Rat Problem.pngRat Problem Hi-Potion x5
3 Nuisance in the Factory.pngNuisance in the Factory 500 gil
4 Lost Friends.pngLost Friends Maiden's Tear
5 On the Prowl.pngOn the Prowl Elixir
6 Just Flew in from the Graveyard.pngJust Flew In from the Graveyard Star Bracelet
Alone at Last Crescent Moon Charm
Dress Choice for Tifa

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